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Adam Montana 13 March 2020 - CBI Auctions and Iraqi Budget

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Good morning, DinarVets!   This one took me a bit to write up, and I'll be candid here - it was the most fun I've had writing an update in quite some time!   Like many of you, I do

How did I know someone was going to stomp in here and summarize a couple days of work in a single sentence?  

Thanks Adam you are the man. It kinda sounds like the Trump train once it gets rolling there’s no stopping it. We know all the snowflakes feelings are going to be hurt reading this  but get use to it

Posted Images

Very clear and succinct. I never really understood how auctions worked before this explanation.


You saying you are staying on the bus is also good to hear ........... It says a lot in a few words



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:twothumbs: Thank You For The Structured And Analytical Yet Exceptionally Cogent Post, Adam, AND ALL The Very Best!!! :tiphat:


4 hours ago, Adam Montana said:

Like many of you, I do fairly frequent "check ins" on my feelings about this investment... and I have questions, just like everyone else. "Is this still worth waiting on? Did the bus turn around and it's time to get off?" 


An Iraqi RV is not a guarantee, so these are fair questions any sane and intelligent person should ask themselves once in a while.


Certainly, Your post focused on things IN Iraq and for good reason. THANKS!!!


If left ALONE to the Bicraqi Iraqi of THEIR own "accord", I would NOT be as favorable regarding THIS Speculative Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Investment and likely would have NOT gotten into THIS "investment" AT ALL.


My opinion is the turbocharged value to the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar INTERNATIONALLY !!!SUDDENLY!!! is due to the INTERNATIONAL Trade BEYOND CRUDE OIL that, in my opinion, will power up AND amp up. Every Country needs Trade to bolster THEIR economies. With Iraq's untapped and unharnessed natural resources, strategic location, AND positioning for INTERNATIONAL Safe, Secure, Stable, AND Sovereign Relations, Iraq likely will be a primo go to fertile location for INTERNATIONAL influx of capital for economic development. A veritable fountain of economic productivity IF THEE Bicraqi Iraqi maintain THEIR obligations for remaining Safe, Secure, Stable, AND Sovereign while engaging the Win/Win with foreign investors BEYOND CRUDE OIL.


I believe THIS will happen and is key to THIS Speculative Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Investment "success".


I believe BOTH the internal AND external factors are equally important for ReInstating THEE Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar INTERNATIONALLY !!!SUDDENLY!!!.


Kinda like a transmission in the engine/transmission/power train configuration. The engine is the external INTERNATIONAL funds exchange with Iraq, the transmission is Iraq WITH ALL THEE Bicraqi Iraqi AND THEIR "behaviors", AND THEE power train is the Bicraqi Iraqi production sector BEYOND CRUDE OIL inter related to other Countries for TRACTION purposes. Well, OK, some power take off units and gear boxes properly constructed and lubed hanging off the side of the transmission.


:easyrider:   :easyrider:   :easyrider:



Well, OK, astronomical speculation from an exceptionally simple mentally incapacitated model.


Well, OK, another simple mentally incapacitated model is the pass through INTERNATIONAL Trade for Iraq of, nominally, 5 TRILLION USD per year (2.5 TRILLION going west, south, AND north / 2.5 TRILLION going east) WITH 1% pass through tariffs AND customs:


5 TRILLION USD per year x 1% = 50 BILLION USD per year.


THIS ALONE will "wipe" "out" THEE Bicraqi Iraqi Annual Budget "deficits".


WHY, pray tell, Is THIS "show" NOT ON THEE "trade" "route", er, "road"???!!!


Legacy INTERNATIONAL AND Bicraqi Iraqi corruption from the previous 40+ years. I look for corresponding yet seemingly unrelated news indicating THIS "obstruction" HAS BEEN removed.


Well, OK, I (MOST other folks, too) likely am better served just sticking with Your Exceptionally COGENT assessments, Adam!!!




Go Moola Nova!


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38 minutes ago, Synopsis said:

Thank You For The Structured And Analytical Yet Exceptionally Cogent Post

the hardest part of writing a 7000 word post is usually butchering it back down to 2000 :lol: 

And I certainly agree - this post focused on a couple specific items IN Iraq, but the large picture certainly involves much more, like this:


4 hours ago, Adam Montana said:

have been in effect long enough that it wouldn't matter


I said “it wouldn’t matter” because once the rest of the world is involved, that train is not going to be stopped. 



All the best to you and yours as well!

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Just now, Adam Montana said:

the hardest part of writing a 7000 word post is usually butchering it back down to 2000 :lol: 


:salute:!!!Adam Montana!!!:salute:


:lmao:   :lmao:   :lmao:


I can honestly say I wasn't entirely successful with "brevity" HERE!!!


2 minutes ago, Adam Montana said:

I said “it wouldn’t matter” because once the rest of the world is involved, that train is not going to be stopped. 




One reason I believe !!!SUDDENLY!!! is in order since SPECULATION MUST BE CURBED while Bicraqi Iraqi AND Insanian ACTUAL "practices" may be BABY a "distraction" for what is REALLY going on.


5 minutes ago, Adam Montana said:

All the best to you and yours as well!


Thank You, SIR!!!


I am SO glad You are recovered. You are GREATLY Appreciated, SIR!!!


Go Moola Nova!


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My stinkin' purple trophy AND emerald counter is STILL topped out TODAY.


ALL, Please accept +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ for now.


Go Moola Nova!


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Your covered Sir one for you and Adam.  :D


10 minutes ago, Synopsis said:

My stinkin' purple trophy AND emerald counter is STILL topped out TODAY.


ALL, Please accept +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ for now.


Go Moola Nova!



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5 minutes ago, nannab said:

Your covered Sir one for you and Adam.  :D




:twothumbs: Thank You, NannaB, AND ALL The Very Best!!! :tiphat:


I'll be by later when "restocked".


Go Moola Nova!


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    • By Adam Montana
      Happy Wednesday, DV!
      One day till Thanksgiving - I am thankful every single day for the amazing community we have here.
      Tomorrow, I will be thankful for the same things I am thankful for every day, and also pumpkin pie.  
      Stay safe everyone, however you spend the day.  
      COVID cases are "on the rise", but before you get all worked up about it... do some research on how the tests are being conducted, specifically PCR testing. And maybe look at this chart:

      The Weekly Update last week was postponed, delayed, and finally buried on page 4 here in case you didn't find it.
      The DOW this week... holy MOLY! 29,965.01 as of right now. Yesterday we crossed 30,000 and held that for a respectable time.
      BITCOIN... I know most of you wouldn't waste your time on anything that looks as boring as this chart:

      I mean, it's basically just tedious, boring profit. No excitement. Ugh.
      (If tiresome stuff like that interests you, we have a dedicated section to it in the VIP section here. Not that I'd ever encourage anyone to participate in anything that results in amazing results. Or learn anything new. Or profit. Blech. Who wants that...)
      OIL - More boring stuff. The last screenshot I posted of Oil was $42.21. This one is $45.42.
      When will this tediousness end.

      Of course, we need that kind of boring (stable) path. Boring actually equals predictable in this case, and it's the best thing we could ask for.
      It's leading to more and more progress like this:
      And this:
      And... I could go on, but I'm going to save some good stuff for tomorrow.  
      I'm going to wrap this up early for now, and spend some time with my family today.
      I'll be doing a follow up tomorrow, because "Black Friday". And Cyber Thursday.
      And all those other great reasons to share some love 😍
      I'll send out a special offer tomorrow morning. Watch your email for that  
      One final thought before I head off...
      US Politics - the Trump Train is running out of time, but not out of steam. I'm excited to see what last minute things come out of the current President's office... and I would not be surprised at all to see something major that helps Iraq.
      One of the longest standing Dinar rumors of all time is that Mr Trump owns a significant amount of dinar. I'm sure that anything he personally held has long since been transferred to a foreign entity (*cough OSI cough*!!!), so we won't see his name on a transaction receipt when the value goes up and everyone is taking profits... but would it really surprise you to see one of his last acts as President is something that helps the Iraqis boost the value of their currency?
      It won't be a surprise to me! The limited time Trump has left in office is actually an exciting factor in the Dinar world.
      I don't care if you like The Donald or not, you have to at least see the potential there!
      Be sure to get in the Weekly Lotto Pool (here), I'll see you tomorrow, and 

      - Adam
    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon all!
      The weekly update will be delayed until tonight or tomorrow - I'm travelling today and my internet is so weak I can't download my personal briefings from my contacts.
      These briefings are vital to my updates because even when I don't have anything major to announce - I always keep regular tabs on what's going on. I'm in communication with people at several sources that provide invaluable information to me, and this week's communicado package is larger than usual... I'm excited to open it but I need a better connection.
      Darn third world countries, I tell ya'
      UNTIL LATER....
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning, and Happy Wednesday!
      First, foremost, and with the utmost reverence... Happy Veterans Day. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all who have served or are serving.
      There aren't words enough.
      Back by popular demand... the Rubies! Neggers be warned, however... you are no longer anonymous. You can't simply click the downvote button and run off to your cave anymore muah-ha-ha-ha  
      Since I was in there playing with things, I added another reaction: 
      We will see how that goes  
      In the US of A, we have a political fustercluck (as usual), and like I said last week... the winner of the election doesn't really affect what Iraq can and will do. 
      It does, however, have an impact on what current President Trump may do in his (possibly) final months as CEO of the USA. 
      Pushing Iraq towards an increase in wealth would be an incredible thing to add to the list of accomplishments, don't you think?
      I do.  
      BTC is up 38% this month. That's pretty nice!

      The price of Oil is more important to Iraq, and that's doing fine:

      Also important is the political state in Iraq, and that too is doing fine...
      So... what's the holdup?
      HCL. And Article 140, to a limited extent, being limited to it's importance to the HCL.
      Good news, though... that's being worked on, and progress is being made. @yota691 posted this article just a bit ago, and this part is notable:
      Don't give up yet, friends... things are moving.
      I'll close on that note... for now.
      Get in the Weekly Powerball Pool here, and GOOOOO RRRRVVVVV!!!!!!
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning DinarVets, and happy Wednesday!
      Also, happy continuation-of-November-3rd, where the voting happened and the counting continues.
      I know there are a lot of people who are on the edge of their seats today, waiting for the ballots to be counted and the winner of the United States presidential election to be decided.
      The unfortunate fact is... it's too close of a race to call yet, and we probably won't have a clear answer until at least the end of the day. More likely, the end of the week.
      No matter who wins, life will go on. Love your loved ones, let go of that which does not serve you well and good, and GO RV!!!
      The US political news is enough to keep me writing here for hours upon hours, if that was what I cared to do...
      ... it's not.  
      I'm sure a lot of gossip and speculation surrounding the elections will be affecting the Dinar world.
      If Trump is going to stay in the White House, Iraq certainly has a good reason to count on support from the US in their revalue (increase) of their currency.
      If Trump will not be staying in the Oval Office, he could make one of his last plays a major push to help Iraq in any way they want.
      No matter what, President Trump still has an influence on foreign affairs, policy, and support for Iraq until at least January 19th 2021. And we know he won't be doing anything to hinder Iraq in an RV.
      That may be why we aren't seeing any actual news about Iraq's currency as it directly relates to the US presidential election... because no matter how this goes, they still have the support of the US and regardless of how things turn out, we have a few months where they are in a great position, with global support, and they can flip that switch with no substantial resistance from one of the most influential and powerful nations in the world - the USA.
      With all that said... my suggestion is simple.
      Hang tight, wait for the official RV announcement from DinarVets, get in VIP(!!!!), and 
      The weekly Powerball Pool is here.
      - Adam
      P.S. It was mentioned recently that something I said may have held a hidden message... has anyone ever noticed the colors I use for "GO RV!"? And the order I put them in?
      5,000 DV points for the first member to guess the significance. Hint - there are two parts to the explanation.
      P.P.S. I would personally enjoy some great commentary on how the markets are performing and how they will continue to react as time goes on this week. @Pitcher? 
    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon all!
      VIP members - I just put a post up in VIP here. I'll send an email shortly announcing it.
      Everyone else - no "dinar" update from me today. I've spent the majority of the day working through the final touches on what I just posted in VIP, and this is once again just part of the bigger picture.
      Iraq is moving at a brisk pace right now. We are seeing things we have never seen before. They are accomplishing things that many said would never happen. 
      I think they are going to shock the world soon.
      These features that are coming out (the Rock On badge , testing the VIP text system, etc) are all part of a bigger plan. 
      This is actually a rare type of situation where I'm going to explain in public what's going on with the VIP update.
      Being VIP here does a lot for you, even before the RV is announced, but one of the benefits is that all VIP members will get a text message alerting them about the event when it happens.
      I have my finger on the pulse of this thing, all the time, and I'm confident that I'll know about it within minutes of it happening, if not slightly before.
      I'll verify it to be sure, and then initiate a series of actions that will alert the members about it.
      Non-VIP members will get an email - once I'm done pushing out the VIP alerts, of course.
      VIP members will get an immediate text message and a few different emails. These emails are going to contain the information needed to keep abreast of the situation - we have no doubt that it will be fluid and we may have days to cash in, we may have months, but we may have less time. We don't know yet - and it's imperative that we have that information as fast and accurate as possible.
      That's just one aspect of VIP.
      Another is the guaranteed better cash in rate. With us having the largest and best connected group of dinar holders on the planet, we have the ability to leverage our position and get a reduced spread, which will equal much more cash in your pocket.
      ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   I'm talking $$$$ thousands more $$$$$. Guaranteed. 
      It's not rocket science, and it's explained in this short and simple free Guide --> here<--.
      One of the most common requests I've received over the years has always been the ability to "confirm" the text notification system. I've always declined because the resources needed were too high, but we recently had some slow periods of progress with Iraq and I took some time to develop a better alert system... one of the improvements was a Verification system so our VIP members can test the Text function.
      The new system is even faster, more versatile, and all VIP members can now test it.
      Details in the VIP section here.
      There are more benefits, but the above is more than worth the investment. 
      Things are happening. Iraq is moving at a brisk pace. There has never been a more important time to be in VIP.
      Join here.
      As always.... Go Iraq, Go VIP, and 
      GO RRRVVVV!!!!!
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