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  1. What a terrific invention. The problem as I see it. The guy who owns the patent is going to want me (average tax payer) to pay what he thinks this is worth. I think this is why we train snipers to shoot long range. To waste a minutes time with this invention is a whole bunch BS. This is for the hunter that does know how to shoot at game 300 yds away in the rain, or can't figure out how to hit a target 600 ft in elevation above him. Those guys that the UN says will be the hunters of tomorrow that have deep pockets and don't mind paying for a once in a life time shot at a horned animal that a very expensive quide takes him out to on opening morning of a hunt in the middle of the rocky mtns. This is something that most of us hunters that have grown up doing that sort of thing see;s as total Horse *hit! Bull *Hit There is no self respecting marine. army sniper that will come within a freaking mile of the gadget. On any Honorable battle field, EVER! My Humble opinion!
  2. Are you saying that Iraq has a gobberment like the gobberment here in the USA. But the iraq gobberment was turn down by the USA capitalist and rebuilt. Now 2 + makes 4
  3. Me think until some of those renegades go to jail. Nothing changes at the federal gobberment~
  4. Dog that has been my pet pev since my mum slapped me around for walking away with out lowering that thing that here and my sister used. It was a big deal to them. I thought I was being considerate for raising it up and not peing on it.
  5. Cloward-piven. There you will find truth. Then go to the Stalin doctrine. When you realize where we are headed you will say L & L. Just Sayin!
  6. I am not wondering. If you step out of their line. you get booted. If your thoughts are not aligned, with the owners. You get booted. If you display dis pleasure with our gobberments you get booted. It was a Constitutional right to self expression. Today you just don't dare express a opinion that is not approved by someone. Here is an example. If you are not into the *** agenda. You better not express your opinion in the public. You are demonized to know end. So here it is, think like me or shut the *}ck up. Seems that worked really good for that guy back in 1939. Hmm what was his name, aduf hittler. or some silly BS like that. But hay, this is America and you are free. NOT! So the Iraqi's are modeled after the americkans.
  7. Those of you that don't follow the cesspool (DC). You should know that there is a bill in committee that would repeal the Clinton NAFTA. All we need to do is convince the progressive republicans to bring it out and vote on the bill. As you all know the republicans are no different than the progressive demosocialist. Besides they seem to lack the typical male plumbing. Not to mention no spine!
  8. Hey umberbertino. If you would go study what Hitler did and look at his platform and how he deceived the people he was elected to protect. You would realize that the bogus POTUS is looking at the same facts in the history book. That Sir is why you receive such ire and ilk from those we lovingly refer to as PATRIOTS, AMERICAN patriots. Perhaps you would benefit there. You would see that maybe that is why we have so many folks from central American socialist country's trying to be a part of this once great nation.
  9. SKANK, I would say a prune faced, chip munk cheeked marxist with typical libtard sex appeal! NONE! Skank, don't you think you are being a little to kind to the sexual confused sodomite?
  10. Speaking of village idiots. 101, I would ask, have you looked into a mirror recently?
  11. Where I live, Texas. Any where there is a 30.06 sign posted. I remove that store/chain from my shopping list. If my full rights are not respected. Then the store will have to do with out my business. We have a produce store here by the name of sprouts. They were purchased by a English group IHS. The signs went up and that was the last time I have been in that store. I will not patronize any one that will not respect my rights. Period, no if's, no but's. Period 30.06 signs are not a popular thing here. If I can not carry a defensive weapon. I don't go there, ever!
  12. The whole country stood and clapped. When Georgia passed the law. There is a lot of mute points trying to be made here. Some would say why should my Constutitional rights stop in a specific building. Then there is those that think only the gobberment should have a defensive weapon. Me I say take it to the shower with you, you never know when a bad guy will rear his ugly head and need an attitude adjustment!
  13. Dude you do not seem to be paying attention. I read what 123 wrote. Pretty plain and very simple. Maybe you could benefit from re reading her post!
  14. Some people will say anything for attention. Ain't no surprises here. I have been reading about those deviates for almost 5 years. I have no reason to dought any thing that is printed about this 1st. blackkenyansodomite potus. Now that is just my opinion.
  15. That spike was significant. It would be of interest to know what was taking place behind the scenes or where the raw numbers were at the time of the spike. JUST SAYIN!
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