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  1. Love your Droopy (Ole Dep Dog) Avatar! :-)
  2. Holy Moly! I know Adam didn't call out a date or anything but I REALLY liked this " The current news trend is really positive and I have a suspicion that I'll be doing more than one update next week" Reading that blurb certainly got my attention as we wind this journey down. Thanks for all that you put into this Adam! Go RV!
  3. Your words resonated with me big time. Stay safe and vigilant at all times. Loose lips....and who all knows about your investment, good points to consider. Lot of snakes out here... thank you Syn!
  4. An exciting time for sure for both the dinar and crypto! No complaints here! It has been a lot of years for dinar. So it will be a sweet victory when we are at the finish line! Patience is a good thing! Cheers to this community!
  5. I'm in the same boat you are Frosty jack! Lol.. Go RV!
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