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  1. Well seems nothing has changed in 10 years haha
  2. I’ve been waiting since early 2000, haha I haven’t posted a thing in years and I’m still waiting for this thing to pop
  3. I'm getting older and still waiting for this thing to pop I see some of the same people posting. I hope everyone is doing well including my enemies. I haven't checked any dinar sites in years and nothing has changed. Any day now
  4. Hey buddy, we're all good here thanks for asking, how's things down your neck of the woods?
  5. WOW, Adam came out of the closet on how he feels, so I decided to come out of hibernation even though things haven't changed all that much in two years.... I hope everyone is doing well
  6. Listen man, I don't remember ever telling you how to live or how to act, just because I agree with the president that something needs to be done with gun control so our kids can grow in a safer enviroment, I happen to think Bloomberg is stepping over the line too. I can tell you I live a lot happier than you do, I don't worry about things out of my control and you obviously do, and I'm sorry to break it to you but the government is involved in everything you do wether you like it or not. you asked me to leave you alone but if I remember correctly you started with me so I should ask you to leave me alone and let me live the way I see fit .
  7. I have a feeling your girlfriend is more masculine than me too, maybe even more facial hair. At least I use more common sense intead of shoot now ask questions later, when someone's life is at risk you have to defend any way you can, I'm not anti-gun, but a building can be rebuilt and that's why people pay insurance.
  8. Ok so what's worth more to you a building or a life ? So you think killing hundreds would've made more sense? At least I live a happy life, you seem very miserable with that hard head of yours, just look at that silly picture of yours with that stupid thing on your hands.
  9. I've been called a moron, stupid, liberal, marxist, leftist and many more things that I can't think of now, but in reality it's just because I refuse to let the conspiracy theorists get into my head. I live in peace and don't have to look over my shoulders every second like some of you. I noticed that you use that line a lot " I will be honored to give my life defending it from." You don't have to worry about me I"m on the side of peace and solving problems in a civil manner, you on the other hand has war in your mind 24/7.
  10. All I can tell you is I wake up and go to sleep without a worry in my mind, now you on the other hand wake up and go to sleep with a gun in your hand worrying about the government, I guess NRA got you right where they want you, you're paying their salaries and they keep feeding you false information, every time you buy a gun or ammo they get a cut so they love people like you. I happen to think you're blinded by misinformation put out by gun advocates, and I'm for the use of drones in the case of people like Dorner. If they had a drone active those two officers wouldn't be shot at the end.
  11. "The government shoot a War Vet in the face with a tear gas canister .. then toss in a flash-bang for laughs .." Ok, you say the government did it, now did the president order this attack ?or was it a few crazy people that have no heart? I can't understand how anybody can think that our sons and daughters brothers and sisters will attack us, that's who's protecting us right now, do you think if the government wanted to attack the people like you claim, it would happen ?
  12. There are nuts in every state, I don't know anybody that ran to buy guns or ammo here in Jersey but I'm sure they're out there, and as far as freedom I'm with you I'll defend and fight for our freedom too, but because the president is trying to save lives people like you think it's a call for a civil war, I don't know why it's such a big deal that he wants to ban something that has no use for anybody out there exept the mass murderers.
  13. Unfortunatelly I have to come down to level of the discussion here which is 5th grade stuff, people are up in arms because the president wants to ban some of their toys, now they're calling for a civil war, and if you tell me that's adult and civil talk then there's something wrong with you too. And as far as racism we both know that some people are very racist and they hate our president wether you like it or not that's reality, you can't tell me that we're past that, I'm one of the few here that stands behind our president wether black or white Democratic and Republican.
  14. I travel up and down New Jersey, I know people in New York and Cunnecticut and many in Florida, I don't know a single person that's stocking up on anything, exept my mother she stocks up on paper towel. And nobody I know talks about a civil war, I guess us Yankees are not in the loop of this coming civil war.
  15. Look at your picture? and you're calling me a moron, haha, is that the only way you can feel like a real man?
  16. You guys are blowing this out of proportion, O wants to ban guns that have no use in our streets and make a universal law so the crazy people and the criminals can't get their hands on them. The NRA wants you people to believe something is going to happen so you can keep paying their salaries. I have no use for the NRA so I could care less about them. You say I'm playing the race card but you and I both know it's a problem for many people, if it doesn't apply to you then it shouldn't bother you, right? I agree the color, race or party of the president shouldn't matter but for many it does.
  17. I guess if you believe in this FEMA camp fiction, I have a few bridges to sell you. FEMA Camps: Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Debunked By Alex Moore 826 days agoLast month he was digging up old dirt on a 9/11 cover up. Now Jesse Ventura is at it again—but this time, the stakes are even higher. Jesse Ventura is one of our greatest conspiracy theorists—which I guess makes it fitting that he has a new show called “Conspiracy Theory.” I read his book “Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me.” It was pretty good. He makes a compelling point for legalizing drugs and pouring all the money wasted on useless, ineffective drug enforcement into education and energy infrastructure. But it also includes a serious allegation that while governor of Minnesota his house was bugged. Being the state’s top elected official, one would assume the only power with the ability to bug his house is the federal government. And the book concludes with a batshit crazy fantasy sequence in which he gets assassinated (I believe as president) by the shadow forces of the US government. I have to admit that I love a good conspiracy theory. The anti-authoritarian streak in me that hated my high school principal makes me eager to believe Jesse Ventura‘s fantastical theories—even his latest one about FEMA camps. Almost. The theory goes something like this: FEMA has something like 800 secret “concentration camps” spread around the country, ready and waiting to imprison millions of people under martial law in the case of national emergency, i.e. revolt. Testifying on the Iran Contra scandal in 1987, Ollie North was asked by a congressman about a secret government contingency plan, was overrided by another congressman who said the question was off-limits, and another conspiracy theory was born. In an episode of “Conspiracy Theory” that airs this Friday, Ventura reveals the supposed FEMA camps with Alex Jones from It can be hard to definitively debunk a conspiracy theory, but it looks like, at least on one count, Ventura’s theory runs smack into a brick wall. Check out Alex Jones’s teaser for the show below, and take a look at 1:30, where Jones claims he and Ventura caught a peek of the “famous FEMA coffin facility outside Atlanta.” As Popular Mechanics points out, this “famous coffin facility” is actually the home office of Vantage Products, the largest commercial producer of plastic coffin liners, who supply the material for many of the 900,000 in-ground burials that take place every year in America. As you can see from their site, Vantage is a pretty non-threatening compnay. As you can see on Google maps, they’re located right in Covington, GA—outside Atlanta. Is Vantage Products actually a FEMA cover-up operation? Now that’s a conspiracy theory I could get excited about. Unfortunately, it’s not the one Ventura and Jones are making. Looks like Friday’s show will spread their very own brand of staged terror. Weak, guys—weak.
  18. HAhahaha, you guys have been inhaling gun powder for too long, the crap you guys come up with just because we have a black Democratic president, unreal, it's just like a bunch of kids hudled up after watching a horror movie hahaha, mommy they want to take our toys away whaaaaaa, hurry up let's spend all our money stocking up on guns and ammo, NRA said it so it must be true, talk about sheep following the crazy sheppard, WOW.
  19. Jax I understand your concerns, maybe I'm been misunderstood or I'm not making myself clear enough, we already have laws here in NJ right ? why can't these same laws be enforced in all 50 states? this to me is the biggest problem most illegal guns here in NJ come from a different state that the laws are very loose,see where I'm coming from? the change I keep bringing up is this that I just told you.
  20. I came to the conclusion a long time ago that you're ignorant to think that just because you have 47 guns nothing is ever going to happen to you, you can sit here all day and tell me that if somebody breaks into your house you'll be able to defend yourself and your family until that day comes ( I hope it never does ) talk is cheap and this goes to all you brave man that think the same way, and as I said many times all you guys bring is name calling, and for your information my wife will only be raped if they walk over my dead body, the difference between us is you will be holding a gun when they walk over your dead body.
  21. Jax I have never said that you don't have a right to defend yourself, just because I don't believe in guns and violence doesn't mean that I don't think you should have that right, I too took defensive class in karate my brother in law is 7 degree black belt and he's in the hall of fame here in NJ, but if you think it's ok with 10,000+ death a year by a fire arm it's your prerogative, I think it's time to take the guns away from the criminals, and not live in fear of walking down the street, a few countries have done it and we can do it too and some here think the government want to take your guns and turn you into a Zumbie but I think that's far fetched, and you and I know that this is my opinion I don't expect you to agree with me and I hope you respect my opinion I know what I think won't make a difference in the outcome of this serious issue. "Can you all imagine these people back in the days where people had to actually protect themselves " You said it all here back in the 1700's and 1800's that was true, and I can tell you right now you can call me a coward but if we were side by side protecting our freedom I could run circles around you. And by the way you need a gun to feel like a man I don't need one to be a man. What's pathetic is you think or you were told you need a gun to survive, and I'm not afraid of the government turning me into a zumbie.
  22. Pattyangel, I'm sorry that this happened to you I'm sure you'll never forget that moment and thank God your kids weren't harmed. Pattyangel this is trully a sad story and thank God you are here to tell us, but the second amendment or a gun protected you, God did, so this further proves to me that you don't need a gun, let's say you had a gun somewhere at the time you were attacked were you going to ask the assailant for a time out? so you could get your gun, the problem here is it doesn't matter how many guns you own, when somebody breaks into your home you don't have time to get your gun unless you walk around the house with them and when you have kids it's impossible unless you are irresponsible and don't lock your guns. So I still believe you can own your gun if you're a law abiding citizen but the laws need to change so criminals will have a hard time getting them.
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