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  1. We all know why, because the gov has gotten too BIG for their britches and now think they own us (and they do) and it's all about them taking turns calling the shots. We know good and well she will create a very huge crisis. Its been crisis after crisis since this standing pres has been in office and i don't believe a word that comes out of his lyin mouth. He disgust me. And she wants to push forward and further his 3rd term. They both make me sick. Their is a spirit of great evil upon our land. The spirit of filth, perversion, and deception. It's all pure evil and them two are wanting to further the agenda of making humans nothing more than slaves & robots. (literally) It is God and God alone who helps me through each and every day in this time of birth pains. The pains are getting closer. They stopped talking about her illegal server and they pretend it's all good. The skank should be in JAIL.
  2. I agree Tennesee. He is tired of it. 2 terms of maliki and his corruption, and now his groupies still disrupt the process. There is just one thing that baffles me is why he has not been arrested and/or taken out of "any" government position. This is going to continue as long as he is able to cause trouble. They had the chance to come together in this country but all they did was to switch roles. The people are ready to make peace with each other, they see it as they are all muslims, but the few diehards who want to push their agenda wants everyone else to suffer his and her ignorance. Which is self serving and not productive at all for the folks. The longer this take, the more I say it will be even shorter lived. More than I thought before. Very short lived blessing before all h@ll breaks loose in the m.e. and the world for that matter. Like the bible says, they will be throwing their gold & silver in the streets because they are worthless. Ezekiel 7:19 And then again: Proverbs 11:4Riches do not profit in the day of wrath, But righteousness delivers from death.
  3. Yeah, remember the little love quarrel they had when Najafi called him a dictator? Oh my, they kissed & made up and then they were partners in crime. Just don't know why they start at the bottom and go up, they already know the head dude.
  4. He's on his 8 3/4 life, 1/4 left. Abadi should have taken care of this problem a long time ago. Notice business as usual, when things are going good in parliament all of a sudden they get massive bombings. Hmm, why hasn't Abadi figure this out yet? Oh, and the timing now makes it perfect to blame daash/isis and they didn't even claim it. They love the fame. Tell me maliki is innocent.
  5. Oh brother, clean your own back yard before trying to clean others. Saving souls should be a priority, especially in the middle east. Look out London, you just opened the door for the caliphate and soon will see the push for sharia. Unbelievable how they talk out both sides of their mouth.
  6. What is that maliki supporting crooked crook still doing in the judicial system? He's a loser. OHM, he is unconstitutionally in that position. Too old and old saddams henchman. All the laws he helped maliki hinder, not to mention the death sentence he oversaw for Hashemi, oh and especially all those innocent sunni's sentenced to prison and death under the auspices of terrorism. Wow, they really won't clean this place up will they?
  7. Maliki tried to railroad both Hashemi & Shabibi. I love your style Carello. Now we wait for the maliki to get what's owed to him.
  8. Loser state dept QUIT CALLING THEM THAT "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL) YOUR GIVING THEM ACKNOWLEDGMENT. Notice that the pres keeps calling them ISIL instead of ISIS. He is giving creed to their goal of converting the world or die. Daash will do just fine since they hate to be called that. I get a cringe itn my ear every time I hear anyone call them isil. It's an evil poison that when I hear it I hear the screams of all those mislead folks who didn't know the son has already died for redemption, but they think their sons have to die for redemption. didn't they get it when they read about abraham and moses. It was never enough blood of the lambs, rams, etc etc. These folks who want to start the end times don't have no faith in their god al lah cause if al lah wanted to rid the world of jews and christians he wouldn't need humans to do it. Noah, flood. Sodom & Gommorah. It is sadening that many are misled into helping this movement of murder and being told they can go to paradise and take family members with them and all along they are saying their god is love. Love does not murder. Love does not hate your neighbor. Love does not rape and kidnap. I wonder how many have grown a conscience and questioned love and did some serious critical thinking about the barbarian nature of this movement. Obviously, not enough. It's like maliki, I can't believe he is still walking free, and I can't believe that the Islamic world has not taken care of this cancer. Just tells me they believe in it too and just don't want to be in on the dirty work. Cowards! That's what I have to say. Here is something to ponder. The world mourns when a US Soldier has fallen. The World! There is something about the integrity and bravery of a US Soldier whose values and principals cannot be matched. God Bless Petty Officer 1st Class Charles H. Keating IV. Prayers to the family and loved ones..
  9. But out Iran. Now that Sadr is ticked off because of slow progress in reforms, I see that coo coo nut of a supreme in Iran trying to take advantage of it. Now Iran will proceed to use Sadr as a patsy to keep maliki in government to do their bidding. I sure hope Sadr goes there ready to say get out of my back yard and water yours cause it's a dying breed. I still don't know why that freak (m) is still walking around a free man.
  10. Wow, I thought I congress was gridlocked, but Iraq, takes it to a whole new level. So far it has taken 10 years and still no HCL law, but they have been ready to pass it for about 6, not to mention the reconciliation meeting. Wow, give a new meaning to the cliche "Rome Wasn't Built In A Day".
  11. After taking some time away and coming back to see the auctions, it appears they are not losing any value in the dinar. It actually looks stable. So, they can raise the value any time and we won't be mad at them.
  12. This gesture maliki does with his finger, I am just wondering if that means, well, you know. He appears to do it often. Pot meet kettle. What a piece of work. He wants the Sadrist to come to their senses. Say what??? Say wha wha what??? If we didn't read it, it would be so bizarre and unbelievable.
  13. When I lived there (calif) I complained all the time about the "massive corruption". Monopolies on utilities, over the top taxes for business, regulations up the nose, and gas and water rationing over a bunch of lies. Voting in laws that if the government don't like, then they won't enforce it. NUMEROUS occasions. The corruption is so bad it's in your face boldly and many (not all) have this freeload state of mind that they don't care as long as the welfare checks keep coming. California is it's own armpit. The best thing I could say about it is the variety of culture. And those who share their culture with us. I love the multi-culture neighborhoods. But now you have some cultures that will not assimilate to the neighborhoods. They won't even be a friendly neighbor, and some just want to take our religious liberty away because we worship different. They want their own private communities AND THEN they want to force their way of life on Americans, and this is what is killing the american culture. Bring your culture and share it, but STOP TRYING TO TAKE MINE. Then they run for office along with sympathizers and it all goes down hill from there.
  14. Hmm, I think Judge Jeanine tells it like it is without political correctness that is turning folks into a bunch of bouncing ants and roaches. Can't talk to each other without being offended. Grow some you whining babies, we're all out of pacifiers. That's where I think Judge Jeanine is coming from.
  15. Oh yeah, deny me and I will deny you to my father. But he's a christian he says. Shame, shame, shame.
  16. Hear hear DiveMaster. I hear ya! And a vote for Trump is a vote against the establishment, the "whole" establishment who has taken the country to the abyss.
  17. Valleri Jarrad, Susan Rice hmm. Irainians. And we gave them 150 billion for what? There's a special place for these folks. Right now we know it's just the birth pains and they're pretty bad, can you imagine what these folks will go through for their denials and evil ways after the birth pains??? ALL LIVES ARE PRECIOUS!! AND THEY MATTER, WHAT PART OF THAT DON'T PEOPLE GET!! Brothers and Sisters, and if your brother kills your sister, he must be dealt with. period!! It appears that some of these organizations are coming up not to have equal rights, but to have privileged rights. I happen to be a beige person who felt growing up if I were a different color I could get more help from my local government. So, how does that work if your already that color and getting that local government help?? Maybe it's different in other states but Calif did not privilege beige ppl.
  18. You know what makes me really mad. Every time a Christian elevates there is always some evil fool who wants to tear them down. But, what really gets me is that they have no clue what it means to be a Christian. Christians are sinners, they are not "CHRIST". Being Christian means to be like Christ. To live your life with love and repentance. That we live in a world of sin and we WILL be tempted, trialed, and go through tribulations. Not to mention we are not exempt from persecution. In fact Christ said we would be persecuted for his names sake. So, maybe mother Teresa was no saint, but she was fully living like life with love and repentance and who are those to judge who are not in the spirit. Remember, we are to test the spirit if we are in the spirit. But those who are not, shall NOT JUDGE. It just cracks me up how quick those out there would take an aha moment to tear down all the good one has done in the majority of their life. It's that Jezebel spirit they can't shake.
  19. It's sickening to me that only Flint is getting the attention. In Tyler Tx I have complained to the city about the water color on numerous occasions and their fix is to drain the fire hydrants. Not until recently have they been fined and been sending out letters of the quality of the water and STILL insist it is good for drinking. Bologna!! It's yellow and nasty. It's not just Flint and it's not just Tyler, all these political agents are pretending it is isolated in Flint and a republican caused issue. I submit to you that it's nation wide and it's a leadership/representative problem. Folks, NONE OF THESE ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICIALS GIVE A CRAP ABOUT DOING WHAT IS RIGHT. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. Voting in someone who MIGHT do something is just a part of the solution. The solution lies in the duties of the citizen. You better protect yours, cause these nut jobs who lobby for a vote ain't worth the spit they step on.
  20. He's always a sour puss. Maybe the people will mob him. When they find out that he is the reason they are not any further along in getting their oil funds, they just might as well take him out like Libya did gaddafi. Who knows, I am still beside myself as to why he is still a free man or a living one for that matter.
  21. It looks like Iran found what it could do with 150 billion dollars.
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