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  1. If an investigation of the same proportion and scope where to be against H. Clinton or B. Obama and the DNC, I can only imagine the amount of criminals that would be uncovered. It would, no doubt, be in the high dozens.
  2. I would rather chew second hand gum from under a Waffle House table, than see or hear AOC speak. She speaks Psyco-bable...she's a nut job.
  3. Trump responding to a hypothetical, because he knows he's done nothing wrong, would not be put in that position. Liberals crack me up when President Trump trolls them. Love the man. MAGA! 2020 KAG!
  4. George Soros is the devil incarnate. He's a despicable, disgusting, nasty, Godless, pathetic, inhuman being. Or to sum it up... he's a Liberal.
  5. Will someone paleeze throw this Maxipad Waters in the toilet and be sure to flush twice.
  6. Resignations aren't good enough! Prison is a MUST for ALL involved and lose their pensions!! I wanta see PERP WALKS!!! o'BUTTHO TOO!
  7. Karen Handel (R) WON! Thank you President Trump, I'm still not tired of winning. Now the score in special elections is... Demoncrats 0 Republicans 5
  8. Finally! President Trump fired FBI Director Comey. mmmbyebye Comey!
  9. Is there something I can do to keep the ads from making my pages 3 times the width they should be? I have to scroll to the right 3 pgs to see the "Activity" drop down button, because Adds spread out there. I'm on a Galaxy S5.
  10. Obuttho has been following this to a T, as many before him. That's why I'm for Trump...he could put a stop to this crap. Clinton will keep us circling the toilet bowl or most likely expedite the flush.
  11. Best proof I've seen thus far, Moose. In this case...Less truly is more...
  12. This whole Obama administration is PERVERTED and SICK in the head. So are the people that don't stand against this kind of perversion.
  13. Watch Missouri's crime rate drop like a rock. Criminals carry, law or no law. But when they know their potential victims may be able to fire back...they may think twice. But, then again, criminals aren't very smart and neither are gun control advocates.
  14. You"re not too bright eh? As you should see, I don't put up with it and I'm not afraid to speak out against you Liberal unGodly pukes. Not worried about it either. How's that for leadership, dipstick?
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