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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Today...New IQD Rate Will Be Made Public Globally.

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Luigi says...

All these Gurus are in total agreement.

CBI will release the new int'l rate sometime today.

It will be public for the entire world to see.

Take these Guru with a grain of salt.

Not varified. Your opine.




9-26-2018   Newshound Guru Dan...  

1. Anonymous: The 800#s would be posted tonight Sept. 25 between 12 to 1am EST.
2. Dan: Dates for GCR/RV release may have changed due to shenanigans of US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, though it was still felt that 800#s release would happen before the end of the month and looked very good for this week.
We awaited release codes, hopefully today on Sept. 25. Secretary of the US Treasury Mnuchin was caught holding up the RV and as a result by Sept. 24, Mnuchin was no longer in control of the US Treasury. He was being left in office until he either stopped cooperating with the Alliance, or was indicted.
3. Intel Report: On Sept. 26, 2018 morning President Trump was scheduled to appear at the UN Security Council, while in the afternoon Zimbabwe's President Mnangagwa would speak at the UN General Debate. Sources believed that the GCR/RV would begin just prior to Mnangagwa speaking at the UN; he would announce the new posted RBZ rate and GESARA would fall into place.
4. Dan: Enactment of GESARA Law disclosure at the UN could happen on Wed. Sept. 26. POTUS wanted Tier 3 and 4 people to begin their exchanges before the end of fiscal year on Sun. Sept. 30. The general public of Tier 5 would not exchange until the next fiscal year, which would begin Oct. 1.
5. TNT: We would not get out of this month without this happening.



9-26-2018   Newshound Guru Militiaman...

   Article:  "Continue preparations for the reconstruction and economic development summit"   Quote:  "The summit will be a conference on the sidelines of the Golden Opportunity Exhibition to meet with the world's largest companies and investors looking to work in Iraq as well as international organizationsSounds like the green light was given?  Those that are asking for help have been shown evidence of the ability of those participating in Iraq, now... Imo... I mean that there are already international firms in Iraq, even very large ones competing for major contracts, that are above and beyond those out of the conference in Kuwait lined up in February, if not working now or were already?



9-26-2018   Intel Guru Bruce...

   Finally we are at the point what is going on Iraq is accomplished. What that means is that for once we got Iraq agreed to do everything they need to do...and they just need to make their rate known internationally.  The word is they are supposed to do that tomorrow [Wednesday] for Iraq for the Middle East and we are suppose to learn about it on Thursday.  ...Most of the banks have gone dark, gone quiet...Occasionally we get one or two things from our bank contact that gives us pretty good idea on the is just a matter of time. We are right where we need to be, and I look forward to shortly what should be happening.

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With all the printing of this guru bs if I was an advertiser I wouldn’t advertise my products on this web site. I know this is the rumor section but really; everyday this garbage is brought to the site and is bs. In my opinion some of this needs to be toned down or not allowed

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40 minutes ago, Danan said:

Hey, Thug, nice to see a familiar face. Keep up the great work.😇


This Demands A Super Huge Shoutout ! An Original DV ‘Crazy Thread’ Member - Ms Danan Is In Da’ House ! :o 



funny gifs - baby
:D  :D  :D 
Luv Ya Babe - And It’s So Awesome To See U Checkin’ In ! ;) 
B)  B) 
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On 9/26/2018 at 10:42 AM, trvlr787 said:

With all the printing of this guru bs if I was an advertiser I wouldn’t advertise my products on this web site. I know this is the rumor section but really; everyday this garbage is brought to the site and is bs. In my opinion some of this needs to be toned down or not allowed


Just a quick hint for you.... when you see it's a thread started by Luigi....... Don't open it and Viola !!! You won't see what you call ( and most likely is ) BS


There, now the rest of your day will be stress free.  :)  



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    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests...
      We should be exchanging sometime today...Wednesday, the 7th...
      Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine.
      The dynamic duo...The "A" Team...Judy Lyington & Bruce The Goose...
      1-The General Public will go at the same time Tier 4B goes.
      2-If you have Zim you will be transferred to a live person at the Redemption Center where you will redeem.
      3-Those who are exchanging with no Zim will be directed to a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Bank.
      4-Late afternoon Tues. 6 April a Tier 1 Bank received information, the Dinar rate will be published in their Gazette on Wed. 7 April.
      5-We should have notification on the East coast before lunch Wed. 7 April.
      6-The QFS is up and running and the SWIFT system is no longer in effect.
      7-The new rates should come in overnight tonight, Tues the 6th.
      8-The green light was given at 4 am this morning Tues. 6 April for Paymasters to begin paying out bond holders & other accounts.
      9-They should be getting access to their funds tomorrow 6 April.
      10-We would get immediate access to 2% of the total Zim exchange & 100% of the currency exchange.
    • By Luigi1
      3-4-2021   Intel Guru RayRat98:
      Iraqi news implies that the budget will be voted on next week...Several US banks are sharing the same "expected" future rates (basically)...Iraqi Dinar $3.71 (with $28.50 as the "contract" rate)... Vietnamese Dong .47¢ - $6.00...They're "saying" they expect to see something happen on or by Friday evening. Time Will Tell.

      3-4-2021   Intel Guru Footforward:   
      Is there reason to not exchange all your currency? If we hold some back will we be able to exchange later?]  Some people feel it will go higher over time. I think they give us 30-45 days to exchange our notes. I'm not waiting. With stock markets and crypto markets down, there is alot more money to be made then your would make for just waiting for a higher rate. Sometimes you need to leave a little bit on the table to take the better deal.   [NOTE: Be sure to consult your professional financial advisors at the appropriate time.
    • By Luigi1
      9/10/2018  GURU DAN...
      1. A UST contact says that the window is now open from now until the 15th for the 800 numbers to be released and the release codes on the paymaster funds. He does not expect that we will go to Friday Oct. 12 without exchanging, or at least getting an appointment to exchange.
      2. Sharing info from an “Authority on the Financial Markets” Zap says that the money for the RV was paid out in China last weekend and that we will be paid in October, possibly as early as tomorrow Wed. Oct. 10.
      3. Doug Jones of Landa has a good explanation of the legendary Private Placement Platforms, or PPPs, which have been used to make billions of dollars for the planet, only to have it stolen by the Cabal, including how they might be useful to you in the future.
      4. Ben Fulford reveals to his readers the utter depravity of the Cabal. But it is old hat to you guys, right?
      5. Phil Tilton says that Donald Trump was installed as President of the Republic at midnight last night Oct. 8-9. He offers no evidence or support for such a statement.
      6. Ex-CIA counterintelligence officer reveals that the “three dark amigos” Mueller, Comey and Lynch, have been involved in protecting Hillarious in her evil deeds back since the 1990s up to the current time! Important revelations!
      9/10/2018  Bruce The Goose...
      1. Bruce was put on alert to receive the 800#s today Oct. 9.
      2. On Oct. 8 the Chinese Yaun was placed by the IMF into the SDR drawing basket.
      3. This morning Oct. 9 the Iraqi Dinar was traded on NASDAX, Forex and CBOE Exchanges.
      4. The Dinar Back Screen rate was very high today Oct. 9.
      5. The Zim was going up in value every eight hours.
      6. Your project has to show a need for the higher Zim rate.
      7. This may go no matter what the storm was doing.
      8. The platforms in different parts of the world were treating the Dinar, Dong and Zim as Historical Bonds.
      9. They may start paying out after midnight tonight Oct. 9 EST.
      10. We should be paid at the same time the groups were made liquid.
      9/10/2018  Many Gurus from around the web....
      1. Q Post #2361 Oct. 7:  ‘[BOOM WEEK]’ Q
      2. Dan: Release of funds and 800 numbers would be somewhere between now and Mon. Oct. 15, though we do not expect that it would go past Friday Oct. 12 without exchanging, or at least getting an appointment to exchange.
      3. Bruce: On Oct. 8 the Chinese Yaun was placed by the IMF into the SDR drawing basket. Bruce was put on High Alert to receive the 800#s today Oct. 9. This morning Oct. 9 the Iraqi Dinar was traded on NASDAX, Forex and CBOE Exchanges. They may start paying out after midnight tonight Oct. 9 EST. We should be paid at the same time the groups were made liquid.
      4. TNT: It appeared that the RV could go anywhere from Tues. Oct. 9 through the weekend to Mon Oct. 15. The banks were ready to go this week. The Iraqi Parliament would vote on their new government Tues. Oct. 9 or Thurs. Oct. 11, with expected RV release within 72 hours after their new President was sworn in, or by next weekend. The date on their new notes was Friday Oct. 12 2018. Iraq had a three day holiday scheduled for Sat. through Mon. Oct. 13, 14 and 15.
      5. Chloe: A contact who was in a position above the Bankers in Reno said that they did not expect it to go until Wed. Oct. 10.
      6. Poofness: The funds for the RV were deposited to seller accounts in China last weekend and would be available on Tues. Oct. 9 or Wed. Oct. 10.
      7. Wikileaks Assange: “Hillarious Clinton has committed High Treason and if not formally charged by Oct. 21 for mishandling sensitive material we will release proof that she is guilty of high treason against the US for selling patented military secrets to Saudi Arabia, with crimes against Russia, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Caledonia, and Brazil.”
      8. QAnon: Nov. 3-4 Temporary Martial Law, Activation of Emergency Broadcast System, Arrest of John Podesta. (This would include the unsealing of over 55,000 indictments filed in federal courts across the nation this year, many of which involved prominent people and US government officials who were part of Clinton’s international Satanic Pedogate/ Pizzagate/ Comet Ping Pong/ Hollywoodgate Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring run by the Vatican and funded by US taxpayers through a Black Budget of the CIA Mind Control Program).
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi asks...Could today be the day?
      This day is not over yet.
      8/8/2018 Randy Post...
       Dr. M. J. Randy,    Iraq military generals yesterday stated, "On August 8th we will revalue our currency!" Let's hope they are correct. This will help Baxter find his dime. 
      Clay   lol 
      Dr. M. J. Randy,   After 15 years what's another day? 
      Foxmulder    Clay am i reading this correctly ! Iraqi Generals ? 
      Dr. M. J. Randy,    Ti
      Dr. M. J. Randy,   Yes. It appeared on recaps. 
      foxmulder   not sure the military has a whole lot of insight into the banking, and the inter workings of the central bank.
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