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  1. if Malaki will give us the REAL GOODS on Obummer we will reduce his future sentence to life in prison instead of the ROPE.
  2. alway enjoyed reading TLARS comments,,although it is now apparent he was being fed some misinformation I do believe he was sincere .
  3. in a nutshell, correct,,,the smaller the number the better
  4. we may have gone over one day to early,,,needed to be under 1214 till midnight the 15th,,,,but i dunno
  5. 6-14-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Well today is almost compliance day. Our unofficial countdown is down to just hours now to meet the 3-month requirement. Today's market rate in Iraq appears to be 1210 to $1 still within compliance but creeping close to the limit of 1214.
  6. yes it is tomorrow there now,,but not midnight
  7. but did it not need to be at 2% or less till midnight tomorrow night ???
  8. maybe I'M wrong,,,hope so,,but does that put us out of the 2% spread ???
  9. This thread just reminded me of something,,,,,,where the hell is SAND FLY ?........THANKS, HAHA.
  10. True,,,but how much money did that move actually put in your pocket......just saying, I also like the news we are seeing,,but stay grounded for a bit,,,,
  11. Nothing wrong with staying upbeat,,,we all need that,,,but at the same time we know this is not happening in the next day or so,,,at a minimum we are looking at several weeks and common sense says probably several months yet........hoping for sooner rather than later.
  12. Malaki will still be talking that garbage as they are putting the rope around his neck,,,,,,this dude is insane.
  13. Thanks,,I seen that,,,thought maybe they had set a date to end the auctions and i missed the annoucement.
  14. that these slow walking,,leg dragging,,can kicking crooks NEED a quorum they can't buy one.......PERFECT.
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