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  1. PLAN-demic, Agenda 20/30, Masks, VACCINES, China,'s ALL connected No USA in there at all..WE are skrewed....
  2. Get ready..prepare for alot of unthinkable things...I dont think even Democrat and Rino commie POS 's that voted for this fake government can fathom what (is) might be coming
  3. China...China is backing and supporting all of this >taliban and dimentia Joe ...Afganistan is is rich in raw minerals n junk China just scored land , minerals our weapons,computers with secret intelligence and the list goes on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  4. Video is 21 minutes long BUT OMG.....will leave you speechless
  5. Thank you Mark for other video! This is the video in the link EVERYONE MUST SEE! I can't seem to imbed video open ...... MUST WATCH
  7. Don't worry IRAQ, I'm sure Bill Gates has caught wind of your pending population crisis. He will have it all solved between now and 2030 as he stated in his depopulation agenda speeches
  8. They Don't teach History in school anymore and haven't for a long time. That's why this is happening AGAIN! They can take their shots, Papers and every other liberal commie S@%t and shove it up their donkeholie!!!!!! I'm sick of this crap,, They can Bite Me...
  9. When males can't win against Real Men, they steal from real women!
  10. Thanks for posting this. Its a MUST watch for the world to see! These monsters are sickening, I watched it yesterday and its absolutely infuriating how they are doing this and no one is stopping it/them. I would like to and start with them and their families but.....I will stop there.
  11. Thanks, I also posted some articles about this Insane nut job the other day. Bill Gates Chemtrails UGGGGG !!! My big 64 billion dollar question is HOW do we get rid of these Dangerous, Insane, Disturbed, Sick, Perverted, Demented, Narcissist's trying to take over our lives. (they actually are now) I'm so sick of: Gates Biden Obummer pelosi schiff Waters AOC... OMG It's actually 🤢 I;m running out of room and cant think of them all uggg, Ohhh and swallow-well the spy lover
  12. Bill Gates is funding the chemtrails 🤢 chemtrails 🤢
  14. I have been singing this Pledge for almost 24 hours now!!! Wont be long...sing it loud!!!!!
  15. Our Republic being RESTORED and HCL being completed For the people of Iraq Makes for the best news of our Lifetime!!!!!!
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