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  1. Hi DoD. I'm not in LA either . I live in the Dallas area. I'm sticking to a local sale for this. Thanks for reaching out tho. Cheers
  2. My bad DoD. I just realized my post wasn’t to clear on my location. I’m in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.. I love Vegas tho or at least three days at a time. Lol.
  3. Thanks for the offer but I'm wanting to stick to a local sale. Thanks
  4. 64 x 25,000 notes circulated and some uncirculated Iraqi Dinars. Comes to $1,600,000 in Iraqi Dinars. Also included is 5 x 500,000 notes of Vietnamese Dong. Comes to 2,500,000 in Vietnamese Dong Proof of purchase from 1st National Bank Texas. Cash only no trades. $1500 Will only meet at a Starbucks or my local police station.
  5. You scared me for a second Thug with your headline. Thought your talking about yourself.
  6. Does the petro dollar have anything to do with the exchange rate of the dinar? Don't know just asking
  7. Thanks Thug for posting the video. Unfortunely Journey felt we copywrited something. We're working on trying to find out what it was. There's dozens of journey tribute bands out there with videos on YouTube. Yenor, I've been around. Mostly scanning the articles. Just hoping this rides over soon. Cheers
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