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  1. I thought nitrous oxides lowered BP not raised it.....
  2. The old economic school way of dealing with inflation is now redundant. QE by Central banks has balloned the money supply to unsustainable levels. Artificially imposing price controls is not the long term fix. This will be interesting to see unfold.
  3. True story. When we had visitors from overseas I told them we got milk from bulls.... they didn't believe me. Well it so happened the neighbouring town was called bulls and the dairy factory was there so I took them to Bulls to get milk. They thought that was a hoot.
  4. Great post RV - 2 - day. I want to pick up on how they might possibly achieve this. There is a great video I hope I can bring it over but I doubt it In essence what this video shows is a very interesting concept. She brings to our attention that in Hebrew there is a sequence in our human DNA that spells God (Yahweh??). So in reality we are made in His image. What they have found is the mRNA takes out this sequence…. Obviously a satanic attack on our sacred God likeness.
  5. It appears these people are long term planners and their goal is to live forever. Possibly by research into DNA and AI and merging life form to trans humanism. On this basis I view Silicon Valley as the ‘valley of death’ in biblical terms. True others are driving and shaping their agenda but Silicon Valley is where it is going down.
  6. Ok Caddieman check out this video of the Pfizer trial data. It may be too much for you to digest with your unscientific mind. I'll distill a few key points for the analysis: 1) Pfizer claim of 95% efficacy is totally misleading as it uses RRR (Relative Risk Reduction) not ARR (Absolute Risk Reduction) When viewed as ARR the efficacy is 0.84% that something you would willingly allow an unknown foreign substance to enter your body for such a small Risk Reduction?? 2) All medical professionals work or intervention is conducted on the basis of the "Do no Harm" premise Well hello they mispresented and deleted trial work to hide those inconvenient harmful events (Pfizer is a trusted coy right... it has never been found guilty of misconduct or misleading data right .... duh they have been convicted before.... so they are repeating their old track record) 3) they didn't do a very good job of randomising their trial and on fact ended their placebo ( control group) after only 2 months and offered those people to shots which they took). They excluded pregnant women; mentally ill; those with blood clots history etc etc) 4) they added 12 to 16 yr old data started 4 months later to their efficacy results when that group is known to have low risk, so they skewed the results as most likely their efficacy rates were waning badly and needed propping up. I could go on but that would be too much of an overload to digest
  7. You do realise there is a difference between what is reported by hospitals and actual cases. Do you recall it has been proven they have been incentivised to inflate Covid numbers. Read Nstoolman1 post again. He did just what you suggested and got the actual answers that pour water on your arguments
  8. Caddie man the comments about masks are from my own studies and experience. When dealing with a lab for tissue culture of plants this is easily shown. We have to use all sorts of protocols to keep the lab safe and free of contamination. Yes masks have a small part to play when dealing with bacterium from personnel operating the lab. Viruses on the otherhand are the things we target to stop transmission as they will devastate a clonal replication of new plant material. Shower in shower out facilities where you walk into new clean work clothes; use of air locks between rooms and positive pressurisation along with gloves operating in a vaccum; airflow curtain benches that are vented off. Bacteria are the only thing the masks assist with. Good hygiene beats mist things but latent bugs in peoples lungs or respiratory system are the biggest bacterial threat. As you can see everything can be managed. Wake up man to the real science. Stop dissing things from "conspirators site" what a cop out.
  9. Ok what about Omicron? Read and weep Caddieman as this article destroys your belief in the jab being effective... that is if you have eyes to see or ears to hear... you have been warned. In this article we see over 95% of omicron cases in Germany are amongst vaxxed persons as they have ADE (Antibody Dependant Enhancement) that renders them susceptible to this variant unlike the the un jabbed whose natural immunity system is still intact and can deal with Omicron.... aka they don't get sick or clog up the hospitals as you erroneously claim.
  10. Interesting comment that demonstrates how little you know of the science me mechanics of mask wearing. You do realise that a bacteria is approx 100 times bigger than a covid 19 virus I hope. Ok let me walk you through this: If you got petri dishes to cultivate 'germs' then got a person to sneeze onto daid petri dish without a mask.... voila.... it would be covered in colonies of bacteria. If the same person wore a mask and sneezed over another petri dish it may show no sign of bacterial infection. Thats a positive sign masks work right ✅ Wrong as you have an erroneous conclusion on mask effectiveness based on its containment of large bacterium. The mask is so porous that all viruses can easily pass through it. In the meantime while you wear one you are increasing the bacterial load on your lungs and have the potential to get sick by wearing the mask. Viruses are 100 times smaller than bacterium and pass through masks period. Nothing more to add as there is no way they could be effective in stopping the spread of viral load.
  11. Excellent Markinsa. Just to be clear Caddieman the above data is for adverse Jab reactions nothing to do with covid infection. Look n learn mate. Else you are going around with your eyes wide shut
  12. The government here in New Zealand has mandated that all health workers and all education staff and volunteers must be vaccinated. "No jab, no job" they say. Well my wife is about to lose her job as we will not bow to this forced coercion. Various rallies and peaceful protest took place on Saturday but this received no mainstream media coverage. Alas all they showed on TV was the government promoted telethon to get people jabbed with handouts and prize incentives.. They are treating us lawful abiding citizens like children. Sadly they are caught repetitively lying but they brazen on. So much for our supposed democracy here. All our Freedoms and rights are being taken away.
  13. Jg1 looks like the lights came on for you. Arginine is antagonistic so you want it suppressed by taking lysine
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