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  1. Confused again. Is dropping the 3 zeros a good thing or a bad thing? Will our 25,000 Dinars be 25.Dinars times whatever they come out with. 25. equals $25. at 1 to 1.
  2. Stop bringing this crap over without a link.
  3. I predict the guru's will predict Monday 3/30/2015 will be our day.
  4. Ya! and they jumped right on the problem when ISIS invaded. It is one reason after another to delay the RV. what will it be next week, next month, next year. Lets start a list and see what we can come up with. Yes, if this is what we are waiting on wall paper you garage with the Dinar.
  5. I have heard a similar story a couple years back. Not from an electrician and Chinese. The BS on these sites is just incredible.
  6. May be a big deal today like everything else tomorrow will follow. yada yada yada If they are using Dinar to trade with the other countries at 1166 wouldn't that be, hello let me guess. I give 1 dinar today at 1166 and when I RV its like I gave you what ever they RV at. Some how that does not seem financial sound.
  7. I just bought because it was pretty. Legs, arms, thumbs,eyes, toes, and T's
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