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  1. Keep up the good work and enjoy your deserve it, some people need to get a life.
  2. Ron, If it helps I should let you know I bought all of mine except my first transaction from GID.
  3. I agree Ron...Don't worry about the authenticity of your Dinar, this is entirely an internal problem with Sterling and its holdings. It really doesn't have any bearing on us. I still have that warm fuzzy feeling about my Dinar. Sooner or later it will pop but I'm believing it will be SUDDENLY!!!!!
  4. Thanks for the help, I had discovered that last night. I will stick with my convictions.. To each his own.. Nothing to do with VIP.
  5. I forgot to thank you for this post, so....Thanks for the post/thread.
  6. I don't post much these days but I have been lurking because this site is the absolute best. This is where I get my Dinar 'fix' because I trust the information Adam brings to us. I also appreciate the Mods and the dinarians who post, keeping it real. There is such a wealth of information among all of you and even though I've been silent for awhile I want to thank you and say it's been a great (although long) ride. God bless each and every one of you, may your hopes, dreams and desires be fulfilled with this blessing from God that is eminently upon us.
  7. Do you come over from some site with douchbag in it's title? Don't wast your time, Just go away.
  8. I have not been in it that long but I believe its gonna happen sooner rather than later. I respect those that have been in for such a long time and I belive that your patience will be rewarded. My God shall supply all of my needs and this is the season its gonna be done. Not trying to push anything just trying to uplift those that need uplifting. Its much more than a gut feeling. Not pushing anything..just saying and stating my belief by faith. This is just a resource, The Lord Jesus Christ is my source. This isn't an end just a means to an end. I have learned a lot from DV and I appreciat
  9. dodah

    nasdaq down

    Yeah ScooterScum, next to crapping snowballs thats my fondest wish... to be a guru. LOL!!!! No link, no trust.... You crack me up. I think I saw where Frank26 was asking his (family) to keep NYSE in prayer..Wow!!!! What an overreaction to a glitch.
  10. In Response to KingBean's comments about Recr@aps They won't post any comments that try to call out the Gurus that blatently lie. Speaking of that my vote goes to Debtarheelgirl. She may not claim to be a guru but she is so tied in with OOM and company its not funny. She always uses religion in a way that I think (as a born again christian) is totally inappropiate. Just my opinion.
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