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  1. Yes, it is - Will this be an issue when the time comes to exchange???? Anyone know?
  2. If anyone in here listens to Phoenix, they already know the truth of this ex surprise to me, but maybe others do not know....thanks for the post.
  3. Not according to the cbi website
  4. Have to say YES, others are right, you are not alone....3 yrs here too, maybe a 3 yr itch? LOL
  5. Yes, have seen it before, nothing new and there are alot of opinions and junk about people on that site...nothing new..
  6. Well keep, did you ever think that maybe everyone knows the other "sides" and prefer to keep a positive look on just makes you feel better inside......just saying!
  7. Nice, my prediction is July 1st LOLOLOL next..........
  8. That is wonderful news for you!!!! Love to hear positive!!!
  9. Thank you all so much for your responses.. I have sat here for the last couple years hearing "soon" and after awhile, it has made me wonder and finally ask the biggest question I had on here to hear the different opinions...oh and I really have come to dislike that word "soon" !!! Thanks!
  10. So, from what you both are saying, the exchange rate does NOT have to change to be internationally tradable like other countries with Low exchange rates. Which leads me to wonder then, what IS the reason they have to change the rate at all???? Or isn't there a reason?
  11. Well I have finally decided to break down and ask the question that has been bugging me for some time now..... I know we all want an RV and certainly the sooner the better BUT, Why does the RV need to happen??? The answer I hear over and over again is so that it can become an internationally traded currency - Well there are other countries that are internationally traded curriencies with LOW exchange rates like the IQD, so why would the rate have to change for Iraq to be internationally traded??? If all the sanctions were dropped and they got out of Chapter 7, couldn't they then be internationally traded, at that point, without changing the exchange rate at all??????? Seems to they could just like the other low rate countries.... Thanks for your thoughts!
  12. Yup and then things seem to always be happening in the middle of the month, in this repetative show.....and on and on it goes.. I have never seen anything like it!!! No wonder there are so many negative nellies in dinar land!
  13. Does it really have anything to do with what we are waiting on anyway??? I have heard it said both ways, yea and nay......but tend to think, it really does not have much to do with what we want.....and are waiting for
  14. Hmmm, I usually do not post my thoughts on here, but I am really wondering why these posts from this latest person (lady in the know) does not seem to get bashed away on like all the other predictions of this kind do???? Interesting indeed!
  15. Thanks for putting yourself out there with what you heard!!! Seems like things are moving along while we wait.....
  16. So Dr Robbins, what would you say the meaning of the article is????? Would you say it does not lead to a conclusion that the exchange rate will rise???? Inquiring minds want to know your opinion.......thanks so much!
  17. Amen!! In agreement with all prayers for her posted!
  18. Hmmm - I was wondering about this if they were going to do a straight RV of $1.00 then they would have $25,000 bucks for a ration?? Hard to believe, that would happen!
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