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  1. Hey, Thug, nice to see a familiar face. Keep up the great work.😇
  2. Danan

    Remember the big rush to Antartica?

  3. Danan

    Canada May be a Bit Tooooo Progressive?

    i would think one of these places, kind of freaky.
  4. Danan

    A Look Back At John Mcain

  5. I really wish the Clinton's had to answer to just a third of what they have done. Really sad.
  6. Danan

    Betty Boop

    She wanted me to tell you guys that she can be reached through her email Not sure this is allowed on here.
  7. Danan

    Betty Boop

    Yes, he was her husband.
  8. Danan

    Betty Boop

    I had a message from Betty Boop aka Lizzie this morning, many of you may remember her from a couple of years ago. She was hilarious and shared many quips back and forth on one of the off topic posts. She lives in Scotland and was a nurse in a mental hospital, one of the patients attacked her and she was in very serious condition. She met and married a Doctor who was taking care of her and was very happy. She wanted me to let everyone know that Donald passed away suddenly the first of the year. My prayers go out to her and hope that she will be back on DinarVets soon.
  9. When the Lord said, "Ask and ye shall receive." He never put a limit on what one could ask for. Hopefully, when we receive wealth from this RV we will remember to do for those less fortunate.
  10. Danan

    ISXers Prayer Request

    I pray that you and your family find peace. know your brother found Christ and Christ has found him.
  11. Since politicians make a 6 figure income, they don't see $15 an hour as much money, and since most have never owned a business they don't understand overhead.especially since they can spend "our tax" money freely.
  12. What a sad person this ewingm is.

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