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    n.jackson ohio,44451
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    farming, trucking, investing,dairy queen owner,real estate investor


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    small bussiness man in ohio who looking to grow
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    farming,dairy Queen,trucking,bar owner,real estate delveloper,looking to expand

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  1. hope so devine intervention then thank god
  2. what are these trump haters going to say when Iraq rvs? will they belive in trump finally?
  3. I would rather have jobs than more fake stock market rises ,that only helps elite as what you prove with this article!!!!!!
  4. ups is hiring all these illegals by the way too!!!! is how they survive and got there in first place!!
  5. county accessor is how voter fraud is accomplished, they need arrested!!!!! in Kentucky there are more illegals voting then registered adults in Jefferson county this is just one example people!!!! arrest county accessor already to make it stop!!!!!
  6. pitcher has his finger on pulse of the world ,spot on well done!!!
  7. i bet presidents trump speech we been waiting 2 weeks to hear surprise is about mexico finally paying for wall thats why 9 circuit trying to caputure the money for themslves
  8. can you send password as cant see it and got new cell and need password for new cell same number xxxxxxxxxxx as cant remember password thanks chris smith
  9. came from podcast on brando where in invited person from iraq and he said that was put on his card in iraq
  10. on cards used inside iraq saying for every 35dinars to every 100usd is what there getting on cards being used right now and with trump saying woring on currency then heading to vietnam next hoply he mentions currency there too would be good sign
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