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  1. As far as I know the CBI has stated on more than one occasion they are not implementing the deletion of zero's at this time, and will notify the public when and if they decide to push forward. This article is more or less getting the "public opinion" of an old subject.
  2. A redenomination takes some time and some planning. However they have been discussing it for years I would think by now they would have started the countdown, if they were going to do it. It appears the government is in favor of it, and Turki is not at this point in time. So what is the problem? The old dinar is dilapidated, the people are complaining, maybe they are waiting for the smart cards to show up. Now an RV they can do any old day, but they have not.
  3. This is interesting Woody. I am pretty sure this is the answer to their tattered dinar woes.
  4. Good point. Actually Jeepguy the cards do take care of many issues. The paper dinar will not last, but the cards will save them the expense of printing new dinars.
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