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  1. Caye98

    Adam Montana 14 November 2018

    DATE Clearly I am an Optimist (or I wouldn't be here). I believe (and have seen demonstrated) that "Energy Follows Thought, and Thought Follows Energy". To that end I keep my thoughts on RI/RV this year [2018]. Back this up with: 1. New government in Iraq 2. New government establishes positive changes (RI/RV) 3. Iraq emerges post-RI/RV stronger than neighboring Iran (which is under extreme internal issues and may be vulnerable 4. WORLD is generally supportive of Iraq (over Iran) at this time. 5. Iraq currently enjoys OPEC exemptions (for pricing and production). 6. Investors worldwide are supportive of RI/RV - snowballing to even greater investment. RATE:??? 1. History, pride, bravado and reputation are HUGE in the Middle East. The "Strong Horse". Psychology. To that end, an RI back to a range of $3.25-$3.75 may be warranted? (former value and on par with some neighboring countries in the Middle East). [my preference] 2. Familiarity/ease of conversion/use - $1:1 (I think this is a dream promoted by people who use USD, and even though USD may be used regularly in Iraq, I doubt it will be a simple 1:1 USD with so many other currencies to consider). 3. I remain in the conservative camp of $<0.10, followed by a continued float upwards (to perhaps a $3+/-). WILDCARDS I believe (and observe) that the founding fathers of the USA created a country/environment/mind-set that promoted success and freedoms never known on such a large and lasting scale.They built upon thousands of years of successful cultures, AND sought to eliminate the aspects that caused them to fail. Of course there are those who would prefer to control the resources (and citizens) of the USA. These groups are both domestic and external. Fortunately in spite of their efforts, the US has Patriots, visionaries, real-world experts and EDUCATED and informed Citizens who work diligently to preserve the USA, and her unique position in the world. One of the great strengths of the US is her ability and willingness to adapt and respond to threats. So far those that would do the US harm, typically continue to have a "static' world view. It was demonstrated in 2016 with the election in the US. Citizens found their voice in a perhaps unlikely leader, and then as a result of record growth and satisfaction (and in spite of negative media coverage) individuals and leaders world-wide have been elected, defeated, or forced to follow the will of the people. I have no doubt leaders and professionals of the highest caliber have been meeting and coordinating with the government of Iraq (as well as neighboring countries) to address and usher in change. With access to global information (even as limited as it may be) the word gets out, and leaders perform or are eliminated (as with Egypt and the Muslim brotherhood). In the case if Iraq (even Iran) an RI/RV may be all but essential to remain in power. CRYPTO CURRENCY With growing global acceptance of crypto currency (BTC, etc.) people are learning they can earn/create value, store it, share it, pay bills and sell items all with just a cell phone. This has already happened! Who needs a local currency? Iraq had better RI/RV while anyone still cares? All it will take is an enterprising shop keeper to start selling groceries and accepting crypto via cell phone to create a new market and loyal customers. As this happens, there goes the governments' ability to track and tax individuals and purchases. (don't think everyone from the CBI to the US Federal Reserve isn't concerned about this!) So I have said nothing, but have shared my thoughts.
  2. Caye98

    Adam Montana Weekly 10 October 2018

    Thank you Adam! We certainly seem to have things SWIFTLY moving in the right direction, and this may well be ACCOMPLISHMENT of the year (if not decade +) for us! It seems that Iraqi politicians are paying attention to how efficient and successful President Trumps management style is/works! Looking forward to receiving your TEXT in the coming week.
  3. Caye98

    Adam Montana Weekly 1 August 2018

    Thank you Adam...Looking like a bright 3rd quarter for Iraq and US!
  4. Caye98

    Adam Montana 11 July 2018

    Thank you Adam, for your diligence and Common Sense approach to not just spreading every rumor that comes across your desk. And as informative as the weekly update often is, I can't help but thinking I'm liking the information in these drive-bys even better!🥓
  5. Caye98

    Questions For Adam's Update 4-18-2018

    legit, I believe you are sincere with your interest and expectations, but you are asking for something that simply is not going to happen. Ever since Al Gore invented the Internet there has been anonymity as well as scams. Unfortunately the same anonymity that can provide great information can also foster deception. Investments involve risks, and reputations are created over time. We encourage everyone to conduct their own due diligence, and not everyone makes a good investor (or investment decisions). I will not apologize for not being forthcoming with the names and contact information for members of this site. Most of us would not be here if it operated as you prefer. Perhaps you would be more comfortable on Facebook? If you are uncomfortable with the terms of service, simply go elsewhere.
  6. Caye98

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    Short answer - how many more employees do you think our Associates would need to hire if you potentially have a few thousand people calling them asking questions? We have agreements with our Associates that we will need not release information for that very reason. Think about it for a moment, that would mean over the last 10 years it would have been tens of thousands if not into the hundreds of thousands of dollars of costs to hire/pay employees to handle questions from well-intentioned people and want to know where and when and what the rate is... And then you have other people talking about which institution in which place... And then you have people who are not well-intentioned but can see an opportunity and the time to prepare themselves for these number of people who may become their prey... We experience that with some of our Associates many years ago, and learn from that. We were flat out told we could not release that information because the expense to them prior to needing Staffing to handle our needs would be prohibitive, and we lose a lot of the negotiating power we had in the number situations. When you see how much people balk at spending $50 or $300 for services such as our offer through VIP imagine how much would balk if people were paying 5 to 10 times as much for these services.. We do not disclose things prior to RV or outside of VIP or OSI sections relate to business discussed there.
  7. Caye98

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    They were issued probably five years or so ago. They were not working out as hoped so they were discontinued. They are still honored in place of the actual certificate received as well. We have had the luxury of time to create many different options and allow those in place to evolve and this was yet another one that has.
  8. Caye98

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    While there are many well intentioned and educated professionals who claim otherwise, the MAJORITY of professional Tax Attorneys agree and interpret the US Tax code to demand this be taxed as Personal Income. For most individuals this will not be at the rate they have been taxed at, but the rate of the total RV valued amount. It has been speculated that on average an investor in IQD holds 2Million in IQD. (typically purchased at <$2000). Even with the new 2018 Federal Income Tax, that could be 37%($550K+/-). Then states with Personal Income tax will be in addition to that. For example, California would have about a 12% additional tax (about $175k). So for people who feel investing in VIP membership to support this site and learning how to legally avoid (not evade) taxes is a waste of their money, I can't imagine how they may feel when demanding they pay 35%+ to their taxes... And if you are among those who do not believe a Windfall or Retroactive Tax is not a REAL and historically accurate possibility, we'll then you heard it here first (check it out if you actually care) Remember, Politicians like Nancy Pelosi have come up with creative revenue generating ideas (like Taxing Retirement Savings and other once considered safe retirement reserves). After all, it is all of those wealthy people who should be paying for those who cannot afford things.
  9. Thank you Adam, nor do I, but I don't believe that it's any coincidence that you're referring to perhaps a "coin" incident with the the value about to increase significantly!
  10. Caye98

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 February 2018

    Thank You Adam!!!
  11. Caye98

    Adam Montana Weekly 7 February 2018

    I agree about the Millionaires being created, but I am not so sure about media coverage. Since it is speculated that only 1%-2% of Americans hold IQD (and the average investor has perhaps 2M) it could fairly easily be passed over as newsworthy. As a matter-of-fact, do you recall the headlines during the Clinton administration when the IQD increased 600% and Iraq paid back 75% of their debt for our military costs? (I didn't think so) I believe other than interested groups like this, the greatest interest will be by the US government (for taxes) and other unscrupulous scammers looking to separate people from their new wealth. I feel the majority of investors (certainly the smarter ones) will not want anything released (and will have enough power to make sure very little is).
  12. Caye98

    Adam Montana Weekly 7 February 2018

    Thank you Adam! I'm sure that it's just a routine task at this point coming along and lifting Spirits or quelling uprisings... and then there's the crypto side of things that is more exciting than a camel beauty pageant...
  13. Caye98

    Adam Montana Weekly 10 JANUARY 2018

    As Bullish as I am on Crypto's (and that is being conservative), I still have GREAT FAITH in the IQD/Dinar RI/RV! Admittedly, if the people I know with Dinar had the same money in Crypto's over the last 6 months...The Faded Yellow Umbrella would be open now, AND we would be accepting IQD as payment! I may resort to "Carl Spackler's" [Bill Murray] solution in "Caddy Shack"!
  14. Caye98

    Adam Montana Weekly 10 JANUARY 2018

    I put my next to @paperboy's under a Yellow Umbrella (seemed like a good idea at the time) and I think his ferret may have dug them up and moved them... I I think the operative words might have been "kind of" ( and of course boat drinks can do that to you as well)... I am hoping that @ladyGrace'sDaddy will still have a truck available to help move that load when we get the RV notice!?( you really can't afford postage on a pallet that large (unless of course you're the US government and you're sending it to Iran)
  15. Caye98

    Adam Montana Weekly 10 JANUARY 2018

    Thank you for your upbeat look at the IQD situation. The situation in Kirkuk could go a loooong ways towards getting this RI/RV moved into the complete column! While the imminent IQD RI/RV may well be life changing (even FAMILY) changing, I have found the CRYPTO section to be extremely helpful! Some of these products I know of have experienced a 30X increase in under 60 days! When you turn $10 into $300 in 6 weeks, you kind of forget about your Dinars...

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