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  1. 05 for me I too was in Iraq. All Asad to be specific
  2. Where is it that Kraparoni gets all this pompous b.s.? She spouts this stuff like she has been to the top of the mountain and returned with the tablets of stone.
  3. So not sure what happened for the site to be down for like a week, but I for one am glad it's back. Been a member here since Christ was a corporal, so I look forward to my every day fix. Kudos to whoever fixed whatever crashed.
  4. Whatever the rate comes in at will be just fine with me. After a 15 year ride with this I will be more than happy to take it and never ever even hear the word "Iraq" again. Go RV/RI.
  5. Exactly Ron. KAP comes off as the see all know all guru of gurus.
  6. Call me crazy but I just don't see the U. S. walking in there and telling them what's what with their government. The U. S. or the UN or whoever. Iraq is a sovereign country?
  7. No guru spew today. How disappointing. Nothing going on or a whole lot!
  8. so what's happened to Ron Scarpa and the daily rumors??
  9. How can I get reinstated priveledges? Don't understand about making a ticket or whatever.
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