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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

The MOTHER Of All WF Bank Stories.

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Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests...

Straight from the horse's mouth...the one...the only...Frank26.

Eat your heart out Bruce The Goose & Mnt Goat.

The MOTHER of all WF bank stories.

Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine.



Intel Guru Frank26:   

Bank Story Interview - Dragon Slayer.  "I do online banking with Wells Fargo in Lebanon Pennsylvania."  What adventures did you have with them today?  "I was excited about it, I tell you that.  She asked me about what currencies I had because we were talking about the currencies and I told her...she said oh, yes we will exchange those.  I said, so you know what I'm talking about?  And she goes, yes we know what you're talking about and it's coming..."  You were talking about foreign currency, if they exchanged and you mentioned the Iraqi Dinar as one of the currencies you wanted to exchange and they said to you, 'oh, yes.  We know it's coming.' "Yep."  ...thank you for your desire to share this and I'm also going to tell you you're one of many stories that we're hearing in the last 40 to 72 hours.  There have been so many people that have called and told me that Franks banks know and then they tell me the story and that's why I started making recordings...Nobody knows when it's going to happen but what we do know is that it is happening...

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8 hours ago, Luigi1 said:

The MOTHER Of All WF Bank Stories.

Weegie - Ur MOTHER’s A Bank Story ! :o 



And Even TNT Tony’s Standing In Line Holding His ‘Weiner’ ...


:D  :D  :D 

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14 hours ago, Luigi1 said:

You were talking about foreign currency, if they exchanged and you mentioned the Iraqi Dinar as one of the currencies you wanted to exchange and they said to you, 'oh, yes.  We know it's coming.'

just hoping they do not mean " a time limit to get rid of worthless paper for more worthless paper  " ! { exchange old dinar for a new dinar paper with crap value }

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I still want another bank name to be used, so I can have a dose of Hopiem! Again folks, nothing is happening at Wells Fargo! Just for the record if the head Teller even hears a Teller use the words Iraqi dinar that will be their last day on the job! If anything happens At Wells Fargo, I will be one of the 1st to know. Again all seeing eyes 👀 of the eastern travelers or watching this very closely, I can assure you of that! JMHO 

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    • By Luigi1
      Luigi says...
      The mother of all bank stories.
      Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine.
      TNT...7 April 2018 ...eyewitness81: Something's happening at the MCO (Orlando) Airport Travelex. Hmmm!
      Listen up family I have something to tell all of you.
      My daughter was the one that worked for Chase, and they told them to sign an affidavit saying they would not participate in Foreign Currency Investments. They stated that they must report to their managers how much they had purchased if they had already invested.
      I told her to go ahead and resign, that with the years of experience she already had, she could get employment elsewhere.
      This week she received a call from the Travelex in response to her resume online. They stated that they needed someone in the local location immediately and she was to meet today with the hiring personnel to complete the hiring packet.
      But very early this morning she received a call saying that, due to the event that was very soon to happen, they were transferring someone from the Miami location to start immediately. They did not have time to do the training due to the upcoming event.
      I report you decide.  RayRat.
    • By Luigi1
      RV ALERT – 18:00:00 EDT – Friday – September 2, 2016

      This is an RV ALERT.
      This email has been being sent so you may begin your final mental and emotional preparation to successfully redeem at your own private exchange appointment sometime during this Labor Day Weekend.
      It’s now apparent to us in this RV watch, that the New Powers That Be were planning to use the summer’s final holiday weekend all along in order to “slip-in” the RV with as little public awareness as possible.
      We have confirmed via intelligence sources that redemption location employees are right now engaged in personal currency exchanges, across North America, at off-site exchange locations for all major banks.
      It is understood that after they have completed their internal redemptions, the banks will be allowed to begin an external private redemption phase which is set to begin immediately and last through September 12th.
      We now know with certainty that all currencies are in fact being redeemed at their printed face value (including the ZIM “no zeros removed”); also, the off-site ZIM redemptions are being processed at exceptionally high rates, both at the international and market rates.
      When setting your redemption appointment, know you’ll have the first 48 hours only to qualify for redeeming at the Sovereign or Negotiable Rates, as well as receive an extended three week sovereign redemption period should you have current travel or medical issues.
      However, it is highly recommended that everyone make their redemption appointment ASAP as well as complete their exchange without delay–unless circumstances dictate otherwise.  Meaning, get in, get out, and keep your trap shut afterwards due to the NDA.
      Have all your in-hand currency, purchase receipts, gift letters, personal identification, wire transfer accounts, cashier check list and humanitarian project/job creation portfolios neatly assembled in one binder and at the ready.
      Know too that this global redemption process has been rolling out officially over the last 10 days, and completes with the public redeeming during the second half of September.
      October 1 we understand will be the start of the new gold backed system’s municipal accounting, flat taxation rate and Basel lll compliance oversight commencement per the 30 treaties being signed this weekend at the G20 Summit in China.
      Be advised that once your long desired 800#s hit the Internet, a redemption frenzy may begin and confusion might ensure.  No reason to panic.  Stay calm.  Stick with what you know and look for more information from this source.
      And while we understand man of you are enjoying your holiday weekend, we advise that everyone keep their smart phones near, charged and by refreshed in anticipation of a final TETELESTAI entitled email.
      In this final TETELESTAI email, you will not only find toll free 800#s in which to set your redemption appointment, but also a redemption checklist, exchange recommendations, structured payout parameters and rumored sovereign/negotiable rate ceilings.
      Look, we fully accept that this “Boy Who Cried Wolf” syndrome has been painful to endure regarding the RV, but at this time we sincerely believe its wise to temporarily suspend your disbelief and cross over an invisible bridge of faith, so that your heart, mind and soul may be fully prepared to handle what potentially could be a multi-generational, life changing event for your family… so pay attention.
      Yes, you’ll only get one chance to redeem and you can’t discuss what happens at your appointment after, but you got this.  So move forward with confidence knowing that you are ready to make benevolent history and do your part in freeing humanity from bondage.
      God is with us.
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