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  1. Doesn’t need to be a perfect solution, they just need to keep talking!! The tortoise won the race after all.
  2. Looks like they have officially extended from the August 12 deadline 🤣😂🤣
  3. I didn’t see where the oil from Kirkuk in the north is being processed through the national oil company. Is that happening? I would love to see a connection here with Article 140, Article 10 and the National Oil Company SUMO.
  4. A conversation I like to see going. Sounds positive!
  5. Trump probably should have thought through the long term actions of withdrawal of Syria. Doesn’t take a genius see that letting a region to deal with their own problems will result with neighboring countries to work with each other. The whole petro dollar and “might makes it right” actions of the USA makes me question humanity sometimes. But hey, it’s the nature of things. Endlessly fascinating to watch.
  6. Can you link it up? I can’t find it. I want to see your math skillz
  7. The price of the Rial is pegged on the gold market, therefore the value of a Toman will increase with a change of denomination from Ten Rials to one Toman to Ten Thousand Rials to one Rial. The most current economic law I could find is six decades old, 13th March 1932 One Rial is equal to 0.033322882 grams of gold; $48.1347 per gram of gold (current spot price). $1.60 per Rial With One Toman equal to 10 Rial then One Toman equals $16.00 With a change of One Toman Equal to Ten Thousands Rials then One Toman equals $16,000 per Toman. Therefore a Re-Domination of the Rial increases the value of the Toman at the same time it pegged the currency on Gold. Just my 2 cents, still not sure how it works. This is just the logical flow I see.
  8. So far I have deduced that currently the value is at; 1 USD : 42,000 Rial 1 USD : 4,200 Toman Working the math in the other direction. 10,000 Rial : 0.238 USD 10,000 Toman : 2.381 USD However, there are reports that the value is as low as 1 USD trading at 110,000 Rial. At 120,000 Rial: 1 USD it would reduce the value of USD by a third from about 40,000 Rial : 1 USD. I’m curious about how much gold is in an Iranian Toman Coin. How does this align with the Gold Market??
  9. Let’s go, time to start a new chapter. Time to settle up and move forward.
  10. Can anyone answer what the change in value with respect to the USD is? Before/Currently 1 Toman:USD 1 Rial:USD After Zero Removal 1 Toman:USD 1 Rial:USD I can’t figure it out. Perhaps the answer is going to show up in 6 hours when and if the new restructured currency exchange hits the trading market on August 12th. What market is this information found in?
  11. It reminds me of a snowball fight as a kid. One snowball got lobbed up into the air, then the line drive nailed me straight into my chest while I was watching the lobbed snowball.
  12. When they start to talk of amnesty of the smugglers in favor of turning the page and working within the Sumo framework to share oil resources, then we might be on the brink of something.
  13. Hopefully it’s as simple as the Kurds get the land in the disputed area by Article 140, then Baghdad gets the money from oil through Sumo via Article 10; and somehow they have an agreement about how it will work in the future within the budget. If we’re lucky then, with the new budget and agreement comes an RV to settle the past oil remittances. Then maybe everyone can be happy with money to rebuild roads, electrical grids and water through all of Iraq. Sure is a nice daydream...
  14. Good to see talk of Sumo, a national oil company working is a good presentation of cooperation within the country.
  15. Sounds like progress rebuilding infrastructure for the citizens of Iraq. Good
  16. Good news. I was reading earlier in the week that Siemens had received more awards than GE as the electrical project moves forward. Sounded like the plan from last year is continuing to move forward. Smaller scale than I thought it should be for the size of the region. Perhaps just a contract template that will allow for diversity in electrical vendors that represent global partnerships with many countries throughout the world.
  17. Sure would be nice to see Iraq regain their wealth, independently distributed to their citizens. The people of venezuela could use some help. And with a positive report and long term positive improvements getting back to the people of Iraq it may help build trust of the intentions of the USA. Now, the greed of human nature and the ungrounded fiat currency experiment that's another problem in and of itself. A problem without borders.
  18. Trump stirring emotions and making more problems than he understands once again. Life isn’t fair; adapt, move on and be grateful for what is here now.
  19. Adam, Can you create a bulletpoint style list/report of the items remaining for Iraq to seat a GOI under the new Prime Minister. As I understand the government needs to be fully seated before an oil law can be officially passed. I believe that the positions of Education Minister and Displaced People’s Minister were recently appointed. How many more positions are there to seat in the GOI? How many positions are normally filled for this governmental system when it has been working in the past? Pete
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