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  1. Thanks for the breakdown Gregp. I commiserate with you and Smokey Mtn Dinar with allergies to penicillin. While I agree all three items should be taken together, in your cases I believe it would be advisable to take just the other 2 key components (hydroxychloroquine and Z-pack) and if possible substitute a suitable similar antibiotic that you are both tolerant of. Another thought would be to Elderberry extract and high dose Vit C and Chaga mushroom instead of the antibiotic to strengthen your immune system.
  2. Great response to Kristi BW. I agree, reduce sugars to the minimum even the natural ones (although honey maybe slightly better than most). Your point about what sugars do to the glycocalyx is key and little known by the general population. Your summary of your eating style is epic and to be admired! Thanks
  3. I tend to be contrarian in my views. Here are some of my random thoughts/Qs. Corona virus has been around for years, yes this is a new strain/GM/mutation, regardless of source the death rate is still remarkably low and in no way correlates to world wide panic currently being whipped up by the media. Think of this, Wuhan has supposed resettled 5 million people. There is no info on this. What if all or most are dead?? If that holds true, then it would not be Corona virus it must be something catastrophic with a very high death rate. This must be a biological weapon that escaped or was used on the unsuspecting Guinea pig population. If this is true, stage actors in China would be now filling in for Chinese politicians as the true leaders will be hunkered down in biological secure facilities. Not an encouraging thought process on my part.
  4. Check out the Singapore approach to containing Coronavirus.... they are doing an excellent job of it.
  5. That is one of their (PTB) major intentions. Fiat is failing on many levels. The banksters are wanting to introduce their own digital currency so all people have to comply and use it. Simple good hygiene deals with the issue.... use soap, wash your hands, don't touch your face.
  6. If only it was a buttercup! 🙃
  7. Great summary Divemaster, we have missed your sage comments
  8. As an outsider looking in I would suggest at least Sanders is consistent with his calls/stand on socialism. Warren on the other hand is part of the nutters club and as inconsistent as pebbles on a beach. Each day brings a new slant on things with her.... all are gob smacking at best
  9. Nope, busily evading the law! And, she's lawyer too... go figure!
  10. Hope with changing seasons the currents of the coast change as well.... moving sand at there whim. Add to that storms and voila... sand is transported up and down the coastline.... on every country on earth.
  11. Here is another thought to ponder. Iran has responded with next to zero harm to US Military lives as the forces had warnings and made into bomb shelters in good time. This sums up what the MSN is not saying
  12. Sorry to advise you but you need to be Platinum VIP to get the large quota. I see you are not in VIP, you are missing out on some good content there and OSI section.
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