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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Adam Montana Weekly 5 February 2019

Adam Montana

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Excellent News!!!  Thanks for all you and your staff do for this group!  I've been holding Dinar for 8-9 years or so now...It would be a fantastic happening...Go RV!!!

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been with DV longer than I initially stated.
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3 hours ago, RAN D B said:

Now that's what I am talking about. I would love to shove some words back in the faces  of  people I know that told me I was wasting my time and money. ROCK ON RV and ADAM

I wouldn’t tell them anything, they will be the 1st on your front door wanting you to lend them money or just give it to them! I don’t tell anyone about this, for more reasons than one! JMHO!

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17 hours ago, Beachwalker said:

Chuck Finley was one of my favorite characters and Burn Notice was, I believe, my favorite television series of all time. I sure do miss the episodes!


Thank you for the message of optimism, Adam!


Hanging tough and hoping that all of this patience is rewarded this year. Got involved with my purchase in 2010, added to it, lost a ton of money to Sterling Currency ("Dinar Banker" back then) on their "reserve" program, witnessed about 4 or 5 nightly call groups come and go, witnessed a couple of "Gurus" get frog-walked off to jail, watched everything fall flat where hardly any information of any value was available anywhere. All the while Dinar Vets has been here and the message has been consistent, as has been the post-RV platform. As a Platinum VIP and an OSI Name Reserve info" rel="">Name Reserve member, this 72 year old Army Vet will be looking to "celebrate" with anyone who will celebrate with me when the time comes. Love ya all!

Love that show too. CF and I have a lot in common. Military, Army Intel, low key behind the seen guy. 

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19 hours ago, nannab said:

I checked the packed overnight bag all is good!!! The ringer is still

on high.    :woot::woot::woot:  Mr. Adam



A very BIG Happy Birthday  ChuckFinley 🤞 



 Ok Mista which car where you in at 06:00 am on the highway to Boston this morning

 looking for an 11:00 parade ?  :lol:

Where your ears ringing to amuse myself I looked at the decorated NE Pats car's

saying I know your here.  :lmao:

Thanks nannab, hope to see you at the party.

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15 hours ago, lmb4321 said:

Hey.... want to say Happy Birthday Chuck... especially on a day we've heard such Awesome News.....

This will be memorable for all of us and Chuck to hear that on his Birthday ...This Iraq Monetary Reform

is on it's Final Stage.....Great to hear such awesome news Finally.....Go CBI....Get it DONE....PS...

I'm Just Wondering If you all have been thinking about how you are going to quit your Jobs!!!...

Will it be "F U"...or "thank you for being such a good employer and writing a nice letter to your boss?"....

Or Somewhere in between.....

Thoughts appreciated....just wondering myself....



14 hours ago, Scott McD said:

Happy Birthday Chuck!! Hope we can get together soon to have that single malt!!
Things are feeling very positive at the moment!!


10 hours ago, RodandStaff said:

Happy Birthday a seat at the bar for the Mrs. and I and we will celebrate with you! 🍻

Sandfly Adam and your Mod Squad for the great news... Is it too early to put in my notice at work? 😆  Go ahead though, text anytime, I’ll forgive you! 🤣

Come On RV Baby!!! 😎

Thank you all for the Best Wishes. I hope I get to meet each one of you at the RV party.

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