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  1. So, if your intent was/is to sell/ditch the rest of your dinar, why come here and infect us with this kind of negativity when there is a specific section for buying and selling of said dinar? EZ, I seem to recall, and so I went back to check on past posts of yours in which you claimed to have been " HAD. " You also said in one post that you had sold all your dinar. You have infected this board many times with similar negativity. you have started threads whining with negativity. Practice what you preach.
  2. Well, EZ it is interesting that every time I visit DV you are online here. If you feel you have been had, then walk away after you give us your blessings. You and I talked in Chat about this subject last year and you made fun of a loved one for not believing in the r/v and called her a fool for it. I think you really are on the fence about what you think. Your posts go back and forth and then start over again. It gets tiring keeping up with your emotions.
  3. I apologize for my last posting on this topic. Someone messaged me and told me that EZ is not that person. I would have deleted this but because I only post occasionally, I have no idea how to do that. I apologize to all members. I apologize, especially , to EZ.
  4. That is not why you were banned and you know it, EZ. My ex-husband was on the site when you were banned for coming on and whining about money until you got people who trusted you like you were a real friend. My husband , as many people did, sent you money. You were banned for scamming people. I watch you. closely. on here and when you start whining, I get nervous.
  5. Roundaround, on 08 May 2015 - 6:33 PM, said: Stealth, I must ask however...if you really think what you said, why are you here still? " "Our Stealth is having a hard time as many of us here are . We who have known him for a little while understand. He's hanging on by a thread as also many of us are. So we support our nay sayers cause we know that deep down inside there is a glimmer of hope. Thats why HE and MANY of us are still here. But Thank You for asking............ ;)" @@@@@@@@@@@@Millionaire In Training. I was not asking about Stealth. I was quoting Ezra when he asked Stealth an
  6. "Wow. Just wow. Thanks for all the good advice and good wishes here. Didn't expect this kind of outpouring. So, that being said, I will hang in there for awhile longer. I really didn't consider just selling out or anything like that, just giving up on the belief anything will happen anytime soon. Stealth, I must ask however...if you really think what you said, why are you here still? " I don't post much. Mostly I just read and listen and learn. That being said, EZ. You come on here about once a month saying the same thing as the month before. You are disillusioned about another month passi
  7. Well, Gee, EzRa. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE approve my avatar. I, God forbid, would hate to be tacky .
  8. My attributes go much further than a DD. That being said, bring ME a cold beer. I hate it when men see that and nothing else. I applaud men who can look above ( literally ) the attributes on my itty-bitty chest and see that I am worth something.
  10. This sounds like the prophesies in the NKJ concerning "The Last Days : of civilization and Armageddon . Wars and rumors of wars etc. I'm not into the " it' s always darkest before the dawn way of thinking because history doesn't work that way. Don't think that is level-headed . It is hopeful thinking in the light of all the chaos. We want it so badly that we find any way to try to make sense of what is happening . yet again , over there
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