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  1. No idea how much dinar was funneled through this company and if other dinar companies are watching. Will be interesting to see the effect it does (or does not) have on the auctions. Hope you all are well. crossfire
  2. Possum has had more to smoke than the guys in that video Thanks, Umber, made me laugh more than the post. crossfire
  3. (Carrello....throws down mike and drives off in golf cart) GREAT to see your posts my friend. You always bring extra bullets to a gunfight (and have a deadly aim), hahaha. Best wishes, all, crossfire
  4. Sandfly....I hope it was fat fingers on a small phone that caused you to get the (-2). I added one to ya. Next time, though, try not to post such controversial comments like "OK" and "Thanks". Best wishes all, crossfire
  5. "gag orders" about instead of a spoon...we use the blue couch? Best wishes all, crossfire
  6. Tlar says, "...the meat is at the bottom" I wonder...."Where's the beef?" This guy is one prize short of a happy meal, Clown. Still, it WAS something to do before Adam shows up...Sandfly, Clown. GoRV, crossfire
  7. The logic in this statement seems to escape me.... "I really do not want to go over the...stuff that the news has reveled but rather focus on the facts" Where...pray tell...are the facts supposed to come from? Sorry, not trying to be a downer on him, but...that statement just got me twisted. For the record, I remain excited over the news we've received this year. Best wishes all, crossfire
  8. Sorry, Tex, I got an early start on it...I can make another pot though? Hope you like it strong. This post made me laugh, though. haha I'm sure Adam would get a kick, too....erm....when he wakes up that is.
  9. I agree with you on this one, buse. Best thing about Adam is that he doesn't promise us a glimpse into the future via guessing or a cystal ball...the only thing he does promise is to keep us informed immediately AND how to make the MOST of what we stand to gain via a VIP plan. Only fair to mention here that this site has an incredible daily feed of info (sometimes overwhelming, yes...) from some very savvy researchers. To think this could happen within the next two weeks would be nice, but I agree with you. I'm chillin like Laid Back until the text from Adam gives me an Afib... Wish you all the season's best and blessings for those who accept the true Spirit of Christmas. Sincerely, crossfire
  10. Yota, ty for this one. I truly hope this recognition continues and encourages the rest of Iraq to realize they are better off by supporting (and imitating the actions of) the Kurdish regions. I feel that, although many Kurds may still prefer independence, this type of recognition could foster a national pride that Iraq needs to move forward. I cannot imagine the insecurity that most citizens must feel about Iraq's sovereignty. Maliki deeply damaged the country's confidence in becoming more than it is or currently was(especially in terms of corruption). This public show of respect towards peshmerga along with the new PM's seemingly genuine attitude of unity really leaves me feeling much more hopeful for progress in all aspects, not just oil production. Iraq needs a sense of national pride and accomplishment now. I don't think they've had that since they cast their first democratic vote years ago. We shall see. Again, Yota, thanks. Crossfire
  11. One more reason to like you, Adam. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the whole DV family! (insert Sandfly's trademark here) crossfire
  12. this superfly vs sandfly? erm...anyway...yeah, oil production...maybe Baghdad will continue to seek progress with a fresh change of PM's...and finally catch up with the Kurds, maybe even pay them their due. Kurds have always been LESS talk...MORE ACTION, especially in a democratic sense. De facto, or not, I cannot blame the Kurds for leaving Baghdad behind previously. No matter how much I hope they unite now, it was the management of the Kurds that even allowed the oil contracts to exist as Malarki certainly did not use his leadership to build future economic development or unity with the Kurdistan region for that matter. Furthermore, had the Kurds' example been followed, the relationship with Turkey would be better controlled by the GOI, I'm sure. At the very least, having exports rolling out to the north with Turkey, exporting prices could not be as easily suppressed in the south for Iraq, as they actually were in 1990. I'm not saying Saddam was justified in his aggression towards Kuwait...AT ALL...however, with two means of export routes and two competing gateways...Iraq (along with Kurdistan) would be less likely to become victims of export $ suppression tactics. Also, not saying Kuwait suppressed the rate, but they did nothing to argue it. ANYWAY...before I digress too much, Baghdad must surly realize they will do better working WITH the Kurds than AGAINST them. So far, the new PM seems to be a much better diplomat and I am hopeful. We shall see...and hopefully soon. Yota, ty for the post Crossfire
  13. unfortunately, Tex...there has been a push to replace the B.C. and A.D. with B.C.E and C.E.....“before common era” and “common era,” They are pushing this in every college history class, university and community college campuses and I'm sure every host of online class. I have witness a blatant dismissal of B.C. and A.D. in even non-history classes. My heart gets heavy over it. They are trying to neuter God, Jesus, and the impact and reality of the resurrection. Yeah, I burn over this, too, however, I know God knows...and I believe His hand is never at rest and His will is never denied. I can't say I've been given the wisdom to understand the processes of the world but I have been bless with knowing which ones are not in agreement with what is good and pleasing. One day...all this separation from God that so many seem to want these days, will be granted. I pray the majority (if not all) will realize the folly in separating themselves from Him before a final judgment is rendered. I am thankful to see the Iraqi Ambassador's acknowledgment of our support and our losses. I know the majority of the Kurds (at least prior to Obama) shared in an appreciation of our soldiers' sacrifices. Ok...(slides soap box back into the corner)...I'm going for coffee round #2 before doing more exam studies. Best wishes all, crossfire
  14. This also proves a very good point that "no day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap"!! Sadly...I bet when we are sleep'n is about the only time most of us slow down long enough to actually listen to the Lord. (guilty many times)
  15. IKR??!! I think the clown knows where they are...
  16. Totally agree with "whatshername". I hope she gets charged for intentionally causing a panic...not to mention waste of resources. Just how bad can someone want attention??
  17. Well, speaking of Adam, he certainly wasn't wrong in saying a month ago that we'd see much faster (especially for Iraq) progress. I'd love to be able to peek into the oven and see how the gas law is cookin at this point. Thug...I'd kiss you, but I don't wanna smear your makeup. Best wishes, all. crossfire
  18. "3. THE BANK ADMINISTRATIVE HOLD HAS BEEN REMOVED ON USA BANK SCREENS....." aaaaaand...that's where I stopped reading. Best wishes, all. crossfire
  19. ....I'm NOT really sure how effective that will be with the male prostitution, bud. crossfire
  20. Ok...was this one of those videos, like the magic dude...where everything is NOT as it seems??? That sure was an easy (and short) landing...and a clean break on the wing, too. Ok, so I'm a skeptic, lol. I know, I know...but PLEASE dont' throw me into the lopster tank with all the others?!?. "Sandfly" for the post, moose. crossfire
  21. I like that Kurds in general, Barzani here, do not split hairs when they state or request something. I only hope that the U.S. replies as swiftly and surgically as they did when we were asked to help with liberating Kuwait. However, cooperation to form a base of operations is crucial for making any strike successful. It will be interesting to see who is as accommodating as Saudi was in the Gulf war.
  22. Sweet Jesus, K. I cannot imagine how a family member would feel seeing that picture, let alone knowing they lost a loved one to such unGodly cruelty.
  23. "IT" is Sofa King obvious, Rayzur...of course they did mean that instead of this... lol...clear as mud.
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