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:D. Thug , I truely don't know what to say to you for posting this thread. I am just another member of this site and just an ordinary person. I am a little embarassed by it all. I wish I could get on a plane right now and come give you a huge long hug in person. ;).

Thx Baby ! ;)

I'm glad that Ur Feeling Better and I will be waiting Impatiently to Smear Clown Make Up on U when Getting that Hug !

:D :D :D



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I know how difficult it can be when life (or your body) lets you down. Keep FAITH. It sounds as if you're in excellent hands and on the mend. That's GOOD. The most important thing right now is to take care of yourself...concentrate on getting you better. Everything else can wait. We need you healthy. Sending you blessings and prayers.


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Dear Sweet Betty, . . . or Dear Boop, . . . or just Dear Elizabeth,

What a total delight to hear from you!!! And what a relief to read your very own typing again!!! I'm sure you didn't realize how much people think of you here, but while you were away, these guys spent the whole time rattling around like poor little wrinkled peas in a dry pod. Shhh . . . don't tell them . . . :lol: All of us were very worried about you. That guy did a real number on you, and I'm so sorry that miserable excuse of a sicko somehow got his hands on you!! :angry: But your family is wonderful!! Some of them bopped in a few times to let us know how you were dong, and like you, they are also simply delightful!! I can see how you became such a sweet, fun girl, given that your whole family is like that. Please take the very best care of yourself!! We want you back, but we want you back healed and well. So take your time and do it right. We'll be here. :):D:P



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WOW, now THERE's someone that made our week! Reading the forums, it's easy to see how much you have been missed and how many folks had you in prayer. Make sure they keep "high test" in that IV drip...but def stay off the trampolines until your Dr's clear you!!

Praying for 100% for you, Betty! Great to hear from you!

P.S. Please thank your sister for getting word to everyone, you surely must be loved!

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Hearing you are news I've had all week! I've only been here a short time, but Betty, you seem to really affect people in a positive way. Sure did miss those posts! Get plenty of rest! My prayer is that you recover physically and emotionally, cause having something like that happen is really frightening. You'll be good as new in no time! So happy to hear from you!

Dinar Thug, I am getting in line behind Betty for a hug because sometimes you make me laugh till my side hurts with those hilarious posts of yours!

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