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  1. wow another bank manager , my wells fargo wealth manager looked at me cross eyed when I asked him about this ... almost peed his pants laughing...
  2. of course as, bogus made up stuff as usual.....
  3. geez have not heard that before ? lol such crap.
  4. What is the rumor section for but to spread b.s. nothing posted in here has ever come to volition. I have been seeing the same crap year after year . Holiday after holiday. Don't worry . The next guy to scream rv will be saying you will have a happy New year. ... Sometimes they even have the audacity to post something from five years ago word for word. Funny as Shiite i.m.o. If you are counting on an r.v. to make your Christmas merry, you will be dissapointed I promise.
  5. in good conscience how can anyone utilize the death of Bush to to facilitate such B.S. do you lying pieces of crap have no moral compass whatsoever?
  6. Amazing. The truth has been told. Lol. For all you guru pumpers check the link out. They are looking for you. Better be careful what b.s. stories you tell in here. For the rest of you . You can fill in the blanks and throw all these liars under the bus.
  7. Surprise! Gurus and so called experts.making up preposterous crap as they kick the can down the road. But wait just hang on a little more you will be rich..all b.s. And absolutely 1 800 numbers hundred percent financial fiction. Do not and will not ever exist.
  8. Not sure why anyone would care. At 1200 dinar per dollar. A million dinar us worth 833 dollars. I am sure most paid more than that per million. Whoo hoo. The longer this goes on the more disturbing it is what makes dinar land happy. I mean really. Show me xe at a dime of dinar to the dollar and I will go nuts.
  9. amazing that these predators will stop at at nothing to continue to perpetuate there fraudulent bullcrap . Just goes to show how stupid this whole thing is... imho 15 years and counting from the first time my buddy insisted I buy some of this cause I was going to be rich rich .....and then I bought some against every fundamental investment bone in my body , he only people who make money and probably will ever make money on dinar are the sellers.....
  10. Hang on to that thought I have to go find my tin foil hat.
  11. of course you all know that there will be another post in a few days telling you that the rv is imminent.... lol if this ever happens in my lifetime i will be amazed , then in my kids lifetime i will be amazed,,,,, after 14 years of listening to this b.s. , the pattern remains the same. all talk period, all hype period, only ones making money are the dinar dealers and the gurus websites..... we are on the wrong end of this investment.....
  12. money is landing in accounts but not spendable,,, that sentence alone should tip you off what a pile of bullcrap this post is..... just saying !!!
  13. All of this is hogshit and you people that post it know it. Same crap day after day year after year for fourteen years. Just the guru names change Yes I am sure that they are exchanging one to one if you are a top secret tier 1 currency holder with a fricking tinfoil hat and goggles. ..... . unfortunately my tinfoil hat was destroyed by the dog and the lasiks fixed my eyes so no more goggles. Guess I am out.
  14. He meant is is now trading globally in another dimension. Not ours . Sheesh you guys are dumb.
  15. WHEN CAN I BE PART OF THE 321000 PEOPLE,, IT seems that this investment is racist, I never seem to be part of the right group,
  16. Just pointing out to the liars that for the 14th consecutive year of fourth of July RV predictions and lies. That yep you guessed it. Epic fail once again. Good news is labor day is just around the corner . Give the another chance to hype yet another RV.
  17. Umm. Seriously where do they get this crap from. I will give them credit these guys should focus on writing a science fiction movie. Cause they are great at coming up with all kinds of wierd Shiite. Pcc . Sure. Test . Sure . Laughable to someone with common sense. Fourteen years later same old crap just different names and more secret government agencies. Lol
  18. Just to let you people know it's Sunday night and I still haven't cashed in. Epic fail once again in dinarland. Wish I had a dollar for every time this rvd in the last fourteen years.
  19. How can anyone at this point take this seriously. I mean after you have been in this for 14 years it just becomes a running joke.
  20. dinarland sources , 100% b.s. 100% wrong everytime over the last 10 years....
  21. None of this is true. Period. Makes no sense whatsoever. No one is going to get paid like that.
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