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  1. Now we wait for President to sign and the law to be gazetted..... boom!!
  2. The funny thing is over here in New Zealand not a word has been said about Trumps declassify order. It does not fit the globalism narrative so is ignored until they can think up a distraction
  3. Just wait for the crazy left spinning this their way saying T Trump is a dictator bulldozing his way to distract from releasing his tax papers. They still don't get it.... many are going down for their treason.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion Markinsa. It is truly appreciated.
  5. I love your method of cleaning here.... tip #46
  6. It's good to see you back Tankdude.... welcome back sir!
  7. FlyHi


    Barely 😎
  8. NP, I'm seriously considering using some but am worried for interactions on current meds I'm on from a recent heart attack. I may wait a year then try it as I wean off the meds.
  9. I came across a rather interesting but long article on Borax. I would appreciate your thoughts or experiences
  10. Did you ever see the video of the alleged perpetrator? He is supposedly shooting through the windscreen but no glass is broken. Sorry, but it ain't what it seemed. For some reason he is taking the fall, others did the killings. I agree with you on region bring misused to perpetrate hate crimes.
  11. It was a false flag event orchestrated to remove auto n semi automatic weapons from NZ.
  12. You Canadians are too kind. Soros defies conventional description. %#×£¥,■♤☆¿%&¥+₩ doesn't even come close either.
  13. I just had a good friend visit me. A mutual friend we know (ex NZArmy vet) had repeatedly warned the NZ police over a year ago of the psycho, radical mentality of the Dunedin gun group where the lead Australian shooter attended. He was laughed and dismissed as the police said they were a bunch of grumpy old losers and not harmful. Wrong deduction Watson!! So saddened to hear of this story and see a personal video first hand about it. (Too graphic, expletives and explosive to share sorry
  14. NZ people are shocked and saddened by the mass shooting down in Christchurch. 49 dead and 20+ injured. This is so unlike our nature.... the pain is raw and ugly for everyone. Our hearts go out to all the victims, for us race or religion of a person is irrelevant.
  15. Lost Lost in Space Lost in this Mind Game Space Never mind, I barely follow 60 to 80% of the clues but finding the clues is the bigger mystery as i am not on twitter to look up the relevant tweets. Hey if only 50% of what Q projects comes to pass you guys will be better off. My desire is for the Maestro to drain the swamp. The pieces of the puzzle seem to be coming together for the long game he is playing.... catching the DNC literally with their pants down. Just enjoy the geeks doing this. We will all shout hurrah when things they project or interpret pan out. Especially the dismantling of the swamp and those who think they are above the law. It can't come soon enough though. Ill be cheering from the sidelines in another country but remember a whole bunch of us a rooting for you all despite a sickening number of my personal friends that continue to belittle and mock Trump on Facebook etc. We will see who has the last laugh.
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