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  1. I usually buy off of eBay and check the security features when they arrive. A lot of people, including myself, have had to sell on eBay during times of financial difficulty. I haven't had any issues with eBay, so that's my go-to source to buy more.
  2. Thank you Adam for taking the time to provide us with this detailed explanation. Go RV!!
  3. I found it by clicking on coorslite21, go to the profile, scroll down and you'll see the thread "the perfect storm". Thank you LGD...I really hope this is the weekend!!
  4. Thanks Adam. Hopefully this long ride is about to be over! 🙏
  5. I think the RV will happen before the end of the year due to the pressure the citizens are putting on the CBI to get this done (per social media), the fact that they owe Iran $1B and it needs to be paid in dinar within 45 days, and the fact that the last time they tried to RV was in the 4th quarter of 2013 in the month of December. I think those reasons set the bar pretty high for it to happen this year. I definitely feel and hope that it will be no later than January if it doesn't happen by the end of the year.
  6. I just wanted to say thanks to my DV friends who have my back! I appreciate all of the love and support in the comments on this thread. I don't why someone wants to be nasty and give everyone a negative. I even got a negative when I simply said that the dinar had been sold, lol. I love my DV family and I hope to meet many of you....hopefully in the near future!
  7. The 1 million I had listed for sale has been sold.
  8. Thank you. I've offered to sell it here because not everyone knows where to buy it, I've offered it lower than what sellers on Ebay are selling it for and it ends up being a better deal for me to do a personal transaction than to have to pay fees. All I am saying is that offers definitely have to be above $800 or I could just sell it to a currency site. I have a lot of friends on this site, so that's another reason I posted it here.
  9. No, sorry. FYI: 1 million sells for about $1,000 on Ebay and companies who buy back currency pay at least $800, so it would be pointless to go that low.
  10. Unfortunately I can't go that low. The 1 million is still available.
  11. I sadly need to sell 1 million dinar ASAP!! It's 25k notes uncirculated with all security features. I'm selling it for $900. Please leave a message here or email me at
  12. Hi @Karsten I tried to send you a message on here, but it wouldn't let me. Please send me an email at so we can discuss further.
  13. I have 1 million dinar for sale (forty 25k notes). It's uncirculated, has all 5 security features and was bought from my local bank. $25 per 25k note or 500,000 for $470 or 1 million for $900 I can send with tracking as soon as possible.
  14. Excellent article! Hopefully this long wait is going to be over soon!
  15. Ever since the discovery of this testing site, it's been showing 1.2. Also, the testing site keeps going down today. We want to see these two sites merge together and become one and put the currency converter that says 1.2 on the official CBI site. They're definitely doing something with the sites today. SOON!
  16. For anyone interested, this is another translation from someone else.... There is no peace, Iraq Iraq money scum win wediohn suspicious corruption deals, money laundering, smuggling of millions or even billions of dollars to destinations unknown source before the eyes of all deputies before Haider Abadi and centainly won't forget smuggling billions of dollars out of Iraq, through fake financial companies already sapped the interns exchangers billions of State Treasury and what about the issue of the disappearance of $4 billion dollars from Central Bank cofffers days Nouri Al-malice where he enojoys absolute powers in Disbursement of funds directly from Central Bank coffersand lack of representatives paralysis and body integrity and all administrative and regulatory bodies, especially the Office of financial supervision in the accountability and accounting and pursue disbursements with one elbow Maliki's secret at the most important position of Chief of financial control, Turkish Baset pull four billion dollars from the Treasury turned you against formal written without any central or even a sign of her, but I just had a phone call from Nouri al-malice-finish everything, where the Central Bank of Iran recognizes the amount of two billion Dollars in cash to support Iran's economy crumbling, the Syrian Government received $1 billion for the purpose of sustaining its economy as well as prisons in Yemen received $1 billion to support them in their rebellion we you you lookout over
  17. They double up auctions on some days. This started in June. It basically says that today's auction was performed yesterday.
  18. Not the news we want to hear Regardless, I think the RV is definitely in the near future! So much exciting stuff happening right now!
  19. You're welcome. Unfortunately, it doesn't make any sense and still leaves us all confused.
  20. I have a screenshot of the message from the CBI site, but my image is too large to load and I'm not able to resize it at the moment. Here is the translation of the Arabic message that was on Iraq and Winn Corruption deals and the smuggling of money and the smuggling of millions, even billions of dollars to unknown sources source before the eyes of all MPs and in front of Haider Abadi certainly will not forget the issue of smuggling billions of dollars out of Iraq, through fictitious financial companies and cashier banks exhausted these billions of state treasury And what about the case of the disappearance of the amount of four billion dollars from the treasury of the Central Bank in the days of Nuri al-Haleki, where he had absolute powers in the disbursement of funds directly from the treasury of the Central Bank and the lack of paralysis of the House of Representatives and the Integrity and all supervisory and administrative bodies and in particular the Office of Financial Control in Accountability and Accountability And follow-up funds disbursed with the existence of one of the secret arms of the owners in the most important position, which is the head of the Office of Financial Supervision Abdul Basset Turki A $ 4 billion withdrawal from the central treasury without any official books or even a reference to it, but it was just a telephone call from Nuri al-Halki ended everything, where the Central Bank of Iran received $ 2 billion in cash to support the economy of Iran's dilapidated, Billion dollars for the purpose of sustaining its economy and the Huthis in Yemen received $ 1 billion to support them in their rebellion I got it resized......
  21. Hi @Adam Montana From my understanding, the bis has been linked to Iraq for about a year. It just recently linked to the NEW site.
  22. I apologize if this has already been said somewhere on the forum, but it definitely looks like the "testing" website is linked to the CBI site. Here's how you know it's legit... - Go to (the official site) - Scroll to the bottom & click on statistics. - You will then see "for extended statistics, please click here" - click on that - Now you are on the testing site.... @Adam Montana, what's your thoughts?
  23. Look at dinarthug's post on page 10. It's a legit company located in Iraq
  24. Exactly! IMO, looks like they are ready to stop the auctions and change the rate. I believe they haven't done an auction since June 22nd and throughout the whole month of June, they have been doubling auctions to get ahead. It's coming...SOON!!
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