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  1. I did not get the second email either. I checked my settings and everything is correct and I double checked spam.
  2. Sarges gals...I grew up 60 miles from Minot ND...spent many hours there:)
  3. She may have gotten more votes due to the population in liberal areas such as CA, Chicago etc but thanks to the electoral college the votes in rural America, like ND, the people's votes counted. It's hard to compete with Chicago when the entire state only has 500,000 people so without the electoral college we would only have a president picked by the heavily populated area and the "fly over" states would go unheard.
  4. That is what I got from it too. Maybe I need to go back and read it rather than just scanning it.
  5. Interesting article. Very biased and one sided however. Where is the footage of them burning equipment, tires and local ranchers equipment? How about the barricade they constructed on the bridge and not allowing any thru traffic? How about the slaughtered cattle and missing ATV's? What about the rancher who was shot by a protester?He was not armed but he did have a rifle in his pickup. He was out of his vehicle when he was shot. He had gotten out to ask them to let him by on the bridge. My son is in the ND National Guard and has been called up for this. They have footage of the "protesters" emptying their rv's holding tanks into the Missouri River along with other contaminants. The protest is not about clean water and sacred land. The Native American's did not object to the pipeline until after the DAPL withdrew it's proposal to go across the reservation. They withdrew because the tribe wanted $5 million more than was offered. They went to the north of the reservation where a pipeline already runs...and yes, it goes through the Missouri River. Once the tribal elders realized that all the money would be lost, they objected. They had no protesters at any of the informational meetings. There were no protesters at the survey sites for burial grounds or ancient artifacts. All of which had been done with the previous pipeline also. Yes, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe may be protesting peacefully, or at least a majority are, but there are protesters from all over and they are the ones causing trouble and getting arrested. I do not believe that DAPL is complacent in this either but they did their leg work and filed all the correct paperwork. They were just trying to complete the project. Now I see that the UN is heading to Standing Rock. Maybe while they are there they can take a look at the living conditions and poverty. Maybe they will find a way to help them help themselves because obviously government "assistance" has not been working. Standing Rock is one of the poorest places in the US. Very sad depressing place.
  6. So very sad. I always enjoyed her posts. Rest in peace.
  7. Congratulations!! Best wishes to you and soon to be MrsMoose
  8. Oh that is great news!! Prayers continuing for you and your daughter.
  9. Congrats!! Hope you have a wonderful day. Hubby and I just had our anniversary on the 29th...we have a ways to go until we get to the 34 years but really hoping we do
  10. I like Trump as far as his policies and what he says. I don't like how he says it. I know, I know....gotta get past his brashness and just look at policies. I could not stand his attitudes on Apprentice but figured most of that is grandstanding. Only watched the show once or twice but hubby liked it. I would never say he is a racist or guilty of hate mongering. Only because I am intelligent enough to know he cannot control what people do with what he says. The reason people think he is racist is because they only hear snippets of his speech or stop listening once they hear something that they find offensive. People just need to accept that he is not politically correct and doesn't talk like a career politician who doesn't want to say anything that will offend some people. If Trump offends you, stop and think exactly why you are offended. Sometimes its because it hits to close to home. Kind of like a sermon at church. The pastor will talk and I will think..."what???" but then go home and think and pray and realize the reason I was offended or felt uncomfortable is because I needed to work on me. People like the ones in the video really really need to do some thinking of their own rather than what the media tells them to think.
  11. My son was hugged by her 5 times. The first when he first got to Ft. Hood and was on gate duty. His NCO told him to let her through as she was "the hug lady" my son must have looked confused so she had him lean into her car and gave him a hug...and the others were on each end of his deployments. Very very sad. She was an exceptional lady. She will be dearly missed.
  12. She was found hanging in her cell. As far as I remember of the situation, the security cameras did not show anyone in the vicinity of her cell during the time of her death.
  13. My friend who is a pharmacist has been warning against statins for years. When my husband was prescribed them she offered other healthy alternatives and with a life style change, no need for statins. Doctor was surprised to hear that he never filled the prescription and his cholesterol was way down.
  14. So very thankful that she is recovering. Horse accidents are so scary, they happen so fast. Had one myself a few weeks ago and had my horse go over the top of me and clipped my hip, shoulder and back of my head. Thankfully, although I was extremely sore for about 2 weeks, I wasnt seriously hurt. Will keep your daughter in my prayers for a speedy recovery.
  15. Says that the 50000 notes are for high priced tranactions and not for the Iraqi who has little income Not sure what it means but it does soumd like its more for banks and business?
  16. He is accusing prosecutors and Attorney General Ken Paxton of trying use Ortega to prove there’s a problem where one doesn’t exist. Read more: Hmm...seems to me there is a problem and it does exist if even one person votes without having the legal right to.
  17. My cousin has a not for profit called Chairbound Hunters out of Wheatland Wyoming. I plan on helping him more than ever once we have more funds. He does take out any chairbound person, regardless of if they are a vet or not. However, most of his hunters are vets. We were there in October helping with antelope, elk and deer. The hunters are all a great bunch. Right now they purchase their own license, hotel room and travel expenses. My cousin would love to be able to help with any and all of that but he donates all his time and gas helping them find their animal. He was a meatcutter prior to retiring so he packages all the meat himself and most of the hunters do keep the cape so he helps them with getting it mounted. His dream is to be able to have a "lodge" to have all the hunters at one location without having to pay for a hotel room and to be able to provide meals for them. He does do lunch and dinner now himself out of his own pocket. Talked to so many great hunters. One had a testimony of how Chairbound Hunters saved his life. He said he came back from Iraq and was ready to kill himself. Someone got him in touch with Al and he went hunting. Changed his life. He made new friends and joined a hunting group and now has been back to Wyoming 3 times in 5 years. One day, hopefully within the near future, I would love to be able to tell him to start looking for a building to convert into a lodge.
  18. If anyone is a wine drinker and would like a Chris LeDoux wine... you can get a Just LeDoux It wine at or
  19. Have listened to Chris for many many years also. Got to meet him when I was in Wyoming and he was home at the ranch. One of the ranch hands I worked with in Glenrock knew him and took me along when Chris was home at Kaycee. Super super super nice guy. It was like losing a family member when he passed.
  20. Hmmm so slave families never experienced joy within their family? If the drawing is showing a mother and her child, should they not have joy in each other or does the fact that they are slaves completely envelope them and they are never allowed to show any joy? Yes, it was a horrible time in history but for a children's book, it is not inappropriate to show family love. People have just gone crazy.
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