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  1. HA HA HA...... and not the Chinet kind either.... it's that low budget flimsy stuff from the dollar store Nice one Thug!!!
  2. Just follow the green glow........
  3. I'm not seeing how this can be good for us. They start with the lowest bill and work their way up, giving short windows for exchange, and once they have changed all the bills they want to use, they then start the monetary value change of the currency. I truly hope i'm wrong about this, but my pessimistic side is creeping in. We hope and wait for the best outcome for us all. Thoughts about this from someone much smarter than I would be appreciated.
  4. Can member titles be updated or changed? I am not able to do it myself and with good reason I'm sure. Just curious on how these are governed and or updated. Any info on this would be appreciated...Thanks!
  5. Couldn't agree more Patty... I love reading what the Gals posts... wouldn't be the same around here without them. I'm very happy they are here!
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