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  1. I agree ReVbo, when they feel they have to put this right at the top of their website it makes me think they have an agenda! **** Was the opening of the site! Results on 1 March 2006, the agency does not track or represent any political party and do not follow the mosque Buratha this makes me think they do represent a political party, JMO. We wait to see confirmation before making conclusions!
  2. You're an idiot, there you go Granny that should do it!!!!! Or was the one I posted on your profile good enough!!!!
  3. Yeah JWJW you are right, there is something wrong with this picture. The point I was trying to make is that he has not been forthright with the good folks here about what he does and this to me is covering something up, I don't care what he does and I have the utmost respect in a good mechanic because I am one of the best. I've been restoring cars since I was 14 years of age and have built world class award winning cars and I could careless what Granny threatens me with. I did just this fine before this site and will do very well without it so go ahead Granny and do what you want because I'm not taking your crap our anyone else’s. A lot of good people that bring a lot of good thoughts have left here and I have been one, BTW Granny, I’ll leave the Texas off as you don’t deserve that part of your name. Good day!
  4. I believed I proved my point! Oh, let the members decide if I know what I'm talking about in this investment because I lost all respect in you long ago. Texas Granny, I have work to do so this will be all about this but please leave the thread open for others to make their own minds up if you would, as he called me out and challenged my breakdowns not me. Thanks and All the best!
  5. Here Keepm, here is a breakdown just for you! This breakdown is meant for everyone to make up theirown minds to if Keepm being a certified BMW auto mechanic as he has told all ofus thru his many post is being forthright to us here. I like amhvl have run dealerships,run service departments and owned several auto related busnesses over the last 33 years, heck until October 2011 I had32 mechanics working for me doing late model conversions, classic carrestoration and custom cars. So I know a little about the work schedules of an automechanics and they do not have the free time that this chart will show. I left out Saturdays even though amhvl and I can bothsay that a Saturday is the busiest day in a service department because almosteveryone is off that day and that day is the busiest service day in the 7 day calendar. I also broke the timetable down in all three time zonesbecause I thought he lived in California but also I read a post from him thathe stated he moved to NC. Regardless these came from his post history here inthe last month on DV for all to judge. He preaches that the CBI info is all wecan trust then let’s see if he feels we can trust these stats. Before we start, here in Texas service departments atalmost all BMW are open from 7 am thru 6 pm, just adjust the times accordingly. Yesterday the 20TH; EST CST PST 9:22 am 8:22am 6:22 am 11:08 am 10:08am 8:08am 1:13 pm 12:13pm 10:13 am 4:21 pm 3:21pm 1:21 pm Tuesday the 19th; 2:59 pm 1:59pm 11:59 am 3:26 pm 2:26pm 12:26 pm 4:12 pm 3:12pm 1:12 pm 5:22 pm 4:22pm 2:22 pm Monday the 18th 9:49 am 8:49am 6:49 am Friday the 15th 1:48 pm 12:48pm 10:48 am 1:50 pm 12:50pm 10:50 am 2:13 pm 1:13pm 11:13 am 2:16 pm 1:16pm 11:16 am 2:56 pm 1:56pm 11:56 am The 14th, a Thursday 10:02 am 9:02am 7:02 am 12:51 pm 11:51am 9:51 am Friday the 8th, another Friday 7:17 am 6:17am 4:17 am 9:54 am 8:54am 6:54 am Wednesday the 6th, another Wednesday 2:03 pm 1:03pm 11:03 am 3:38 pm 2:38pm 12:38 pm Friday the 1st, another Friday 12:12 pm 11:12 am 9:12am 12:23 pm 11:23am 9:23 am 12:42 am 11:42am 9:42 am 6:25 pm 5:25pm 3:25 pm 6:25 pm 5:29pm 3:29 pm BTW, a real auto mechanic at a BMW dealership doesn’thardly have enough time to smoke, go to the bathroom or check in with the wifeto see how the baby is doing much less read articles, make sarcastic commentsand argue that he’s way is the only way something can happen. Oh you can go back and find other times that do notmatch up with a job description like that of a very important job as he says hehas, see a mechanic will miss a lot of important things if he was jumping onand off projects like he must be doing according to these times. He wouldforget which bolts were tightened and which ones were not, wheels would befalling off cars as they left the dealership…… Listen we know how much time goes into reading andposting, not counting if we were posting over 5,000 posts as he has! Are we to believe a guy that either doesn’t do what hestates he does or he does it so poorly because of his work ethics? BTW Keepm you resort to sarcasm when you’re really mad,not very becoming IMO. Here he is, just take a look at the bottom of the page, right on key. Don't lose your place there Keepm.
  6. is just not the time he spends but the time that he spends believing that it is going to happen one way but yet all along saying, "that's not the way I want it to happen". As in his avatar, he is always looking back with his hat as in place as his thoughts! BTW, ask him where in the CBI financials where it shows the money being reduced and being deducted from the worn out and damaged notes coming out of circulation....he cannot but he always has a smart a... answer for you! Keepm, I'm glad you like my breakdowns! Didn't they make a section just for you?
  7. Well said Amos9:13 and BTW he says he is a auto machanic not part of the CBI but he has time to be on here anytime of the day to make others feel he knows what he says is in fact what will take place. Take a break keepm and work on a customers car for a change!....
  8. That is so true, hey it means we are on the right track if the long timers think it has merit...right!!!
  9. Glad to be here...type at you all tomorrow......
  10. I did not give an interview to the G.E.T. Team; they must have taken my breakdown from here or the other site that I posted it at. It is late and I will look into this in the morning, it has ended up at several sites so I don't know what to say at this point. Just trying to help, that's all... Yeah, I see a few of you see what is going on and thinks!!!! I hope this comes to light for us all!!!!
  11. HERE IS THE SAME ARTICLE BUT USING THIS TRANSLATOR; Baghdad (news) .. Ills member of the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri, the high exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar to the presence of central bank reserves.Yasiri said (of the Agency news) on Thursday: The improvement of the strength of the Iraqi economy and central bank reserves and the existence of the private sector from private banks contributed to raise the exchange rate dinar and the presence of the balance of payments positive, which shows some of the exports of foreign goods more than its imports all of these factors lead to revaluation of the dinar against the U.S. dollar. The Yasiri to: the existence of "critical theory" which states the general acceptance of the currency and the strength of attraction in all countries such as the dollar, which has a acceptability all over the world, while the Iraqi dinar deal it only in Iraq, and continued: Demand If you find a dynamic price tag is determined by dynamically If there is supply and demand by the rising price of these flow rates lead to increased bad was local or foreign. He added that directed the Central Bank of the year (2003 -2004) to buy a paper currency of Iraq to reduce what is displayed in the Iraqi market and increase demand and push the dollar in the auction, the central bank and buy dollars in Iraqi local and even determine the exchange rate a thousand and six hundred dinars, and then a thousand and five hundred to the dollar and continued Bank to sell the dollar in foreign currency to raise the Iraqi dinar demand and the lack of quality in the market and the price level declines against the dollar content more than the Iraqi dinar. And Yasiri: that Iraq has oil revenues in dollars of foreign Fbasttaath to make a thousand dinars dollar and can be withdrawn by the Iraqi currency and pumped the largest amount of dollars and reduce the width of the Iraqi currency will become more valued and all these factors lead to high exchange rate of Iraq against the U.S. dollar. Finished / 21. for. m / I JUST DID NOT WANT ANYONE TO THINK I ADDED THE WORD ...REVALUATION... I TOOK MY BREAKDOWN FROM EARLIER WHEN I TRANSLATED IT FOR ANOTHER SITE BEFORE I DID THIS ONE.... SORRY, I SHOULD HAVE CAUGHT THAT EARLIER.....THIS ONE SHOULD MAKE MORE SENSE NOW! If you want to check it just go to the... copy and past it to the above translator. Thanks
  12. Let me see if I can help make sense of this.... NO MATTER WHAT THIS SOUNDS GOOD... **** revaluation of the dinar against the U.S. dollar *** WHAT DID HE JUST SAY, HE DIDN'T....OH YES HE DID!!!!! ARTICLE OF THE DAY YOTA IMO.....NOW IF IT WOULD JUST TURN OUT TO BE TRUE.... .........GREAT JOB YOTA EITHER WAY!!!!!! HERE HE IS TALKING ABOUT THE DINAR GOING INTERNATIONAL, SEE.. *** .the existence of "critical theory" which states the general acceptance of the currency and the strength of attraction in all countries such as the dollar *** which has a acceptability all over the world, while the Iraqi dinar deal it only in Iraq, and continued: *** Demand If you find a dynamic price tag is determined by dynamically If there is supply and demand by the rising price of these flow rates lead to increased bad was local or foreign NOW HERE HE MAY BE TALKING ABOUT THE RATE BEING MOVED TO 1000:1 BUT KEEP IN MIND THEY AREN'T GOING TO TELL US THE REAL RATE, I PERSONALLY THINK THAT'S BS.... *** that Iraq has oil revenues in dollars of foreign Fbasttaath to make a thousand dinars dollar ........ a thousand dinars dollar........??? *** and can be withdrawn by the Iraqi currency... TAKING IQD OUT OF THE MARKET IMO *** and pumped the largest amount of dollars.......PUMPING LARGE AMOUNTS OF USD INTO THE MARKET *** and reduce the width of the Iraqi currency will become more valued.... ....REDUCE THE WIDTH OF THE IRAQI CURRENCY!!!!!!! <<<<<<<<< will become more valued....WILL BECOME MORE VALUED!!!!! <<<<<<<<< ***** and all these factors lead to high exchange rate of Iraq against the U.S. dollar ...ALL THESE FACTORS LEAD TO HIGH EXCHANGE RATE!!!!!! <<<<<<<< NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING MAY FINALLY HAPPEN
  13. I had a few friends call me after reading my first post on this thread to get clarity on my thoughts so I wanted to clarify my thinking from earlier. I don't think they are ready to come out of Chapter VII and I was not saying they were, I was saying that the British Ambassador could be speaking the truth and they will not be released until the end of the year. They can still RV their currency because the remaining restrictions concerning Chapter VII have nothing to do with their currency. The remaining restrictions that are involved with VII have to do with companies and persons like family members of Saddam that are a threat to national security to the Republic of Iraq. They have moved their currency several times over the last 9 years with being in Chapter VII. My point was that the UN, US and Britian could let them RV now and then when Maliki screws up, come in and make him do what’s right if they don’t get him out before in the way of Parliament impeachment proceedings. Something just tells me that the US has Chapter VII to fall back on in case their Constitution doesn’t take care of the problems. Let them RV because they can and do what is needed when they prove they cannot, if they need too! I'm just trying to make sense out of this crap...and by the way not trying to get anyone's hopes to high including my own! Take care....
  14. sandstorm, the only problem with this is that they cannot change the exchange rate to combat inflationary problems or other countries would do this. With the real market rate being close to 1300:1 now due to the Iranian and Syria problem and the tariffs going to cause the price of goods to increase there needs to be a complete change in the monetary structure to combat inflation IMO. The 1000:1 that you are referring to is what the CBI was expecting these new measures to take care of and a few articles have already come out saying that this is going to take longer to reduce the market rate this is causing. So until the market rate gets back down to the CBI posted rate of 1166 this will not take place IMO.... But they may not do anything either for all I know.....
  15. Thanks bluegrass! Between the CBI's measures taking longer to solve the USD from leaving into Syria and Iran and the tariffs not being delayed you're right the window looks good. I think they would need to make a new law at this point to change the tariffs because the law expires if they don't implement and we all know that will not happen, heck parliament takes more than a few weeks to get their coffee
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