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  1. Hey Adam, Hope your week is going great! Just curious in your honest opinion , will we see something....ok ill just say it....will we see an RV in 2019?! haha... I've been hearing a lot of news of the dinar whirling around more than ever... Have a great one Adam!
  2. Is it possible to get a "trial version" of the VIP membership?
  3. I don't see it, where's the news abou the RV?! Haha..jk hello everyone!
  4. I'm hearing about the investment law passing. So wouldn't this signal that an RV soon? What else are we waiting for besides the HCL? Thanks!
  5. Man I can't wait! Let's start this New Year right!! Goooo RV!!!
  6. Hey adam, my brother just texted me this. Can you please explain? Thank you! "Rv is about to happen soon. Companies are not allowing layaway dinar and reserves they have cancelled ALL of it. Maliki has spent all dinar reserve. IRAQ needs a RV Tariffs in place and anti laundry act was passed." Not sure if a pumper is feeding him all this info, please lmk. Ty
  7. Hows the situation with ISIS there right now? Can they still RV despite the many hectic situations over there? Thanks Adam!
  8. Hey adam, I know you mentioned that there's no possible way for an in country RV in Iraq. But what are the chances of this possibly happening? Would you have to open an account with CBI if it does?
  9. Thanks for reopening VIP Adam. I ignored all the offers before but today I gave in! Lets go RV!
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