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  1. Awesome but prepare for the unhinged left to go super crazy fueled by Blm, antifa etc etc Prayers for you all in these biblical predicted times
  2. Also can use black cumin seeds (nigella sativa)
  3. The Necessity of Kindness This morning Jacinda Ardern received an honorary doctorate from Harvard University, hitting out in her acceptance speech against keyboard warriors spreading disinformation: “When facts are turned into fiction, and fiction turned into fact, you stop debating ideas and you start debating conspiracy.” Was she echoing Orwell’s 1984? “His mind slid away into the labyrinthine world of doublethink. To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies…to repudiate morality while laying claim to it,…to believe that the Party was the guardian of democracy.” Ardern continued with a sordid use of imagery worthy of Orwell: “In my mind, when I read something especially horrific on my feed, I imagine it’s written by a lone person, unacquainted with personal hygiene practices, dressed in a poorly fitted superhero costume – one that is baggy in all the wrong places.” I Have to Be Cruel to Be Kind Ardern said her speech was about kindness, presumably that special brand of kindness that is hard to recognise. As Hamlet said after berating his mother “I have to be cruel to be kind”. Was Ardern’s brand of kindness at work when she famously deleted in a single night 33,000 comments on her feed informing her of personal stories of the adverse effects of Covid vaccination? Ardern might just as well have entitled her speech: “I have sat on my hands and refused to read my emails. I insist that other MPs do the same. I am the sole source of truth. The world needs this.” The historical antecedents of the rejection of protestors, writers, and intellectuals as irrelevant, dirty, and dangerous spreaders of disease and disinformation certainly escaped Ardern and probably most Harvard graduates. The 1930s don’t feature much in modern curricula. Ignorance is No Excuse As all cause mortality rises, as another new study shows the immune system of the vaccinated exhibits dangerous antibody instability, as infections and hospitalisations among the vaccinated overtake the unvaccinated, we no longer need to speculate about where this is going. History tells us that it will end badly for many. An outcome of which Ardern appears to be determined to remain ignorant and condemn as conspiracy without discussion—by government decree. But of course, it is much worse than mere ignorance, as Sir Walter Scott said: Master of Disinformation Ardern is a master of disinformation, coercion, and suppression. Her continuing (but thankfully waning) popularity is a reflection of her practice of controlling the media through continuing large cash grants and revenue from saturation Covid vaccination advertising (aka old fashioned bribery). As a result, New Zealanders are dying in greater numbers not only unaware that this may have anything to do with Covid vaccination but actually told by the government that it does not and cannot. The cardiac wards are overflowing, but governments are not letting on. In the history of mass poisoning, there is no parallel in the world. When Is a Crime Not a Crime? When the government says so. This happens when the government and the medical profession not only cannot be held accountable for their actions but wilfully exploit this loophole to the full. We have reached the apogee of the era of unaccountably disregarded consequences for which Ardern is the unapologetic international poster child. Ardern’s Harvard speech reportedly generated emotional rapture. She received a standing ovation. What does that mean for our future and the future of the world? Be safe, stand strong, and stick together. Guy Hatchard P.S. We have recently launched a Weekly Digest - an email once a week that lists all the articles that Guy has published that week (article headline and a short description with a link to the full article). Use this link to subscribe to the Hatchard Report Weekly Digest Helpful links Discovering and Defending My DNA Diet by Guy Hatchard Follow me and Join the Conversation on Facebook Hatchard Report
  4. Floridian, sour sop or gaviola is a tropical fruit. Look it up to see what it looks like. It is a large green spikey looking fruit with creamy white flesh and hard black seeds. Some of those tropical countries make it into a drink and I believe has been freeze dried. The fruit when ripe is squishy and doesn't transport well. The leaves can be dried and are also a great way to consume the plants anticancer properties
  5. This is actually a very pertinent subject. If you get vaxxed you receive spike proteins throughout your body that accumulate especially in organs not just at the injection site. But don't forget if you also contract covid as an untaxed person then you too get those spike proteins or if you have close contact with a vaxxed person ( they shed spike proteins)once again spike proteins affect you. So it is essential to block the spike proteins from binding to the receptor sites. Yes dandelion works also ivermection; NAC; nicotine; zinc; vit C; copper; bentonite clay; Black cummin seed oil ( Nigella satvia) are all natural compounds you can use to bind to these sites to block the spike proteins which do the most long term damage to your body. Take care everyone.
  6. Ok here is an even clearer graph that demonstrates what DM was trying to show. If you view the responses for the same Qs from the two groups you can see almost a reverse response... why is that?? Try to join the dots and reflect on what is in the clot shots and the talk of 5G and see if you have a eureka moment.
  7. I suggest prospective gun buyers change their legal names to something unusual so as not to be confused with another person and create a false positive that causes a criminal investigation by local deputised authorities. This clearly an overreach inserted a long ways into the omnibus bill to erode gun rights under your 2nd amendment.
  8. Well here in NZ we are north of $3/L and expecting to hit $4 to $5/L by years end. Our govt is actively trying to tank our economy. We had one oil refinery which received its last ship load last week and is being mothballed. Jacinda Arden in one of her early acts as PM shut down oil n gas industry and urea production. So food production cost will go up like a rocket as we are now totally dependent on imports of fertiliser and fuel. A ship load of fuel will last NZ 6 days... imagine how fragile our logistics etc now are. All part of the plan. Devastating for those of us trying to warn people for years
  9. Tulsi delivered a powerful no nonsense hard hitting speech that should embolden you the people and take back your constitutional rights. Excellent stuff.
  10. Gabbard presents great analysis of the situation. Her comments about Ukraine joining Nato are another key element i was aware of but forgot to make clear earlier. Also USA has supported the wrong leadership within Ukraine in the past and current trying to influence outcomes in the region. This is a long way from over and Pugin is biding his time while the West looks inept.
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