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  1. Thanks Markinsa that was a remarkable article that has joined the dots for me.... everything in our bodies are connected and we are indeed what we eat. 80% of our "mood" is directly governed by our gut bacteria.
  2. KristiD what you replied above is very likely true and may seem like Trump missed a golden opportunity to nail the Dems on voter fraud. However, I believe he choked it back a bit as much of their real evidence has yet to be revealed. The various legal teams have to be careful what they submit as they run the risk of getting evidence dismissed as the case follows a higher path. So it would be prudent to save the bombshell evidence until Supreme Court hearings IMHO.
  3. Going back to the OP and all the world headlines that rammed that concept down peoples throats (throughout the world). The nedia is on a mission to shape peoples perception of what is happening. To use the analogy of the frog in a pot of cold water that is heated very slowly, will not jump out to save itself from being boiled alive. So too the media and pyschop operation being promulgated against "we the people". They are trying to shape you destiny by dulling your awareness and care factor. However, i believe Trump and his strong rallies has raised up the people and they are now aw
  4. That is a true statement from my understanding following this from down under.
  5. I agree KristiD. I don't believe Sidney has been thrown under the bus rather they have created clear lines of role seperation so they can mitigate any fallout if indeed one avenue does not work out as intended.
  7. Great reminder of the dangers of "critical race theory"
  8. I wondered if they discovered the cow never made it and landed there on the darkside
  9. I always wondered as a kid why ants (who were reportedly hard workers) found time to go on picnics.....
  10. Well the Left exposed themselves even further by simply shutting down these YouTube sites they are admitting that they (these sites) told the truth and they (the Left) could not handle how it was rampant on the web and want to deny people the right to seek truth and alternative views that differ widely to the lamestream media and the sjewed lies they use to manipulate the masses.... Good luck with that, as alas they have woken up "we the people" and watch what they will do come Nov 3rd. The big tech have way too much power and are currently untouchable with 230... i hooe that get repealed
  11. My guess from down under. I think Christopher Wray will be the first to go down and will resign from FBI.
  12. I hear you on this as they will drag this on and refuse to accept the results, however, I firmly believe that a bunch of the key Dems leadership involved in the perpetual war against Trump in all their failed attacks are about to be taken down.... welcome to your new life in Gutanamo folks! As a result this may start a changing tide of perception amongst the deluded Dems who might finally start to wake up. There seems to be a great awakening worldwide.... the people have the power when united.
  13. FB fact check.... what a joke.... the tech companies are controlling the narrative here trying to delude the masses.
  14. Great intro to a comprehensive article DiveMaster. This is what I as an outsider (non USA) can see everywhere but alas even my own family and friends here in New Zealand cannot see what is going on in plain sight. They are indeed brainwashed. Also it seems masses of your own people don't understand what is going on. However, I am encouraged that there is a universal awaking to what the elite have been doing to us mere plebs for decades. They are indeed protesting peacefully and will ultimately hold their countries leaders to account.
  15. Yes indeed. He was wearing an ear piece with wire in his suit and also had a wire in his cuff to power his smart contact lense that scrolled text direct to him, hence his darker eye colour than normal. Not to mention there was probably an ipad on the podium that was removed after the debate by a female staff member.
  16. Overwhelming support for positive response from use of HCQ with zinc +Zithromax from these studies
  17. Yes indeed, but I think pitch is a kind of tar which is oil related.... so still on track/topic of HCL Its all Pitchers fault
  18. Wow scary stuff indeed! As an observer looking in from another country I cannot believe what the average American blindly accepts as ok since it is a directive of the guberment in some form. Do you all realise you are throwing away your rights and the PTB are owning you through pyschop warfare by projecting their narcissist views onto you the American people as their patient.... check out the Munchausen syndrom where they treat you as if you are sick but in truth they are poisoning you to get you dependent on them as your saviour.... that is sick! Take care of yourselves and look ou
  19. In my limited understanding the novel Corona virus has 4 separate main components that our bodies react with. Let's say we have an episode that highlights the SARS section, then we MAY develop limited antibodies to that component but will still be vulnerable to another such as MERS. I think there are in fact 42+ something variants and it is mutating all the time or maybe be "assisted" with bio-engineering. So yes, all are at risk for a second wave.
  20. PS it is futile being angry with yourself. Live in the now and have a life of "no regrets" That is perfectionism trying to control you... chill and realise you are doing a great job and are a super encouragement on this board
  21. Yes I've seen TA on the majors but being up to date on the news is the real winner especially for BTC. I hear where you are coming from but I am on a site that is pretty exciting as the platform trades gold, oil, FX, stocks, futures and crypto etc. You can be a "trader" and shortly (after implementation of a module currently in beta) others will be able to follow you automatically and you get commission on them backing you. So you could still trade how you like right now or indices.
  22. feel for you man... nothing more gut wrenching than fat fingers entering the equation at the wrong time. Its still a stellar read and commentary. Keep up the great analysis. Ps I'd love to see you do some charting on crypto some time.... just the majors... man does the news ever affect them too.
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