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  1. they will buy all dinar but wont sell do we have a frequent flyer to get better info just say'n
  2. touchy Rocketman you touched first Just Say'n ! check Iraq currency at the local airport
  3. this is why a lot of good members stop posting why dont you put a rocket up your a** and go to the airport and get your own info
  4. was at airport today asked currancy exchange about the Dinar and they told me 15 of the lowest Dinar notes eqaul 1us dollar then asked if I wante to exchange sum
  5. when i get 100 pluses i will answer that for you...just sayin'
  6. hope your grandfather gets better Hoosier. well i just left the bank myself to buy some dinar.she smiled and said they no longer sold them but would buy back what i had. this is not a rumor. just sayin'
  7. does anyone know if its legal to marry buffalo. just sayin'
  8. Okay everbody dog is hoosier's made me do it. just sayin'
  9. Dog, you seem to be a really cool cat. One day I may force a joint in your mouth.but you have to pass it back. Ive been waiting to try my buffalo out. for five years more beer and im getting on.just sayin' let me ride.
  10. hey stone atleast they can piss on my damn head. just sayin'
  11. This **** is as bad as santa clause saying trick or treat on christmas. and saying april fools on new years. just sayin'
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