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  1. Thank you for asking, but I have my life and my wife and I need nothing else. Spent 5 weeks in a coma which has left me having to relearn how to walk ( not a stroke or anything, but rather a rather rare form of mersa.)All my muscles turned to jello. I went in the hospital on 12 may and got back home Wed Aug 2. Wife and I actually got married there in the hospital...something I and everyone else involved will never forget. Not only am I unbelievably lucky to still be alive, but even more so to have this woman with me.I woud not be here but for her.
  2. So, after a three month hospital stay and near death experience I returned to this site and shockingly discovered absolutely nothing has changed. I say shockingly as a joke. I am certainly NOT surprised.Disappointed yes, but not surprised.After literally looking death in the face and saying "screw you" I have been forced to look at all things in a new light and see new of which is being grateful for just being alive. Believing in the dinar has taken a back seat to enjoying the sound of thunder and rain...the licks etc.The dinar reval has just lost the appeal it once had.
  3. My work is done here. They're back.
  4. ezrapound

    Questions For Adam's Update 5-3-2017

    Morning Adam. As I have pretty much given up most hope of this touted r/v I ask with some trepidation this question ( and I am pretty sure of your response) you see this happening anytime in the foreseeable future? I know, I know...all hinges on the damnable hcl, but...
  5. ezrapound

    Bank story

    I went to the bank this morning and asked about the dinar. Turned around and left while they were still rolling on the floor laughing...
  6. So I finally seem to have turned a corner of some kind. Started out believing the first of January...then the end of January, then the end of the first quarter. Seems like replays of things we have seen over and over and over for years. I have said for some time now that I just didn't know how to throw in the towel and quit. But you know what? I think I have found the way, and it's very simple: I am just going to do it. I have believed in all this till I was/am blue in the face and nothing, and I mean nothing ever changes except the words of a few...and those words are really just juggled/reassembled words that have been used ad nauseum: Soon, this week, month.year, etc. I know some of you will say " Not now...not when we're this close"...yada yada yada. Sorry, my faith has been tested to the breaking point. 12 years is just enough. That being said I have decided this will be my last post/reply. No more checking in here every single day. The dinar is going into the shoebox and going on the shelf in the back of the closet. I just can't believe in this any more. Y'all have a great life.
  7. I'm thinking if it comes out too low ( the touted .10 to .20) it'll cause a run on the purchase of Dinar...something the PTB may not wish to see happen. If it comes out a 1.00 it simplifies a lot of things: makes change much easier...1 for one, etc. It will be high enough to still cause some speculational runs on it's purchase, but not so much as to overwhelm them. Restores some of their lost pride ( which is a HUGE deal in the M.E.) I have said for years and years now that I was in the camp of 1.16. Still there and staying there. To me, less than that really makes no sense...but, as we all know I am not an economics wizard.
  8. I'm thinking that with as much evidence of Maliki's nefarious deeds as there is they are perhaps simply gathering as much as possible before they even begin his arrest, trial and hopeful execution so that there is absolutely no way he could wriggle out of it. It amazes me and everyone else here that he has squirmed away from it all for as long as he has, but I am optimistic that sometime soon the hammer will fall on his ugly head. There is enough now certainly, to convict him, but they may be gathering enough so that if he somehow miraculously escapes Iraqi justice the world court can step in and get him for crimes against humanity. In my mind ( just mho) he is responsible for the ISIS situation, to say nothing of the slaughter of untold tens of thousands of civilian ( and military) deaths. In his case I think a resurrection of the Spanish Inquisition might be in order. That means barbed wire enemas followed by liquid plumber and ground glass...and the list goes on. NOTHING is too barbaric or horrible for this piece of camel dung. Somehow I think the people of Iraq will have their vengeance in the end...he will die at their hands.
  9. As much good as they have accomplished in the last few months I still have my doubts whether or not they can find their asses with both hands, a road map, written instructions and a gps and a scout/navigator...
  10. Correct Chuck. They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity...
  11. Jeez Louise where is Adam's chat today??
  12. The guy lives in Great Britain so maybe their laws are different than ours...
  13. Exactly. There's honest and then there's ridiculously stupid...!
  14. Exactly. There's honest and then there's ridiculously stupid!

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