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    My body is in texas but my mind is in Vegas. Yeh baby.

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  1. Hi DoD. I'm not in LA either . I live in the Dallas area. I'm sticking to a local sale for this. Thanks for reaching out tho. Cheers
  2. My bad DoD. I just realized my post wasn’t to clear on my location. I’m in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.. I love Vegas tho or at least three days at a time. Lol.
  3. Thanks for the offer but I'm wanting to stick to a local sale. Thanks
  4. 64 x 25,000 notes circulated and some uncirculated Iraqi Dinars. Comes to $1,600,000 in Iraqi Dinars. Also included is 5 x 500,000 notes of Vietnamese Dong. Comes to 2,500,000 in Vietnamese Dong Proof of purchase from 1st National Bank Texas. Cash only no trades. $1500 Will only meet at a Starbucks or my local police station.
  5. You scared me for a second Thug with your headline. Thought your talking about yourself.
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