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  1. THANK YOU ADAM!!👍 Here's to an RV in "SEPTEMBER"!! BLESS THIS COUNTRY!!!!!🙏
  2. THANK YOU ADAM FOR THE WEDNESDAY UPDATE!! 😎 I am TRYING to have a " Big Picture" mentality!! If you're HAPPY, I am too!! GO IRAQ!! GO RV!! 🙏
  3. THANK YOU ADAM!! September works for me also!! Bring it on Iraq!! August is pretty much GONE!! HERE'S TO SOOOOOOOOOOONNN!! IN THE COMING DAYS?!!! YEEE-HAAW!!
  4. Thank you Adam, always appreciate your weeklys! Being a cross country skiier, never liked the avalanches, BUT BRING ON THE AVALANCHE IRAQ, WE ARE READY, WE CAN HANDLE IT!!!
  6. Thank you Adam!! As long as the news is positive, I'm happy😊 GIT-ER-DONE IRAQ!!!
  8. As ALWAYS, thank you Mr. M!!!! 😃 GREAT UPDATE!! Can't wait to say: BADA BING, BADA BOOM, when this IS FINALLY OVER!!
  9. Thank you Mr. M!! 👍 GOOOO HCL!! COME ON IRAQ!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thank you Adam, you made my day!! 😊 Was wondering sir, will it be an RV or an RI (re-instatement)?
  11. THANK YOU MR. M!! I wonder what Pres. Trump will say tomorrow?! They say it is something BIG! HAPPY 4TH EVERYONE HERE AT DV, HAVE A FUN AND SAFE DAY!!
  12. Sorry to hear Pitcher about your family death!! Prayers to ya good buddy!! Hang in there!!
  13. Thank you, nstoolman1!! I am not telling this to get sympathy, I just want everyone to be aware of what is going on behind our backs! Sorry, that site is called: Health Impact and Children's Health Defense Kennedy News and They are trying to MANDATE that EVERY MAN, WOMAN, AND CHILD BE VACCINATED WITH ALL THEIR VACCINES RIGHT NOW IN THE COURTS!! When I was a kid, I only received a few vaccines, NOW, they are giving kids many vaccines, even at birth! Babies do not even have an immune system at birth. They give these or your kids are not to enter into the school system. The vaccines are not the same anymore, they are full of mercury, formaldehyde, just to preserve their vaccines for storage shelf life! They do not care about us, just their money! These vaccines are made with insect, animal and human fetal cells of DNA!! Are they trying to change our DNA? Makes one think!! They are also coming out with a lot more vaccines, like, HIV, Malaria, Herpes, etc, it will never end! Too many other companies are joining in because there is SOOOO MUCH MONEY TO BE MADE ON OUR BEHALF!! Our children are not getting better with the medical system they are getting worse in health! These vaccines cause all kinds of problems, cancer, autism, it is unreal! Big Pharma is paying congress men under the table to push their laws through! We need to stand up to these EVIL CREEPS and say, NO, IT'S MY BODY, MY CHOICE!! Yea, they sure do keep us scared by the Media telling us almost everynight on the T.V. how Measles is spreading due to the unvaxxers, which is totally NOT TRUE!! FAKE NEWS. The ones that do get vaccinated are the ones who shed it to the rest of us! Thanks for letting me vent!! When you go to the store, I like to read the ingredients on what I may be eating, well, we can't read or really know what is in that vaccine!! Just be aware!!
  14. Yea, I've done homework on the issue of vaccines and it's really scary!! They are finding that the people who get vaccinated spread the disease!! Not the unvaccinated!! Go to Health News Update they have the facts on this subject!! John F. Kennedy Jr. is fighting vaccines Big Time!! I lost my son due to vaccine damage, watched him suffer, he couldn't go to school anymore, couldn't function!! effected his brain the most. After many doctors, which made him worse, he couldn't take it anymore and took his life at the sweet age of 16!!!!! Vaccines are just another way for BIG PHARMA to fill their pockets, also to keep the medical system going, keep us sick!! De-populization also!!
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