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  1. Thank you all for this thread, RV'ers and Lobsters. It is an important thread that I wish others would read -- just for balancing and grounding, if anything. We've got to be prepared emotionally and financially for whatever happens. I am prepared and have been for a long time, thanks to posts and members like you all. I'm sorry that I can not intelligently contribute to this thread, but I do have good reading comprehension and I do get the point. Sorry to interrupt, just needed to let you all know that some of us are listening and learning, so please "carry on." You are appreciated. Happy Thursday, Kimberlye
  2. Thank you for posting what you heard. Please let us know if you hear something else juicy. Happy Tuesday, Kimberlye
  3. Maybe you should post here when you sell it so the mods can maybe delete your phone number. Just thinking safety. Happy Monday, Kimberlye
  4. Thank you for the smile. I was laughing while reading it. My visual was so fun. Happy Monday, Kimberlye
  5. Hey Skybear, To me, the pattern seems to be a few months of "It's almost here; nothing left to be done, any day now, it's got to happen by Sunday, it's done, nothing stopping it now" etc. And after a few months of that, then they "call the RV, It's done, rates will show in the morning." Well, once they "Call it," they have to take a few days off to figure out how to get out of the mess they created for themselves since it didn't happen, try to come up with something to explain why it didn't happen. Soooo, in answer to your question, they are back at the drawing board, thinking, thinking, thinking --- or waiting for everyone to forget that they actually "called" the RV. May take on it anyway. Have a nice evening, Kimberlye
  6. Thanks, Dinarck. Now I understand it. I also now understand why there needs to be some education in Iraq before this takes place. Yes, it is friggin confusing. Jeeeez
  7. The new currency will have an exchange rate 1000 times higher than the current currency. Read more: Dinarck, I thought the new currency would be equal in value to the current currency? Am I missing something here? Thanks, Kimberlye
  8. The problem with your analogy is that $100.00 bill and a $10.00 bill in USD have different "values," so, yes, that would be traumatic and disastrous. In the case of the IQD, for example, a 25000 note is worth about $21 USD, the new IQD 25 note will also be worth about $21 USD, so there is no value lost as there would be with USD lopping. I think I said that right, but I'm sure someone will correct me if I said it incorrectly. In my opinion, putting aside the logistics of being able to do it, it just seems it would cause distrust in the banks and the currency. I guess if they RV after they redenominate, that "might" help with the trust, but I don't know. The Iraqis already don't trust the banks and if they need a year or so just to get "educated" for a redenomination, I'm thinking this is not going to make them feel like opening a bank account. Just sayin............. Kimberlye
  9. No, he's not. He's just another guru that you need to take with a grain of salt.
  10. Plus, plus, plus --- if I had any. I owe you, Stryker. Thanks again for this post. Put a big smile on my face. Kimberlye
  11. HI Farmall, I got into back in about 2006 and my hopes were dashed every other day. I was telling friends and family it was a sure thing and then it's not and then it is. It didn't take too long for me to figure out who the gurus were and what was up. It has only been recently though that I have been learning the hows and whys of currency revalue and redenomination. I held on to the RV, always believing in the smoke and mirrors and the reasons why they "must" RV. All the while, I had no concept of what that would actually entail. I'm a long way from truly understanding the ins and outs of foreign currency and government workings, but I'm starting to understand the reasons why the odds are stacked against my multimillion dollar life-changing event I had so hoped for. Like I said before, I have no reason to sell; I'm here to the end. Miracles do happen afterall......... Kimberlye
  12. Thanks, Stryker. I'm out of pluses for the day, so I owe you a couple for making my day. Kimberlye
  13. Wow, thanks, Stryker, for posting this. I actually breathed a sigh of relief after reading it. It may take some time, but it sounds like maybe it will all work out. Happy Sunday, Kimberlye P.S. It actually might be a great post on its own. I know we have a lot of members invested in Warka and it might make them smile too.
  14. Hi Sonny, I have great respect for your knowledge in this investment as well, so when I ask this, it is with all due respect and sincerity. In your opinion, is this article in fact stating that Iraq plans to redenominate their currency? The others have made valid points, it seems, and I would love to hear something, anything, that could dispute what they have explained above. Not grasping at straws here, just trying to learn both sides of this investment. Thank you, Kimberlye
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