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  1. Actually I don't see how he can become the pm he has technically served 2 terms. That is what kept him out the last go rounds. Constitutionally he cannot be prime minister.
  2. Muhammad hinted to "the existence of necessary constitutional amendments that must be discussed in the work of the committee, especially the formation of the Union Council" by drawing up constitutional articles of its own, as it is very important to all federal systems in the world, "describing the federal system in the country as" deficient and anomalous until now because it is not Forming this council. " He explained that "all countries of the world find the Federation Council with different names, except for Iraq, which is the only country in the world in which there is no such council, whose mission is to represent all regions in equal proportions at the state level." it seems that it would be impossible for this council of the union or federation council to be already voted in and working when there aren't any constitutional articles written up on it yet. Yes it's in the constitution but it's rather vague in its entirety. What we have learned from it has only been in articles. This is like the Senate in our government. Little hard to hide this one. I'm sure they are going to need the provincial elections and law 21 of 2008 amended even before they can enact this, once the constitutional articles are amended for it. Without this they do not have a complete government!!
  3. That is the council of the union not the federation council. I miss spoke above by basically calling them the same because they are not. This union will only legislate among the provincial councils, not the 2nd chamber of the government. That's why they call it an independent body. No legislative branch would be independent. I could go into much further explanation but I'm sure you and Joey have it all figured out. Too bad she wasn't the one that discovered this federation council. Good day to ya.
  4. The federation council is not in the law library. It has only been read twice and needs amendments. So technically it's not a law yet. The council of the Union law has been read twice also and that one is needed for the provincial councils also. We don't have the amendments to law 21 of 2008 that the province's need. Abadi tried but didn't get them done. We will need new provincial elections to happen first anyways. The federation council better called the council of the union cannot come into affect as a law once they complete it until these elections take place first. Only then could you elect and seat the 2nd chamber of their government. Also imo there is no 100,000 dinar for large transactions. You can wire money anywhere in the world nowadays so why would you need such a large bill? But then again I'm only a country girl so what would I know after being in this for 10 years.
  5. Trump keeps saying the dollar is super strong!! The dinar you know can end up in that basket of currencies.
  6. I think 60 to 80 billion but it goes fast when nothing else is working for income in the country.
  7. A very smart man told me quite awhile back that if Iraq's reserves fell to 30 billion they would be forced to float their currency. They are at a crossroad now that le plus grand so eloquently pointed out. We are watching globalism crash before our eyes and it's beautiful. Trump will put everyone on a level playing field and at the same time strangle China and russia. Iran is about to fold their cards. The world needs this rv and Iraq needs the u.s. to rebuild them. Strategic framework agreement.
  8. Brings me back to many articles where the dollar will be in a basket of currencies and will have the Lions share of the basket!! This will go very well when the gcc gets their currency going which includes the dinar and joins this basket.
  9. This is the guy that's probably best suited. He'll have the backing of the u.s. and the brits. He was communications minister during Maliki and went against him every chance he could. Allawi was in charge of totally revamping all communication sectors and was laying all new internet, etc. He got Basra and the rest of Iraq hooked back up to international communications through the new under water communications cable. Maliki put road blocks in front of this guy constantly. Got to the point where Maliki went after him with corruption charges, etc. The same game as always. This guy took evidence to the u.s. of the goings on and to the Brits and we can see how far that went, but now it's 5 or more years later and the tables have turned. Trumps president and boris Johnson heads the British. I have a feeling we are going to see some major changes. Let's not forget who Barham saleh just spoke to in Davos. Yep that's right.....trump!!
  10. The trade bank of Iraq was started by the u.s. after the invasion and until the cbi was fully in charge. That bank was suppose to be dissolved in 2008 but it is still there and a main source of u.s. illegal funding. Ask yourselves. Why are the dems fighting so hard to get trump out? It's not because they don't like him. Lol. He follows the money. The next shoe to drop for biden is the Iraq file. From the day we invaded we have bilked this country, and it got worse under Obama. Human trafficking, human organs, etc accelerated massively during this time. No one realizes how much money is involved in that. War is not just the obvious we see like oil, gold etc. It's the sick **** underneath that reaps the most. I have read countless articles during Maliki reign of bodies found all over that country with the organs missing. Let's not forget the letting out of albagdadi that the u.s. had in custody in iraq. We pulled out and Maliki let him free. Why would he do that? He was a Sunni, Maliki hates Sunnis. Assad let Sunnis out of prison in Syria at the same time. Why? Some will laugh at this but izzat douri the number 2 in the deck of Saddam's cards was making deals with Iran. Iran funds isis through a proxy Sunni and voile you have an Iraqi invader and now here comes Iran to save the day. Now they are not only in your country they are ruling your government. All this plays into the hands of the one seeking the Iranian nuclear deal. Let that sink in. Where did all the yezidi woman go that were captured by isis? Not all stayed with Isis. They were farmed out to every piece of scum like the Epstein and the Clintons. Their global initiative was just that. To globally fund the sickest pieces of Crap with young displaced women. The list goes on and on. Remember what trump did. He signed an executive order on human trafficking. Anyone caught doing it would receive the harshest of sanctions. Why with all the things going on would he make sure that this was such a high priority? Those dinars that Iraq had to pay Iran with by trumps order? They are marked. When this rv occurs all those serial numbers are not gonna be worth anything. Shoot I could go on forever, but solemeini was the tipping point. Trump says he doesnt want regime change. Yes he does. It's the only way things will change. Rudy guilliani said it best at trumps new years Eve party. I got all the documents, and it goes as high as the highest part of the Obama administration. That's what trumps after!!
  11. Well I guess that the big mini summit in Malaysia really didn't go so well as the Iranians would like all to believe. I wonder how the Malaysians feel now about Iran.
  12. The cbi makes the proposal along with the imf, and yes parliament does vote on it. Do they have to vote on it makes it a whole lot easier. The finance committee will never make the decision on whether monetary policy, micro or macro is best for the country or not. It's not there job and its unconstitutional. So dont let every article that comes out from people we have never heard from throw you for a loop. The cbi is like the fed reserve here in the u.s.. Our house and senate does not legislate for the fed reserve and neither will iraq's parliament for the cbi.
  13. Very important article here. Clearly stating that article 140 is not only constitutional but also the Federation council (which they call the council of the union). It is the upper legislative branch of the government that has had a second reading of the law but not passed yet. This completes the government. It is the representation of the provinces and made up of experts and technocrats. These are the biggies we are waiting on along with the federal supreme court law. ;)
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