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  1. Yes and those same satellites are sending frequencies to change your thoughts and actually believe this bullshit! Amazing right?
  2. Those tough Isis extremists and their laws. Why don't they just castrate the men? They already cover up the women, then they deny them an education and now this! What crazy stuff is in their water? Where do they get this stuff? These little men aim their anger at defenseless women. They are amazingly crazy! It's such a twisted view of the world! I think there needs to be a clan up and swiftly. Educating the masses is a quick,start to clean out their warped anger. The wealthy people there deny the rest of their own people any quality way of life! Yet, at the same time those rich sob's then point the finger at the USA and western democracy. It's a way to keep the masses under control. I'm concerned for the future of our kids and this world.
  3. As I see it the extremists run with fear tactics. Everyone else is afraid to denounce and publicly outcry against them! Where are all the so called Muslim leaders of the world. I don't see them standing up. I don't see it in the news here or there! Also, as a world we don't ban together and fight against these terrorists. It should be quick and swift. The message against this kind of violence should be sharp and fast. Not because I agree with violence but unfortunately this is the only way to save lives. By sending a quick message with unequal force swiftly and strong. Yet, the world and forces against this brutal evil is slow and so the extremists gain footholds. They gain power and hide in cracks coming out in the night. This problem is going to take many more lives and many years due to the slow response against it. And in the front of this are their own people, who say the least and do the least to stop it! This is a world problem... It grows like cancer. In the end I truly believe in PEACE but you can't reason with generations of uneducated hate.
  4. Now here is one amazingly unintelligent and ill informed statement. As if Israel doesn't have enough issues around her as it is. You really need to brush up on Israel, history, and current events. Amazing how you can bring Israel into this mess! (((Rolling my eyes again)))
  5. Obama pulled out early! That is about it for Obama. Dealt a bad deck of cards and played them wrong. Bushs started this war... Bush and Cheney made big money on this war.... At the cost of trillions in dollars, our economy and worse, American lives. If you want to point fingers use the right facts and history please......
  6. Incredible knowledge here. One thing I know is our investment isn't looking too good from my current vantage point. This stuff has me a bit concerned. The gurus can pump all they want but I am really impressed with the little involvement from the USA and world. Obama once again plays this political stand back approach. I hate war or losing one American... Yet we have to clean up our mess! Too much at stake, no? I suppose if big oil worries we will be there in some form... If it were up to me I'd say bring in a heavy heavy assault with many countries all at one time. Some bad A$$ over whelming force... It's time the world stands up united and scares the day lights out of terrorist groups! They prey on weakness and slow movement. I hope my dinar is worth something.... This ride just got kicked up several levels ,
  7. Well what I know is there is much more to this than meets the eyes here! Once again you all think our president is running the show from our side. One man in office is calling the shots? DOUBT IT! He answers to a higher authority. As for the chance that here we are so dam close to a new government and reform of their currency etc. oh there is someone behind all this and I really don't believe the news. All of a sudden out if no where the city's are falling? Wow. Amazing no one could see this coming... Not for days or weeks. No one could stop this? Am I the only one here scratching my head thinking this is total bull! Not that they aren't seizing places and some crazy force but that it's so sudden and calculated and swift and with littl resistance. We sheep believe. I feel very alone here... Like a white sheep among many black... Or visa versa. Dj org. I hit plus and it neg d ... Sorry Total agreement! Please anyone change that for me. Thanks Don't be so sure on his power... Seriously these days I doubt they do anything alone or from the dense matter between his ears. He is a bad puppet playing by the big boys rules. It's not as political sided and we may think. I bet it's more power and money motivated and he is a yes man like the past presidents.
  8. Actually it makes no difference what we believe... Yet, what seems the most likely given the changes and trade, GDP, the list goes on. It "should be" at a good rate. They repeatedly stated they will be the strongest currency in the Middle East.
  9. Well, I won't be elected because I will always say IMHO or something which says there is no guarantee. Yet, week After week these dealers (I mean gurus) sell this on any slight change. Many people but into It. It's like Chicken little but week after week. It I secured what reliable Intel is available. Keeping ones mind in what is being accomplished and what remains ahead is best. I will say one thing as Guru me predicts it won't happen this week. Now I bet I'm more accurate than most gurus. Stay grounded newbies. Peace
  10. The gurus keep stating that their is a buzz about Kurdish negotiations and the change in rate or tradable currency by mid year or June 1st. No one knows and don't bet or hold your breath. It's better to put your hands together and prays... Peace all...
  11. Yes there is a lot happening. In truth it seems like de ja vue of last year and the one before... Not to discourage, seriously. Yet, the elections are a great sign. They have announced many changes which are never seen. I'm not trying t be a pessimist but I have been here a while. Don't get too excited yet. When you realize that this is unforeseeable and do your best to see what is happening, don't allow your emotions to rule over trend or logic. I want this to happen yesterday! The reality is that I doubt they will allow this change during a new administration. My logic tells me we are in a wait. It just doesn't seem like they should unfold such a vast change with a newly elected government. I wish to be wrong but correct me if you believe I am... I can handle a disagreement on this. Stay grounded my fellow investors. Peace
  12. Raysur, I am not always right but my efforts for a while have been to try and protect those who know less than myself. I rode the train of ignorance and at times I learn for that. Yet, if I can keep one person from a false hope I will do my best. As I said not a single one of us knows a time line and for Iraq or the CBI to allow that knowledge to be public would be very detrimental to the birth of a new monetary implementation. If I didn't think it would happen I wouldn't be here or invested. Yet, though the news keeps coming out of Iraq with polar different messages, it seems they will or should change their value so they don't lose so much on many levels of trade etc. I myself am conflicted between what I want to have happen and what I have seen taking place. Let's hope and pray for a quick change for both Iraqi citizens and for us. (c ;
  13. Week by week I am drawn to read from a dinar guru site. It's always the same thing stating how the currency is changing Very Soon! I believe the budget has nothing to do with the CBI changing the dinar rate. Correct me if I am wrong. It's important new dinar members don't get false hopes which drag on for years... The only thing I know is that no one knows. The change over in the dinar value will be an amazingly guarded secret until the moment it happens. China had an RV and the day before they swore it will never happen. I'm not saying this won't happen and that people shouldn't follow news and those who have some knowledge. What I am saying is most don't know a thing. Most "gurus" are making money on the sale of Dinar and drive the hope week to week with false intel. Those of you who have been on this ride might be able to help those who don't know... So any help on this topic is helpful. Peace
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