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  1. Fauci is making money on the vaccine, follow the money......As are Soros and Gates....
  2. Actually called my bank to get into my safety deposit box. My branch has been closed for months, it takes 2 weeks to get an appt to have someone meet you at the branch and let you in. So glad I've waited all these years.... Thanks Adam for keeping it real.
  3. And to think I came on here today to look at maybe selling a few off.....I think I'll just eat Ramen and hold on, what's a little more after 11 years
  4. Haven't been on here for a while, and this is my first post I read. So sad. (((Hugs)))
  5. We all could use a little hope. I like how you worked out the theory...
  6. 2009..... and still waiting. Things do finally look better than they ever did...
  7. Coming up on my seven year anniversary with this group. Happy I joined, no B.S., just the facts. Thanks Adam.
  8. Bostonangler, your right there are no politicians on our side. That is why we love Trump. He gave up a comfortable life to bring this nation back together. The amount of energy the Left is throwing out every day makes me love him more. I didn't like all his tweeting in the beginning, until I realized it was a red laser pointer to the dems, that chase it like cat, hahaha.
  9. I haven't been on GID's site for a while. I was able to log in and see my previous activity. They are not selling anything. There is a notice when you first pull them up at about legal action.
  10. Fingers crossed. My job closed after 19.5 years. Sold my upside down car, then sold my house, paid off my debt, closing on a little 900sf on Friday. Don't mind the downsizing so much, but took a job at 12,000 less a year. Retirement has been moved for me to 72. Wouldn't mind retiring now.
  11. Yes indeed. This forum is the only reason I have hung out so long. I would probably help those around me, mostly rescues, buy a little nicer motorhome and visit more family and friends. A few trips to other worldly places.....
  12. I received test 1, then looked in tab labeled promotions and found test 2. Have it fixed to always come to Inbox. Thank You Adam.
  13. I agree with Marinska, nothing has come out from the President elect Trump himself. All these "news" articles from websites with little to no value are what has been fueling all the distress. Let's wait for the "official" list. I know I am waiting.....
  14. Hi Betty, Last I remember you were getting married. Hope you are happy and welcome back.
  15. LGD, I was not offended. I follow your posts. Please stay safe and have a good day.
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