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  1. Thank you for following up with us Betty! You're the best. I wish you a speedy recovery and, yes I believe you. I was in need of some encouragement today. So glad you posted this!
  2. [quote name='fib1618' date='31 I agree with you, I was wrong. I apologize to the board. I am going to give you credit for apologizing. I've been here for a minute now and sometimes a poster's apology is even more hurtful than the underlying offense. Since I don't find that to be the case here, apology accepted. Thanks BamaGirl! Love your posts! I am pulling out my favorite avatars! Saving all the best for last! Well deserved Oscar for Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Have an awesome weekend! Fib, I am going to give you credit for apologizing. Best of luck to you.
  3. Actually, reputations here are earned. The plus/minus system is here to help us assess a person's reputation when they post. It is especially helpful in the Rumors section, and exactly the reason why I never doubted that Hoosier was returning to his thread (Email From My Personal Banker) even when he was late. I don't know him personally, but know him in this forum to be an honest, credible poster. His reputation reflects just that. And yours speaks volumes about you. This is the second time in a 48 hour time frame that you try to extort positive votes out of us. Not cool. I seriously doubt this is what Adam and the Mods had in mind when they designed the plus/minus system. So I'd say you're in violation of the rules, or at least the spirit of them. I usually lay off the neg button. I don't neg people just because they believe, with a ton of history of disappointment on their side, that an RV isn't imminent. But you sir are making it very hard. Not because of your views, but because your overall tone, demeanor and attitude suck, and because you are trying to circumvent the reputation system here.
  4. Hoosier, my prayers go out to you and your family regarding your grandfather. I hope he pulls through. Thank you for still taking the time to update us. I look forward to hearing the rest of the story! Very exciting times in Dinarland! It's been a while since I posted. You guys are still as hilarious as ever! Everyone have a great day! "Everything will work out in the end. And if it hasn't worked out, that's because it's not the end." (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)
  5. I know what you mean. But hang in there my friend, I still believe our blessing is coming. To the original poster, thank you for sharing with us. I was also in the mood for a bank rumor!
  6. Aw! Thank you! Hi Maggie! Love your posts!
  7. Thanks Dinar Thug! It's been a while since I posted (although I continued my plus drive bys throughout the summer). It looks like this ride may soon come to and end! Thug, thanks for always making me laugh and to all the newshounds who bring and break down the news for DV. What an honor it's been to be on this ride with you guys. Some nights I laughed do hard at some of your posts, you guys have no idea! Regardless of the outcome (as an aside, I still think this ends well for us), I have learned a ton and I can truly say it's been a pleasure! It will be an even bigger pleasure when this darn thing RVs! What will I do when I don't start and end my day with DV after the RV? Oh right, I will be on a permanent vacation...Now go RV already!
  8. Thanks for bringing this over. Interesting and informative chat.
  9. Thanks for the post Dinar Thug! You really make DV a better place!
  10. Thanks Adam and Kcw for posting. My favorite words were "immediate action".
  11. Thanks Adam and Kcw for posting! Wounded Warrior is a great organization. That's a great thing you just did and a great example for us to follow. My other favorite part of your chat? "I don't think we will make it to September...". It's George Clooney avatar time! Whoo hoo!
  12. Thank you for posting Danish!
  13. Thank you Rod and Freckled. You guys made my day!
  14. Thanks Tony for the post! I like a second meeting. I like closed doors even more. Let's go RV!
  15. I like your thinking! Great point. This is exactly why I stopped doing ten cent math. I believe the rate will be higher and they will take most of their medicine initially. They already know how many Dinars they are on the hook for. I'm thinking they come out at slightly above a dollar and let it rise over time. To me that seems like the simplest way to do it. Thanks for the post Carrello.
  16. Exactly!!! Very exciting if you ask me! Adam your line about lopsters eating crow was hilarious. Crow. It's what's for dinner.
  17. Thanks RodandStaff for this awesome post! I like your thinking and am in complete agreement!
  18. Holy popcorn!!! I am so excited I can barely contain it! Thanks Adam and Kcw! Can't wait to hear good news!
  19. Thanks so much for the post! Lately I am focused less on the rate and more on the fact that this will happen and that we are right on the edge of it! If the rate is 10 cents or less, it's not the windfall I anticipated but it's still life changing. We just need to focus on growing whatever bounty we do take home. I think I will do like Elixirbaby, cash in a little and wait ... assuming we don't have a cash in deadline. Like so many of you I am taking the time to educate myself about money and post RV investments while I wait. 20MillionDinar, The Machine, and TrinityeXchange (as well as many others) have posted a wealth of information on this site. I feel really fortunate to have come across it. I always thought I knew about money because I was a saver, but I found out on this ride that I actually knew very little. Very humbling! Thank God for this site and for all of you who have taken the time to help the money newbies like myself. Thank you! Have a great night everyone! Whatever the rate our lives are about to change. It's all very exciting! Having that said, a reinstatement and Iraq going into that summit thumping its chest would be sweeeet!
  20. Thanks everyone for your posts! Yota and Stryker, I wish I had a million Dinars for every time I plussed you this week. Just kidding. Well...not really, cause that's a lot of Dinars!
  21. This is hysterical! Good for you for having a sense of humor about all this! Reminds me of the first time I heard it RVed. Dinar Thug, as always you made me laugh out loud!
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