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  1. 2007 for me. The first of several purchases was at Chase back then lol. Still in the Chase bank envelope lol. Hope the HCL is getting sorted out. Fool heartedly listened to so many Gurus back then lol. They were RV-ing each week lol. Thanks Chuck for that update on the HCL headline. @ChuckFinley
  2. Short, sweet, simple and to the point. Love those when they come along. Thanks man! (Adam)
  3. Big silly grin plastered all over my face... "what's wrong with that guy?"... lol
  4. SO exciting! Adam thank you for all you and your team do! Exciting times ahead! GO RV!
  5. Thanks Adam. Exciting times in our journey with the dinar.
  6. Adam thank you so very much! Loved this update. #patience Have a wonderful week! Also, the site looks real clean.
  7. Love this post and the last one! Thank you Good Sir!
  8. Love love this Adam! Thank you! Things are getting exciting. After so many years, we may actually be at the finish line! I remember ordering my first dinars working in Iraq back in 2007 (could still get them at Chase Bank back then!). Had no clue what kind of ride this would be lol! Still have them in the original Chase envelope from all those years back lol! Cheers! Go HCL and RV!
  9. Love the post and the energy! Thank you! Go HCL!
  10. Have any of you heard that the Iraq Government was formed as of earlier today?
  11. Ha! Agreed lol! I also love the kid in the yellow shirt, he's doing this weird inverted toes dance lol... and the way Pigpen is strumming that bass lol..
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