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    I was typing a personal message to one of the members here called, truepatriot, when I realized two things. One the message was too long to fit in his profile page, and two it seemed good to me that others could benefit from it. Again let me clarify, I am only a truck driver that loves Jesus as he said, with all my heart, might, and mind. If you read these words further you WILL be reading spiritual content from a child of God doing the best he can. Here is the message. Please forgive me for taking so long getting back to you. As a truck driver I work 80 hrs a week, and as the information that I will be relaying is in reference to our Lord I wanted to be careful with my words. I have been in this investment for 3 yrs now and have brought it to Jesus many times in prayer. The first time was when someone whom I trust here told me about it. I had heard of dinar before but didn't give it much thought. When I did pray about if I should get in I believe that I received a resounding, YES. As you can imagine the Lord and I have had several conversations about it since. I would like to tell you about a strange event that happened to me one night while playing Yahtzee with my wife. First it should be said that I almost NEVER actually get a Yahtzee. This night my wife had been getting several when I maid some kind of remark about her luck. She told me that before every roll of the dice she would secretly say a little prayer for Jesus to bless her roll. So I decided to take that a little farther. I asked Jesus,"if this dinar would revalue could you let me get a Yahtzee?" The VERY NEXT THROUGH I rolled 5 threes. My wife said, "see Jesus answers prayer". I just smiled and said yes he does.My next roll I asked Jesus, "can you let me get another Yahtzee using the dice to tell me how much it will revalue to?" I then rolled another Yahtzee of 4s in three rolls. Now I'm no fool and know how radical this sounds, but whether God was telling me the rate would be $3.33, as per the rolls, or $4.44 as per the numbers,what I do believe is that this dinar will end up somewhere in that area. I have studied this until I am sick with it and understand full well that according to the world it would be unheard of to see a one to one, as the CBI has stated for over a yr now. But my God, is God, and he's capable of anything. That brings us to the spiritual side of dinar. In the book of Revelation we see that Jesus clearly states, that all the nations of the world, all the kings of the earth, and all the merchants of the sea will come to Babylon for there wealth. Something I simply don't believe a small rv will do. In fact I don't even think a one to one would do it. At least not right off the bat. And what is it that a one to one would cause, EVERYONE,to come to Babylon? Sure allot would, but not everyone as God has said. But a 3 to 4? I think so. We also know from Rev that God will call his people out of Babylon. This implies that it is acceptable to God for us to be in this investment. Now to the personal nature of this investment as it relates to me. I have been a Christian for 14yrs and only of late have I really seen myself grow in the Lord. It has always been an overwhelming desire of mine to be close to God, but it seemed that the wherewithal to do so was lacking. UNTIL this yr. I own a small trucking company and was for all practical sense and purpose doing well up until this yr. I have been hit by the devil with so many bad things that to mention them all here one would think me to be a liar. Indeed, it is truly a miracle that I even still have a company at all. As you can imagine this has had a heavy toll on my well being. But through the word of God I began to overcome, spiritually and emotionally only. I can't begin to explain to you how far in faith and growth that God has brought me in such a short time. Indeed, I believe even the words I now type are by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was in this that Jesus has called me into the mission field to build an orphanage, school, and clinic for the children of Honduras, and eventually other depressed countries of the world. Jesus has shown me how that everything up to now in my life has brought me to this place.Even the desires that I have were given me by him. I recently went to Jesus with a desire to know how long before this would happen? To which he only said,"soon". I then later went to him again and asked when, he said,"very soon". What most fail to see in dinar is exactly what they fail to see in all things. We are spiritual beings living in a physical world. EVERYTHING, that we say and do has spiritual ramifications. And that goes for the lost as well. EVERYONE. Therefor, this is a spiritual event, and not just an ordinary one, but one that has been foretold from the foundations of the world. What we are soon to witness is the rise of Babylon, that great mistress that leads all she can to destruction. But as our Lord so often does he will also use this event to bless his children. Lines are being drawn in the spiritual sand of the world. War is even now raging on. So, if I may, I would like to advise you not to listen to the evil one that wishes to blind all to what is about to happen and to be of good cheer. For the Lord your God will do whatever is his pleasure to do and as always he will supply all the needs of his children. Of which you are one. Give God all the glory and praise and trust in him to finish that work he has begun. I know this one thing concerning the dinar SUDDENLY, God will move.
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    I hate seeing everyone that talks, shares their opinion or even what they have heard being labeled as a "Pumper" If everyone stops sharing their thoughts what would we have to talk about while we wait??
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    If you pump; you receive +'s. If you tell the truth; you receive -'s. It's always been that way. Beware of pumpers disguising their B.S. with supposed knowledge about revaluations, etc. The dinar is not a scam; it is very real. The promotion of it, however, is a scam. It is what it is.
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    SWFloridaGuy Thoughts On Currency Appreciations - 06/01/2013 SWFG Post on D.Detectives - Taken from D.Recaps SWFloridaGuy: I'd like to address a few recent events and both the positive and negative aspects of large currency appreciations; especially, when you consider the benefit of pursuing extensive foreign exchange interventions to smooth the appreciation of the domestic currency. The consequences of strong currencies from both positions of realized large appreciations against those of smoothed appreciations via foreign exchange rate intervention tend to witness the strengthening of domestic currencies and export performances which also improve across economies. The benefits of these intervention measures on growth are significant. The benefit of the fear of appreciation cannot be completely dismissed. Yet, the gain may arguably be too limited, via the trade channel only, to warrant or justify the cost of an asymmetrical exchange rate policy stance, such as in the form of quasi-fiscal costs and other possible distortions to the economy. This may then signify that the fear of appreciation manifested in the form of large reserve purchases fulfilling more than just mercantilism considerations for these economies, but as previously recognized by the extant literature that account for what drives the recent large reserves accumulation in this part of the world, the desire for self-protection in times of crisis and liquidity may justify such behavior. The CBI needs to identify separately the ‘extreme right-tail’ observations from the ordered distribution of the changes in the exchange rate and the ordered distribution of the changes in reserves since the incidence of large appreciations and large reserves purchases are determined and located in the right-tail of the distribution. Although Iraq has the world’s second-largest oil reserves, they require a lot of the infrastructure rebuilding, along with their economic and social institutions if they wish promote an environment attractive to international investors keen to subsidize the additional funds necessary for completing a modernized technological banking system with the skills necessary to ensure a substratum foundation to build upon. International investors are keen to subsidize the additional funds necessary for completing a modernized technological banking system that supports stability, promotes social institutions and international commerce skills that will ensure a substratum foundation to build upon. Thank goodness for the international support they've been receiving regarding their banking sector in particular because their progress thus far is imperceptibly lacking professionalism trending more toward procrastination and corruption. So, in my opinion, the international intervention implies they have ulterior motives and are there to see a significant return on their investment (as are we). Which is a good sign for us. If those in power see potential in Iraq and are willing to invest in their future, why shouldn't we do the same? Iraq’s huge oil reserves could, in principle, provide the revenues needed to finance the reconstruction, but strong institutions and a favorable business environment are needed to use these resources effectively. The longer-term outlook is strong as domestic and foreign investment in the hydrocarbon sector is bearing fruit. According to the Ministry of Oil, oil production averaged 3.1 million barrels per day of which 2.3 mbpd are exported, and extraction and exports are projected to increase considerably in the years ahead. Nevertheless, Iraq’s economic prospects continue to be subject to significant risks. Deriving mainly from institutional and capacity constraints, oil price volatility, delays in the development of oil infrastructure, and an extremely fragile political and security environment. The IMF is helping the authorities in their efforts to maintain macroeconomic stability as a key condition for economic growth and the generation of sustainable employment opportunities for Iraq’s large labor force. The IMF assists the Iraqi authorities in rebuilding essential economic institutions with its policy advice and technical expertise. Macroeconomic stability is at the heart of the IMF programs and economic policy advice. With the support of four IMF programs, the macroeconomic situation of Iraq has improved substantially since 2003, despite extremely difficult security circumstances and periods of political uncertainty. After experiencing inflation rates of 70 percent in 2007, the Central Bank of Iraq was successful in reducing inflation to the single digits, where it has remained since. The economy is growing with the revival of the oil sector and the improvement in the security situation. And with the support of the international community, debt levels have been brought down to sustainable levels. IMF technical assistance has proven essential in helping the Iraqi authorities develop their institutional capacity and governance infrastructure. Although the IMF's role has changed over the past few years the staff will continue to support Iraq through surveillance and technical assistance. The IMF mission met with the Acting Minister of Finance, the Acting Governor of the Central Bank Turki and other Iraqi officials from the ministries of finance, planning, and oil, and representatives from the Central Bank and the Board of Supreme Audit. The team also met with representatives from the Iraqi banking and business community. At the conclusion of the mission, Mr. Sdralevich made the following statement: “Following the recent expiration of the Stand-By Arrangement with Iraq approved in 2010, the IMF is committed to continue close collaboration with Iraq to support its development and help the government improve the social conditions and employment opportunities of Iraqi citizens.” If you would like to contact the IMF Public Relationship Dept. concerning any question you may have here is their contact information: IMF EXTERNAL RELATIONS DEPARTMENT: E-mail: publicaffairs@imf.org Fax: 202-623-6220 Phone: 202-623-7100 Despite a difficult security and political environment, Iraq managed to maintain macroeconomic stability over the past two years. On the back of rising oil production and robust non-oil activity, economic growth has remained strong at about 8 percent in 2012. We expect activity to accelerate further to 9 percent in 2013, as oil production increases from just under 3 million barrels per day (mbpd) in 2012 to 3.3 mbpd in 2013. In 2012, inflation was contained at 6 percent, and we project it to decline slightly next year. On account of strong oil proceeds, CBI reserves reached US$70 billion at the end of 2012, while the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) rose to US $18 billion. While we welcome the achievement of a budget surplus of about 4 percent of GDP in 2012, largely due higher-than expected oil revenues, the execution of the 2013 budget should be aligned with available financing and provide for the accumulation of adequate fiscal buffers in the DFI, which suggests to target a budget surplus in 2013. Public financial management should be strengthened, notably by phasing out off-budgetary spending practices and reliance on state-owned bank financing to support public enterprises. Approval of additional spending commitments during the fiscal year should also be avoided. Financial sector policies are improving, but more remains to be done. The CBI’s ongoing efforts to refine monetary policy instruments, strengthen banking supervision, and accelerate the restructuring of the banking system are crucial. In this respect, the recent steps toclean up the balance sheets of Rasheed and Rafidain in preparation for their restructuring and recapitalization are key. The CBI should also take measures to gradually liberalize the provision of foreign exchange through its auctions, with the objective of avoiding in future the turbulence experienced by the market in the past year. For Iraq to succeed they must address serious medium-term challenges in order to be able to create the conditions for high and sustainable growth that is necessary to improve the living standards of its people. The economy continues to suffer from severe structural weaknesses such as a small nonoil sector, high unemployment, public sector dominance, and a weak business environment. In this context, we discussed the role of economic policies in leveraging Iraq’s potential and creating an enabling environment. The budget must be managed carefully to maintain macroeconomic stability, meet Iraq’s large social and investment needs while continuing to accumulate buffers to address oil market volatility, and ensure medium-term fiscal sustainability. At the same time, Iraq needs to strengthen fiscal institutions and public financial management to make sure that the large oil revenues are used effectively and transparently. This may be wishful thinking or require a new government or continued protests that produce progress the current GOI must develop a stronger financial sector development will require moving away from the current model in which weak state-owned banks dominate the financial sector and enjoy favorable treatment vis-a-vis private banks. A solid banking system that can support growth and employment will require the full financial and operational restructuring of state-owned banks and creating a level playing field for both private and public banks. We know oil-growth and foreign investment (possibly their currency) will continue to increase over the coming years. However, private sector growth will need a long-term government strategy centered on improving the business environment and opening up opportunities for the private sector. Iraq has the fifth largest proven crude oil reserves in the world, and it passed Iran as the second largest producer of crude oil in OPEC at the end of 2012. Iraq is the 8th largest producer of total petroleum liquids, a statistic that has been increasing and it has the world’s largest proven petroleum reserves. Just a fraction of Iraq’s known fields are in development, and Iraq may be one of the few places left where much of its known hydrocarbon resources has not been fully exploited. Iraq has begun to develop its oil and natural gas reserves after years of sanctions and wars, but it will need to develop its infrastructure in order to reach its production potential. According to estimates by Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, capital expenditures of $30 billion per year in Iraqi energy infrastructure are required to meet Iraq’s production targets. If there was ever a country which was a good candidate for a revaluation it's Iraq. We will never be able to prove that a revaluation is coming, just like the Romanians couldn't. But it makes sense for a lot of different reasons and has only increased in value since I've had it. So, I will continue to wait and hope for the best possible outcome. Unfortunately, increases in oil production have fallen behind ambitious targets because of infrastructure constraints and political disputes. Iraq has five super-giant fields that account for 60 percent of the country’s proven oil reserves. Attributing to the conflict with the Kurds. The IEA estimated that the KRG area contained 4 billion barrels of proven reserves. However, this region is now being actively explored, and the KRG stated that this region could contain 45 billion barrels of unproven oil resources. If true this could bring about some significant economic and political bifurcations. Iraqi crude oil production averaged 3 million barrels per day and passed Iran as OPEC’s second largest crude oil producer at the end of the year. About three-fourths of Iraq’s crude oil production comes from the southern fields. Iraq has begun an ambitious program to develop its oil fields and to increase its oil production. HCL passage would provide a legal framework for investment in the hydrocarbon sector and remains a main policy objective. Despite the absence of the HCL, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil signed long-term contracts between November 2008 and May 2010 with international oil companies. The importance of these phases are as follows: Phase 1 - Major companies further develop giant oil fields. Phase Two - Contracts were signed to develop oil fields that were already explored but not fully developed or producing commercially. If these fields were developed as initially planned, they would increase total Iraqi production capacity to almost 12 million bbl/d, or about 9 million bbl/d above 2012 production levels. The contracts call for Iraq to reach this production target by 2017. However, these contracts are being re-negotiated to more modest levels, and Iraq is revising its production targets to 9.5 million bbl/d by 2017. However, even these revised targets may be overly optimistic, given delays in developing its energy infrastructure. Iraq has since held a third bidding round for natural gas fields, and a fourth round (with few bids submitted) for fields that contain predominantly crude oil. A fifth round has been scheduled in 2013 for the development of the 4-billion-barrel Nasiriya oil field in Thi-Qar province, together with the construction and operation of a new 300,000-bbl/d refinery. Progress has also been slow because of political disputes between the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government. Iraq also has disagreements regarding shared oil fields with Kuwait and Iran. Production increases of the scale planned will also require substantial increases in natural gas and/or water injection to maintain oil reservoir pressure and boost oil production. Iraq has associated gas that could be used. According to a report issued by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Iraq was a leading natural gas flaring country. Iraq’s oil and gas industry is the largest industrial customer of electricity in Iraq but significant upgrades to this sector would be needed to supply additional power. Although over 20 gigawatts of new generating capacity are planned by 2015, delays in meeting projected targets would mean insufficient supply to meet the projected demands of the oil sector. However, considering the gravity of the situation there have been several unconfirmed reports of outside aid willing to support the shortage. While Iraq is clearly still on the path to recovery there is much to be encouraged by. Iraq's proven natural gas reserves as of January 1, 2013 were the 12th largest in the world at 112 trillion cubic feet according to the Oil and Gas Journal. After years of power shortages, Iraqi efforts to increase generating capacity are moving forward. Iraq plans to triple generating capacity to 27 gigawatts by the end of 2015. We know oil growth and foreign investment (possibly their currency) will continue to increase over the coming years. However, private sector growth will need a long-term government strategy centered on improving the business environment and opening up opportunities for the private sector. Iraq has the fifth largest proven crude oil reserves in the world, and it passed Iran as the second largest producer of crude oil in OPEC at the end of 2012. Iraq is the 8th largest producer of total petroleum liquids, a statistic that has been increasing and it has the world’s largest proven petroleum reserves. Just a fraction of Iraq’s known fields are in development, and Iraq may be one of the few places left where much of its known hydrocarbon resources has not been fully exploited. Iraq has begun to develop its oil and natural gas reserves after years of sanctions and wars, but it will need to develop its infrastructure in order to reach its production potential. According to estimates by Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, capital expenditures of $30 billion per year in Iraqi energy infrastructure are required to meet Iraq’s production targets. Progress has been hampered by political disputes and the lack of the HCL. The proposed HCL, which would govern contracting and regulation, has been under review in the Council of Ministers but has not received final passage. However, there have been several very encouraging reports that this issue will be resolved shortly. Although I'm a skeptic by nature I remain very confident that Iraq is headed in the right direction and one day we will profit from this endeavor due to, in part, some of the reasons listed below. 1. Excluding the oil sector the economy is expected to grow by at least 9.4%. 2. The latest report to US Congress forecasts Iraq's GDP growth 3x that of the next strongest MENA economy. 3. In the 70s when Iraq's currency held a much higher value GDP only ranged from $2 billion - $8 billion. 4. Oil is quickly becoming second in Iraq to gold. 5. The CBI has stated they have significant plans for economic integration. They are currently the premier emerging market, not only in the Middle East, but the world. Iraq has positioned itself to make a significant impact on the oil and energy industry. 6. The U.N. is fully supporting Iraq's release from Chapter VII, although I tend to think that will take some time. 7. The HCL/Article 140 are finally being finalized. 8. The CBI/Financing committee is saying they are going to return the value of the IQD to "previous" levels!! Iraq is clearly on a path to recovery, one that although promising does have certain obstacles that they must overcome to regain their well-deserved international standing. We recognize the GOI's ascendancy and corruption have convoluted matters and possibly delayed reforms. As usual, these are just my opinions, which may or may not be correct. References: • Arab Oil and Gas • Bloomberg News • Central Intelligence Agency, The World Factbook • International Energy Agency • Iraq Ministry of Oil • Lloyd's List Intelligence - APEX database • Middle East Economic Survey • The Oil and Gas Journal • Reuters • U.S. Energy Information Administration • U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
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    I'm selling the kids. I'll buy them back on June 3rd. Thanks for the tip.
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    This one line kinda clears it up for me........ " As usual, these are just my opinions, which may or may not be correct. " This is usually how SWFG presents his comments and should be taken as such. However there are those that relentlessly have a bone to pick with someone on any given day. Its there nature. So in conclusion we sure do have a abundance of "Dinar Police " ready and waiting to rip your head off and pi$$ down your neck for committing the illusion of pumping ( in thier opinion anyway ) or for any statement that they find fault with. As it was stated in the piece..... one more time ...... " As usual, these are just my opinions, which may or may not be correct. " I'm going to give Mr SWFG a hall pass on this one. And to Skeptic 138 why do you come off so high and mighty? I could careless about the comment about oil being 2nd to gold there are many facets to this picture............ Out of the many times I have read his posts I have never felt like he was pumping and also I think he has a very grounded opinion. And just for clarification this is also My opinion which may or may not be correct! Go ahead fire away boys!!! Quad
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    I have had about enough of the "PUMPER" accusations in this thread! If this continues I will start placing people on mod review! If you can't discuss these posts like adults then I guess I will have to get my "time out" chair and put some people’s noses in the corner for a while!! Continuing to call someone a pumper and a liar is bashing and subject to being placed on mod review or banned! DinarVets Forum Rules http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1114-updated-11232010-dinarvetscom-forum-rules/
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    "Continue drilling operations in the area of luxury Aldajh populated eastern Baghdad after the discovery of the existence of huge quantities of atoms of gold metal in the soil. Was raised thousands of tons of dust, which set aside in order to purification and extraction of gold atoms." "We did not know the reasons that push to drill here or there but we were surprised during the past two years to begin drilling operations is a natural and extends for several meters deep in the earth except for drilling longitudinal spanning more than ten kilometers, and then to hear from people that the subject matter related to the discovery of gold." "And Iraq is full of large quantities of petroleum which Aistvid from the Iraqi people which are exported huge quantities of it to global markets and money returns do not prepare for the Allens and countless citizen any of them, while there are other minerals in smaller quantities." "However, the discovery of gold in the luxury and commercial quantities could turn Iraq into a producer of gold more than oil, and pay the Western countries to re-occupation of as usual through the centuries passed his time, dusty, and is expected to increase the prices of real estate in this neighborhood modest start with the influx of job seekers Gold." There were about 3 articles all saying the same thing. Actually, it's been a constant progression of news on this topic since last year. I have these quotes all saved in my archives. Gimme a sec and I'll try to find the links. Thanks. That's the best thing anyone has said in this entire thread. Rock on.
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    You may wish to speak to Reuters because they are the ones who said oil is slowly becoming 2nd to gold.
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    Arpaio Recall FAILS in Arizona! PHOENIX – A campaign to force a recall election against the polarizing sheriff of metropolitan Phoenix failed on Thursday after recall organizers said they couldn’t collect enough voter signatures to bring the lawman to the ballot again. Organizers of the recall effort against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio needed to turn in more than 335,000 valid voter signatures by 5 p.m. Thursday to force a recall election. “It is a sad day,” said recall campaign manager Lilia Alvarez. “It is a disappointment.” Recall organizers won’t reveal the number of signatures they gathered. That said, the last update they gave on their numbers five weeks ago was that they gathered 200,000 signatures. “The count at this point doesn’t matter,” Alvarez said in deciding not to reveal the number of signatures gathered. Arpaio issued a statement suggesting that recall organizers aren't revealing the number of signatures they gathered because they are embarrassed by the level of their failure. "This effort failed because the good people of Maricopa County, whom I'm honored to serve, rejected the wrong-headed idea of overturning an election," Arpaio said. Read more: http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/region_phoenix_metro/central_phoenix/recall-bid-against-sheriff-joe-arpaio-faces-deadline#ixzz2Up1ADNVU
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    I have decided that after reading this, that I will contact my Congressman this week and voice my disappointment with this issue. This is uncalled for, and I being a former Seabee, can respect the need to be on C-Rats for an extended time. However, one of the best morale boosters for today's soldier a good hot meal and most of all a full belly after a hard day in the field no matter what hour of the day they come in from the field. I suggest all interested Vets and others give their representative hell and get the steaks and burgers back on. What did your Congressman or Senator have today after a long day on the floor? Maybe a can of greasy cold corned beef?
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    "Drowning of citizens and the injury beams health prompted families to remove the elderly from the area and transferred to the suburbs beyond, especially with asthma and shortness of breath." "We did not know the reasons that push to drill here or there but we were surprised during the past two years to begin drilling operations is a natural and extends for several meters deep in the earth except for drilling longitudinal spanning more than ten kilometers, and then to hear from people that topic related to the discovery of gold." "And full of Iraq amounts frightening of oil exporting huge quantities of it to global markets and back with money do not prepare and countless while there are other minerals in smaller quantities, but the discovery of gold in the luxury and commercial quantities could turn Iraq into a producer of gold more than oil, and is expected to increase the prices of real estate in this modest neighborhood with the start of the influx of gold seekers." We all know there is nothing that means Iraq will or must RV. Common sense but have a great day yourself sir. "So you are calling SWFG a pumper now????????? Now YOU have ZERO credibility!" Thanks Quadkidd1.
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    Lets see, It has taken Iraq over ten yrs to bring there currency back up to par. Assuming that there about to do what they say this next wk. So do you recon that the IMF just announced there ten yr plan? Better by Gold and Silver, and water and foodstuff. But most importantly Better think about getting right with Jesus, cause this was absolutely and clearly stated in the bible.
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    Look I have posted old stuff, sometimes it is not clear. He was hopeful, I have been there.
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    Response to Skeptic: First of all, thank you for taking the time to compose a well-thought out response. However, we do seem to be going in circles here but I'll do my best to elaborate on some very labyrinthine topics you raised. 1. That is correct (in part) I did pass along a claim backed up by several articles and see no reason why I should have refrained from doing so. Gold is the most valuable thing in the world, the reason being it is not going to lose its value in the near future, and even during inflation, the prices of gold go up. Fiat money often loses its value in the long run. A large amount of USD most likely worth as much a few years from now. On the other hand if you buy gold for $100 it may be around $200 to $300 + 5 to 10 years from now (possibly sooner). This is why nations such as Iraq stock pile gold. Gold is recognized in every country all over the world as legal tender. Gold has a profound impact on the value of world currencies. As a commodity gold can act as a substitute for fiat currencies and be used as an effective hedge against inflation. There is no doubt that gold will continue to play an indispensable role in the foreign exchange markets. It has the unique ability to represent the health of both local and international economies. Gold is a currency, although it is not customarily thought of as one. It can be bought and stored, and while it is not often used as a direct payment method, it is highly liquid and can be converted to cash in almost any currency with relative ease. Also, to add to your first question, I've never heard of solid research being accomplished in 5 minutes. 2. Actually, we've been witnessing the IQD appreciate for quite some time now. I agree the rate of growth is fairly picayune but nonetheless it is still improving and according to the Finance Committee and the CBI, it will continue to do so. You said there is in fact evidence to the contrary that the IQD will appreciate. Please provide your evidence that supports an IQD depreciation in inevitable. 3. I've said many times I have failed to produce a convincing annotation concerning this issue. In fact, it is a concern I have myself and have mentioned that 3 or 4 times in former posts. I hope my answers to your questions were adequate because I do appreciate it when someone offers up their own theory rather than just attack others. Thank you for taking the time to have this discussion with me and hopefully something constructive came out of it.
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    I would agree Quad, he has never said this is coming down. He has always stated he is learning, we have all appreciated his insights. Right now that is the best one can do.
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    Permit me to ask you a few questions Skeptic. What exactly DO you believe? Do you believe Iraq will one day recovery economically? Do you believe they will have a strong and valuable currency eventually? Do you believe there is any way we can profit from this at all?
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    Central Bank implemented a plan in next June to raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar Baghdad / follow-up justice - 05/27/2013 - 11:29 pm | Readers: 21 Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/149671-central-bank-a-plan-to-raise-the-exchange-rate-of-the-iraqi-dinar/page-7#ixzz2UzXAiryp Ya just gotta love Yota, don't say much, Just comes in here with the truth and knocks the lobbisters dead. Some of them, are like our friend Keep, and are simply implying logic where logic doesn't apply. They have good points but I think they may be missing a much larger picture. The spiritual aspect of all this. Others, and I wont mention any fake computer names, are in my opinion GOVERNMENT HACKS If one were to think that there could be such a dramatic increase in the value of the dinar and that the government would not only be monitoring web sites like this one looking for people violating laws; ie insider trading; and such then one would be living in fantasy land. I can assure you that some of these so call lobbisters are exactly that. They are watching and also I feel that it is there job to try and dissuade as many as possible from this investment. The devils hands are hard at work. In either case we will soon know what is what.
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    This is so funny, love it, giving me ideas...... I like a man who says it as he feels it. You tell em. Go out there and kick butt..........
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    That is not what has been reported by other sources. In fact, the quite opposite has been reported. I simply look at this as a positive vestige for Iraq in a general sense. Do you disagree with that?
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    1-7-13 Iraq Central Bank Boosts Gold Reserves. The monthly statistical report of the International Monetary Fund stated that over the three months between August and October of last year, Iraq’s gold holdings quadrupled to 31 tons, the first time something like this has happened in years. The value of gold as a strategic reserve has grown over the past few years due to the continued instability of the U.S. dollar exchange rate. International banks perceive gold as having long-lasting value that is not affected by rapid economic development. Gold can be used to compensate for insufficient cash reserves in the wake of political or economic crisis. In that context, Iraq is probably the country that is most in need of a great deal of gold reserves given its succession of political and economic crises. “Gold is the first shelter for countries in times of crisis,” said the Iraqi economic analyst Majid al-Suwari.. According to Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee member Abdul Abass Shiyah, “it is normal for the public not to read between the lines of sharp increases in gold reserves.” “The Iraqi dinar exchange rate is based on the amount of cash reserves, which include not only money but gold as well,” said Shiyah, a member of the Dawlat al-Kanoun parliamentary bloc led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Gold is the most stable component of official reserves. It will result "in the stability and possibly the improvement of dinar exchange rates," he added. http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2013/01/iraq-central-bank-gold.html Shiyah reiterated that the public will sense indirectly the impact of the increase in gold reserves. “When the value of imported goods decreases following the increase in the value of the dinar, which directly correlates to the increase of cash reserves, the public will remember the steps the state took to boost gold reserves,” Shiyah added. The Central Bank of Iraq announced in August of last year that cash reserves had reached $67 billion, which is a first in the country that relies entirely on oil exports to finance its budget. “The Iraqi reserve is figuratively described as ‘cash,’ but in fact it has multiple components. Iraq owns U.S. dollars, euros, pounds, gold and different types of securities,” said Shiyah. He added, "The central bank uses a part of its huge reserve to fund major governmental projects. Even though a part of this reserve is disseminated between international banks and benefits Iraq financially, the central bank ought to fund some weighty governmental activities.” Since 2003, Iraq has had an insignificant cash reserve. Some sources state that those who were in charge of the Iraqi economy during the first months following Saddam Hussein's toppling converted a ton of gold, which was the only reserve held by the central bank, into cash. Economic Analyst Majid Suwari said that Iraq's reserves amounted to $39 billion in 1979; however, Saddam’s policies squandered that fortune. In 2003, Iraq's debts reached $125 billion. “The central bank policy is currently based on the diversification of reserves. However, if the policy of purchasing gold had been adopted two years ago when the value of one ounce was about $500 to $600, Iraq would have quadrupled its investment gains,” he added. He concluded that “this initiative started late, but not too late.” Suwari expects the central bank to pursue the policy of increasing gold reserves amid the government's spending tendencies. He clarified that the Iraqi government needs the dinar to cover its huge expenses. The central bank provides it with the necessary Iraqi dinars in exchange for U.S. dollars obtained through the oil trade. Afterwards, the central bank converts dollars to gold. http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2013/01/iraq-central-bank-gold.html I'm sorry if my posts are too long but would you prefer one paragraph where I state that our gifts come now, there was just an in-country RV then wrap it up with some vague analogy about airplanes? No one's forcing you to read them but I understand that I do tend to ramble on a bit.
  24. 3 points
    I absolutely LOVE IT! rulesforrebels has done a great service for us all. He has used the SAME exact line of thinking and logic and proof that Okie and all the others have used for their repeated grossly wrong, exaggerated, made-up and idiotic proclamations. His "RUMOR" is equally or even MORE valid than any that have yet been reproduced on this blog. Furthermore, he doesn't waste time. He just "puts-it-out-there." Best "rumor" for the whole last year, sir! Keep it coming. SOMEBODY has got to counter the pretend garbage with something equally as good.
  25. 3 points
    Looks to be at least as credable (and twice as honest) as any thing I've seen from the so-called gooroos, so what the heck let's run with it. Also, not sure why you got negged so bad for creating a rumor, afterall, that's how these things get started anyway. Can't straighten it out all by myself but gave you a +1, just because.
  26. 3 points
  27. 3 points
    Come on its Saturday... everyone grab a beer and let's wait for OAKIE DOAKIE and BLUWOLF to throw up the real BS no one believes. SWFloridaguy is giving opinion. I might be easier for us to follow is only one opinion was posted at a time... and not jumping and dragging everyone into so many holes that the message seems questionable. Again, let's all drink some beer this weekend.
  28. 3 points
    Okay. So you disagree and stretch your pencil neck out as far as to accuse SWFG as a pumper. hmmmm.......well post your specs up here you disagree with then.
  29. 3 points
  30. 3 points
    "- He said: that he can not speak about the IQD anymore until after the "RV" - Sounds like something Terryk or Okie would say. Totally cracks me up.
  31. 3 points
    Thank you for the Blessing. They ask, "What has God has to do with this?" My answer, "Everything!" There is a transfer of wealth going on and it is coming into the hands of those who belong to Jesus. Just because people don't believe it does not make it so...Praise the Lord.
  32. 3 points
    Great Post..Thanks for sharing. God is in control and I too believe this is the wealth transfer spoken of in the bible.
  33. 3 points
    Ooooooo. thuggie, have you been taking evening lessons from my wife's temperament?
  34. 3 points
    LadyGrace's Daddy, Good writing and I also believe Babylon can represent financial entity. I say it starts in the middle east and it will end in middle east. Even looking at Iraq's map.. they have two rivers going through it - Tigris and Euphrates. I believe Iraq will rise up strong financially and become Babylon in the now time. It's exciting to see how this going to play out and we are living in the exciting times right now. I hear you about the attacks... sometimes we are blindsided with what's going on in our lives but when we come out on the other side and look back, we can see the hands of God is always there to protect us and He is with us all the way through. It's not fun going through the car wash and washer and dryer but at the end, when we persevere, have faith in Him and stay in the course, we come out a winner and not even a smell of burnt and not one hair is lost
  35. 3 points
    OLD Article Closing Topic
  36. 3 points
    Amen to that. Very nicely said. I believe.
  37. 3 points
    good read lady grace`s daddy ,,, I have thought of this -- idea a few times as I am sure a lot of us have , that do believe that there is a greater being in our life , { but am reminded often , that , we must not put the lord to task so-to -speak, not saying this is what your doing at all! , this is the things I give thought too } like oh lord let it be real soon , and the rate be --> really great ,, this is the task I speak of , which kind of has the double sided edge to it , example : oh lord let it be soon ------> can turn out to be , only can be returned at the place of origin { bagdaddy } .. and the other let it be of great value ---> which can come out as -----> it will re-value as 3 dollars per dinar , but you will not be on earth to see it ,,, this are great things in deed , but it is how we must ask of the father in heaven , what and when , it can not be of personal gains, it must have attachments pertaining to the house of the lord, for behold if we ask in selfishness, and greed ----> we surely will be brought down with a swift hand. these things have gone through all of our minds . I can bet , but the bad guy from down under will try it`s best to slip us up !! { let us pray this investment , re appreciates in the greater range that we can help other in need and the house of the lord, and that we can exchange these investments with - in our own borders , to avoid harm } -------------> amen on the thoughts , and too alllll a great weekend be safe
  38. 3 points
    Do U Honestly Expect Us To Believe That U Have A Friend .......
  39. 2 points
    You make a good point and really I guess no one can say indubitably how far they have progressed. However, I do like this quote: "Early in 2012 there was a large discovery of Gold in eastern Baghdad. The last couple years have produced large quantities of gold through their vast drilling operations and have already surpassed the purification and extraction process. This discovery, among others, could turn Iraq into a producer of gold more than oil. It also will increase real estate prices due to the influx of gold job seekers." For heavens sake. Really? Do I or do I not also say these are just my opinions, which may or may not be correct? I need some Aspirin, can anyone in the forum hook a brotha up?
  40. 2 points
    I sure don't want to talk about the price of gas, politics, bad Chinese food, or Paris Hilton. The Dude Abides...
  41. 2 points
    Layla Hassan: positive positive signs of resolve outstanding issues between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government 01-06-2013 12:12 PM Erbil (news) .. confirmed MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Layla Hassan, the presence of positive signs to resolve outstanding issues between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, especially after the agreement on the formation of committees to follow up the issues, noting that some issues need to be a time limit to implement them. said Hassan in a statement (of the Agency news): There are positive signs to resolve contentious issues outstanding between the federal government and the provincial government through the agreement to form committees to follow up on issues, noting that some of the issues stipulated in the Constitution does not require time to implement. said : The coming days will witness reciprocal visits of the committees in order to address the contentious issues and address them. According to MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs: that some of the contentious issues can be addressed shortly because the constitution stipulated, others require legislation within the parliament, in addition to having issues need to be approved by the Council of Ministers on the application. showed good: that the issues concerning legislation need time to approval and also requires the political blocs to work towards finding a ground specific agreement on them. was MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Hassan Jihad, take agreement, which took place between the government Federal and the Kurdistan Regional Government 'administrative and governmental agreement' and should the federal government be bound by it, and expected to visiting delegation Bgdatd of Irbil in order to activate the committees. / End / 24. n. r /
  42. 2 points
    Financial expert: new central bank measures will support the exchange rate of the dinar money transfer control clause in banks 31-05-2013 03:39 PM Baghdad (news) .. He favored a financial expert Mohsen Ali, the stability of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar after the application of the new measures by the central bank, provided that accompanied operations oversight of banks and banking companies. said Ali (of the Agency news): The low exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar during the last period due to weak oversight by the central bank on the work of banks and banking companies in terms of financial transfer, as well as procedures for sale of hard currency, which missed the bank much it.between: the new plan, which the bank intends to implement will support the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and the return to price real, but on condition that accompanied by control procedures similar to it to reduce currency smuggling and waste of money. was the Finance Committee representative reported that the central bank told her that he will start next month, the application of a package of measures aimed at re-dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar to normal with preventing the recurrence of volatility the exchange rate. decreased value Iraqi dinar gradually over the past weeks for the price of one dollar to about 1129 dinars after it had been stable for 1120, the highest rate up to the exchange rate during the past two years. / End / 8. n. r /
  43. 2 points
    You know they have had a very scary night this evening, more damage and destruction. Everyone was running for their lives. And I was thinking of Okie. I hope he's alright. Words can not express how horrible it is to experience a natural disaster and loose everything. My heart just goes out to all those poor people. And although we've all made fun of Okie I know he means well and I hope he's ok.
  44. 2 points
  45. 2 points
    Obama and all his corrupted clowns of DEMONCRATS/LIBERALS are back home crying cause they lost this battle again. Soon this Muslim will be tried for his numerous FELONY CRIMES plus TREASON!!!
  46. 2 points
    Terry K needs to be tied up, gagged and locked in the closet until after the RV. I just hope someone remembers to let him out afterwards.You know we could get carried away with so much joy over the RV and forget.
  47. 2 points
    1. Not "everyone" knows what you claim. Some of us know quite differently. And don't forget--we saw the same things you saw when we went in there. 2. The Iraqis are as violent against each other as they are against outsiders. As in the rest of the middle east, the Iraqis simply have a violent culture. It's hard to blame them for this since they had to endure all the years under Saddam, but it exists in their neighbors as well, so it appears to be a standard throughout that area, most likely stemming from their violent religion. 3. In your bluntness, perhaps you need to turn an eye inward to pluck out the large tree there before you tell others to remove the splinter from their own eye because you think what they are seeing is wrong. Saint was right. Iraqis do seen to have a part of the cultural mentality to blow each other up. Their street violence isn't primarily, if at all, against us any longer, and hasn't been in a long time. We no longer have troops there, just an embassy, although a large one. So Iraq has been back to business for quite a while, blowing each other up. Therefore, your the comparison wouldn't be like Kansans blowing China up. It would be like Kansans blowing themselves up. Sorry to be logical, but like you, I can't stand ignorance. P. S. And did you hear? --they found a couple large caches of WMD's hidden in Syria (right next door to Iraq) and the Syrian tyrant had recently dipped into it and was using it against his own people. hmmmm. . .
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