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  1. The mainstream media and the war-mongering politicians are right. It's now obvious to me - Iranians do hate Jews and should obviously be all wiped off the face of this earth.
  2. They are hoping the Iraqi people will substitute holding US dollars for gold. The dinar cannot really appreciate while there is so much demand for and perceived value in the US dollar.
  3. It's not profoundly dumb if you are a psychopath. Any price is worth it. Besides the elite don't care about ordinary people Jew or non Jew. Do you think any of Israel's Zionists prime ministers have cared one bit for their flock? Remember orange juice laced with radioactive material for the workers - its on-going.
  4. Hey Sans - there is a very good reason why only the Jews are 'allowed' to call their genocide a holocaust. Holocaust actually means a burnt offering. You have to give something to get something! No sacrifice no Israel.
  5. You go big Yota. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE freedom of speech and thought... nobody has right to stop that.
  6. What?!! THAT is the reason a word that is universally used to describe people of a certain sexual persuasion is banned on this site? Speaks volumes.
  7. Actually, Sharia Law in itself is not too scary. The brutality could very well be a middle-east thing - don't forget, Jesus had to stop the people of his time, none of them Muslims, from stoning a... less than virtuous woman.
  8. Adam Montana is not gracious, he is simply an astute businessman. How often can we keep re-reading the rumours that it RVed yesterday! As for the hard and fast 'respect rules' that the mods claim they are enforcing whenever they are kicking out a member that does not share their view of things, are in actuality very elastic. For example - lax when it comes to policing totally unacceptable views/jokes about Muslims and stone like when dealing with Jewish issues. Lord Dinar was an intelligent, articulate and extremely well-informed individual. His loss makes DV a poorer place. And finally - you don't want freedom of speech - so what you doing giving your opinion then?
  9. I have always thought that DV is a microcosm of the larger theater we live in - every day more and more fascist. Lord Dinar was special and will always be no matter who decides to 'ban' him. Be well LD... you're just way too good for this place.
  10. That was for the 2008 fiasco, Byrd... this is far, far worse. Gold yes, but dollars - about to go the same way. Fiat.
  11. Its more complicated of course, but the simple answer DW is - If Greece goes out, it means they don't pay their debts, which mean all the other PIGGs will want to do the same - not pay their even bigger debts, which will mean the supposedly healthy ones Germany, France and US who are holding the bulk of the toxic debts go down the drain too. The smart way will be for Germany to be the first to get out of the Euro trap...
  12. Oh, I don't know, when it comes to psychopathic tendencies he had a LOT of competition - or look up Obama, Bush, Blair, Chenney, Rumsfield, Sarkozy, Rice, Netanyahu...
  13. The key is in the words 'moved gradually through the years from a left position to more and more centre positions'... you don't get invited until you are prepared to sing solely from the one-world-government song sheet.
  14. Mustard gas is a blister agent that is absorbed through the skin or via inhalation, causing massive blisters, burning, severe internal and external bleeding, blindness, lung damage, pulmonary edema, and other effects. It has been recorded to lower white blood cell count in humans, thus adversely affecting the imune system. Effects can last for weeks, even months, and lingering effects on humans have been recorded for years, even decades after use. It is mostly used as an incapacitant and an areas denial weapon, but is lethal in approximately 1% of cases. As you well know the American government was and is only really interested in the real Weapons of MASS DESTRUCTIONS - nuclear weapons and I do believe they found none in Iraq.
  16. EVERYBODY has mustard gas - poor country's power trip - they are not classified as WMDs.
  17. God you guys - if you don't like just don't go there. Don't be bullies picking on an easy target. How come you don't get venomous on Adam when he's called the RV and nothing happened - twice now that I know of - is it because you might get kicked off this site? hmmm...
  18. Lets say TPS you detested fish, so much it actually made you throw up if you consumed it. Lets say you go for dinner and chicken, which is really what you want, is off the menu. The waiter comes around and presumes to tell you it's time for you to start eating fish. Would you eat it?
  19. tyron

    Mr Romney

    Sure he helped his friend... the real question should be, will he help the American PEOPLE. Judging from his past actions the answer has to be... very, very unlikely.
  20. 'Bilge"? Perhaps a short video can be worth a thousand words - this is what the American government in all its imperialistic hubris has unleashed upon the poor Iraqis! What if instead of having the good fortune of being born an American you had been born an Iraqi.. hmmm?
  21. Smee, Smee, Smee... hundreds of thousands of totally innocent people have been murdered, a huge number women and children, and you are most concerned about the intolerable offence caused to America by the use of the word 'Nazi'?
  22. They admit fully that they understand only a fraction of the human DNA, but I suppose they will carry on tinkering with it until the human race goes the way of the dodo.
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