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  1. Do I need to dig out the diners and dust them off....
  2. They are mistaken their 1-900 porn numbers with this false Intel.
  3. You would think after all these years franky and the rest of the liars would have faded away. What keeps them lying...
  4. Dann with 2 n's.....if I had a dinar for every time I heard this Reno payout BS I would own a bunch of 0.000086 deenar.
  5. Where's the Iraqi man selling chickens with scuffed shoes when you need updates. Sorry, that image from years ago still sticks with me....
  6. Chinese elders, is that the same as Shaolin Kung fu masters?
  7. I hate it when banks are near to closing time and you have to wait until Monday.... Tomorrow.....🙄
  8. Where do they get this information? From the hind end of a bull. Do they make it up????? Yes, Affirmative, 10-4, Roger...
  9. Well if it is, "EXTRAORDINARILY GREAT" and he has no liberty to say and if you are in a sterling place (whatever that means), and last but bot least "GET YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW", you know something can happen any minute especially if you just had a glass of prune juice....
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