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  1. Praying for peace, strength and comfort for your wife and family.. So very sorry for y'alls loss..
  2. It really was.. I just felt so bad for Mariotta, really thought he was gonna shine last night.
  3. I am so very sorry for your loss Patty.. my prayers and all my love sent your way.
  4. Bama lost by 1 Td and and played OSU better than Oregon, I wouldn't really call that getting our clocks cleaned... with that said, OSU did great last night. As a football fan Jones and Elliot are amazing to watch.. WOW at those two!
  5. I think its Oregons year... the only thing that redeemed Jan 1st for me was watching O's tiny defense manhandle FSU giants.. Remember this was Bamas rebuild year and we still made playoffs! I never saw OSU qb coming.. dude was awesome and he was what 3rd string?? *Snowglobe... Ugh!! lol Btw Roll Tide Roll!
  6. Yay CONGRATS Shelley!! I am sure it was love at first sight.. Many blessings to your family!
  7. It sure has! We are great Shelley.. hope you are as well!
  8. Wish You Were Here one of my favorites ever!
  9. I just read the whole thread and I think I just experienced every emotion you can feel.... mind numb.
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