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Adam Montana

Adam Montana Weekly 14 March 2019

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Thanks for the News Adam.....Do you still think your prediction 1st Quarter 2019 is on Track?.....News looks good...

Oil is going up.....Just need that HCL to get implemented.....Hope you think so......Thanks for the response.....












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5 hours ago, yusofsabri said:

Fyi, Ramadhan this year would be sometime in May. So we should move backward our new window from Q2 to end of Q1 😃😃😃



Cinco de Mayo is the begining of Ramadon 2019 (and it is on a Sunday, the 1st business day of the week in Iraq). 


The Global Currency Reset is upon us. The Peso meets the Dinar! :mexican:

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Like I say next window of opportunity 1st of July to mid July 2019! After that closes next opportunity March 2020! Sorry folks!! This is coming from the old Possum here on the Clear Fork of the Trinity! 😎

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1 hour ago, Artitech said:

next opportunity

next opportunity is right now imo 

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23 hours ago, DinarThug said:

The 2nd Quarter Works For Me - And Davis Is Already Preparing His Big Halftime Celebration Wardrobe Malfunction ! :o 


 retro music video GIF


:D  :D  :D 


14 hours ago, yusofsabri said:

Fyi, Ramadhan this year would be sometime in May. So we should move backward our new window from Q2 to end of Q1 😃😃😃


Ok, But Just Remember During The Big Davis Post RV Celebration To ‘Fear The Thong’ ! :o 

 retro music video GIF
And Tear Away Pants ...
:D  :D  :D 
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17 minutes ago, dinarRama11 said:

Adam, why is it that you force the cycle billing for VIP!">VIP memberships? 


If I may address, I do believe that this was mentioned when we signed up for this service. I think " forced cycle billing " is a little harsh, but if you read the disclaimer when you first entertained making the purchase, you would of seen that. That said, its been awhile since I joined so I maybe off a little.


  Hope this helps



Edited by pokerplayer
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    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning all!
      Happy International Women's Day, especially to those of you amazing women
      on our staff and member list here at DV. The world, and DV,  would not be as 
      awesome without you!
      This has been an interesting week in the markets, but not so much for Dinar 
      when it comes to actual news.
      There's a good reason for this.
      Oil has been pretty flat, just like the news on HCL. Step back and take a "big 
      picture" view of the situation, and it's easy to understand that this is to be 
      expected. I find it amusing to read the headlines that state "Oil production falls
      to (X time frame) lows..."  
      Hang on a second, oil "falls"?! 
      That's the headline? I don't think that's accurate. It's not "falling" - it's being controlled,
      exactly as they planned.
      This is a topic we've been on top of since 2017, before the talk of OPEC agreeing 
      to slowing oil production. The headlines would be more accurate if they said 
      "Planned reduction in oil production to stabilize prices" 
      But that doesn't get as many clicks, it's just not as sensational... even though it's the truth.
      And we've been expecting it, because we have been watching this sector through 
      a fairly specialized set of glasses.
      Interpretation: All is going according to plan.
      And if all is going according to plan, then it's just a matter of time.


      Sunday is the first day of work for the Iraqi week, so I'd suggest taking a couple days 
      away from the "news" - get in VIP for the peace of mind, do some reading in there if you 
      want to be prepared, informed, and ready. Otherwise enjoy a couple of days away, because 
      we're not going to have an RV in the next couple days.
      Unless I'm wrong. I'm always open to that possibility! 
      - Adam
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning everyone!
      I think at this point... I officially give up trying to move the weekly updates to Friday. Or Thursday. So I'm going to officially move them to Wednesdays for now  
      I'm about to lose my internet, and my laptop battery is at 4%, so this will be a short post. 
      Unless you all see anything different - I'd say things are still pointed the right direction. 
      OIL took a tiny step backwards, but still tracking for a win if my target of $60 is correct. I'll include a super-technical chart analysis below:

      In addition to what I'm hearing from the other side of the pond, and what my own experience and insights conclude, I still believe that $60 mark is where we want to be headed. Hitting that price, on the current trajectory, is solid evidence of stability in the markets and will be reassuring to the CBI so they can take some bold steps.   
      There is a low rumble off in the distance that sounds like an HCL thunderstorm, so we'll keep an eye on that.
      And I just hit 2% battery, so I'll get this posted now and rejoin the conversation(s) later. 
      Be well, everyone!

      - Adam
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning all!
      I'm having a really hard time breaking the "Wednesday" habit  
      I spend hours every day researching and communicating with my people on the Iraqi Dinar, international business, asset protection, etc... and by the time Wednesday comes around, I end up with so much stuff that needs to be cleared off of my plate, it seems impossible to put it off any further!
      Truthfully, I didn't realize how much of my week centers around these weekly updates. There are people I work with who know how important it is to get me my information by Tuesday, and are extremely dedicated to their roles, so even if there's nothing to report - they are checking in with me on Monday and Tuesday. Despite my best efforts to move these weekly updates to later in the week, it just hasn't happened yet. Oh well! 
      Today is short and sweet. There is nothing negative to report - Parliament is working, OIL is still going the right way, and my gut tells me they are just kicking a few last details around. If something counter productive were to happen right now, I'd take a harder look at things... but that's not the case. Everything is lining up!
      Parliament: still working, and working effectively.
      OIL: still moving towards $60, and doing it steadily.

      The only thing we can ask for right now is that BOOM! HCL news.
      Keep your heads on straight! This really feels like the home stretch.
      - Adam
      P.S. It's too late to place your bets once the final home run is hit! If you're not in VIP when the RV is announced, you miss your chance forever.
      ====> Join us here. <====

    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning all! 
      The RV train is still chugging along, with nothing but positive steam powering these updates.
      The majority of our news has already been covered (see my earlier update from this week here) 
      so I won't beat that horse any more - suffice it to say that we're in a pretty spot!
      NOTHING has detracted from the good news on HCL.
      WE STILL have momentum on the budget, which is currently WAY AHEAD OF NORMAL. 
      And I'll sweeten it up just a little bit with this - you remember that $60 mark I mentioned about a 
      month ago?
      YEP, STILL GOING THE RIGHT WAY! Oil is creeping up on $56 as I write this. That's halfway to
      my mark of $60... and going strong!

      All of these things are coming together for us, creating the perfect situation.
      Obviously things can, and will, come up. I don't have an exact date for you, and I never will.
      But that sure won't stop me from being excited about what we're in the middle of right now!
      I'm actually very pleased to see the steady growth of oil, rather than a sudden spike. This 
      "controlled growth" is exactly what I would want if I were Captain of the CBI, because it shows 
      stability in the main area that needs it.
      Overall, things are just looking dandy.
      I'm keeping an eye on things, ready in the VIP whenever this thing pops!
      - Adam
      P.S. There have been a lot of newbie questions regarding what to do when this happens. Of course, 
      your best option is to be in VIP. But even if you aren't, the Cash In Guide (it's a short read!) will give 
      you some quick pointers and help you avoid some common mistakes.
      I'll attach it here. It's free.
      Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning everyone!
      I know it's Wednesday, and I was trying to move my weekly updates to Friday... old habits die hard, I guess  
      A Friday update this week is actually a strong possibility, the way Dinar news has been coming lately.
      This, for example:
      That thread has just been out of control with positive developments related to an upcoming HCL agreement!
      (For those of you that don't know, the HCL is possibly/probably the last thing we need to see for an RV.)
      I'll pull a couple snippets from that article above:
      We all love the word "soon", but this time... it's looking very, very real. 
      Two thirds or more is PLENTY to suit our needs!
      FYI, this is HCL. Plain and simple.
      There is a LOT of excitement around here concerning the middle of the month. This is a big part of that excitement.
      I won't encourage anyone to get too excited, but I'm also not going to downplay this one... this is BIG. We are in the best situation for an RV that I have ever witnessed.
      Stay positive, stay sane, and stay grounded!
      - Adam
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