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  1. If what I have been reading is correct, Iraq should be voting on the Budget today [27 January 01]? I believe within that is the Agreement which is in effect the Hydro-Carbon Law (HCL) that we have long awaited. Many sources have said all parties are finally in agreement, and that it should pass today. At this point in time do we know if it did indeed pass? Oh, and for anyone who doubts that the US government can pretty much do as it likes... Did you notice the Capitol Gains Tax just increased by 15%? I can not confirm that, but I was in a conversation yesterday that it had happened
  2. Why wouldn't you just have Adam do the chores while he's there?
  3. This is probably not the best place to post the following information that was recently forwarded to me (it seems "Rumors" may be more appropriate), but I believe this should at least be considered, and with media blocks the follow will no doubt be scrubbed wherever shared... that being shared, take a minute to look at it, and perhaps look into it or keep it in the back of your mind. It may be totally debunked, but then again... " AT&T got a contract to do forensic audit on Dominion voting machines and those machines were being moved to Nashville this past week. The f
  4. I am tired of living in this Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times" (I wonder if they were fortelling the coming of their virus?)... And if I could put a bow on it and give it away it would look something like this... ( sorry, not sorry, I couldn't resist)... Made In Hell.mp4
  5. HAPPY CHRISTMAS and MELE KALIKIMAKA to all! And a Hau'oli Makahiki hou and [RI] RV!
  6. Do you have an English translation? Misinformation is bound to be plentiful.
  7. ... That in a Country and part of the world that dates back over 6,000 years, they have found 42,513 scrolls, 347,697 pieces of parchment, 113 stone tablets, and affidavits from 1456 Tribal chiefs, 767 shepherds, 13 camel herds, and signatures from The Prophet and Saddam Hussein himself (Peace be upon them) who voted to ratify the Erbil/Baghdad comprehensive oil agreement. Interesting to note, they had all voted for Joe Biden and early voted Democratic in the upcoming Georgia runoff election. Nancy Pelosi says she can vouch for the signatures, as she is the only one who was alive at the time a
  8. I absolutely agree! If anything government, media and PTB will do whatever they can to do whatever they decide. Those of us who watched or participated in the US elections (and media attention, focus, obfuscation, and quite simply avoidance of some topics) and the 'Legal' system refusing to endforse the existing laws, we just witnessed the US hand over "Superpower" status to China. Enough on Media and Politics... l believe we are in a very good place financially, and along with the coming "shake-up" there will be a number of new economies opening up (at least temporarily) until th
  9. Well technically, you did already hold a chat... kind of like the old days... and trying to herd cats through the 3rd hour of "Happy Hour" on "Women Drink Free" night! (or was I at the wrong port [again])
  10. It appears The "Kraken" may indeed be on steroids? The suits seem to be both very thorough as well as specific. It would seem that most (if not indeed ALL allegations have significant and valid grounds. Even though the "media" refuses to do its job and "investigate" (a la 'Watergate') and just dismiss the entire possibility. Just as Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media as well refuse to even allow free speech, cover up stories, or refuse opposing views, headlines, stories and facts from being presented, proven, discussed and investigated, we now seem to be headed t
  11. Sidney Powell said she will release "Kraken On Steroids" (as she describes) the amount of information gathered to explain ballot collection, counts and monitoring in the recent 2020 US election. Both sides should be interested in findings.
  12. Thank you for the update Adam! A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I believe just as it is typical or traditional for president to pardon people around the holidays, and at the end of their terms, I can certainly imagine that President Trump would be doing something very nice for the Middle East. Even though he's already done more for peace there than anyone in history, both helping out the potential situation in Iraq or if necessary sending a present to Iran... And in this season of thankfulness, I'm looking forward to the unleashing of the Kr
  13. SPOT ON KEYLIME! I agree with @tjokie as well, and I am in agreement with keylime that all valid indications are that President Trump is/was the choice of the majority of Americans. "IF" all of the votes reportedly cast for Harris/Biden were legitimate, the House of Representatives would not have lost so many Democratic seats, and the Senate would not have remained a Republican majority... (stay tuned for Georgia in January). I DO NOT LIKE BEING POLITICAL, and I ask that we move/keep it out of the Chat area (now I feel like the hypocrite Gov. of CA, Gavin Newsom, oops,
  14. You must still be flying Domestic in the US! I remember when Venezuela was a VERY wealthy too. I couldn't imagine the day would come that the US would be reliant on foreign aid? Looking for an RI/RV before President Trump leaves office (and though I hope that is in 2025), I am thanking you again (and in advance) for creating this site and the opportunities for us to learn about LEGAL Wealth Retention strategies and options through the VIP Section, and establishing things well in advanced and 'seasoned' well before it is necessary. If ANYONE doesn't believe t
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