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Forex Exchange USD/IQD 11.75 !!

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Butiftldrm  -  I'm a contractor in Iraq and I was told by another contractor that when it went to  1.49 in 2009 that was no glitch . He said a state dept. guy told him they were going to revalue at th

Sorry to bump up a dead topic since the two sites showing this yesterday have gone back to normal, but I cant help wondering what happened.  For six hours yesterday at least two sites had the dinar at

$1.00 divided by 11.74 = 0.085    (8 1/2 cents)

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11.74 IQD to the dollar would be 8 1/2 cents.

This immediately brought to mind a speech Abadi made some time ago, where he said the dinar was worth 8 cents.

I had thought at the time that he mis-spoke, because nothing ever came of it, but I never forgot that he said it.

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Currency Import regulations:

Local currency (Iraqi Dinar-IQD) and foreign currencies: must be declared on arrival. 

Currency Export regulations:

1. Nationals or residents of Iraq being older than 18 years of age:
a. local currency (Iraqi Dinar-IQD): up to a maximum of IQD 100,000.-;
b. foreign currencies: up to a maximum of USD 10,000.- or equivalent. 
2. All other passengers: up to the amount imported and declared.

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3 hours ago, Mr. Haney said:

This has been on my phone for a while. $11.79 within 52 weeks  I’ll take it  96E670B9-F654-44E8-BD92-C82BD131068E.thumb.png.faf6c9b818f4ea5834e84ba3ecd8c8a3.png

I'm showing the same on Yahoo. & that 52 week was a glitch or a type O.



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    • By sgtsanders
      Saturday 6/20/20 TV buyback email. I’ve been in this since 2008, I’ve never received emails like these. They are now offering 1000.00 per million. Up 50 dollars since last weeks email. These emails make me feel full of Hopium!

    • By normala rashid
      tommy opinion
      I think you fail to understand the relationship between the Vietnamese dong and the US dollar. Although the dong is not freely convertible, it remains loosely pegged to the dollar in an arrangement known as a ‘crawling peg’. The USA is Vietnam’s top trading partner, so why would they jeopardise that foreign investment coming in by making it more expensive for them to buy Vietnamese goods?
      Fluctuations in Vietnamese inflation also alter the difference in the inflation rates of Vietnam and its trading partners. This will have an impact on the exchange rate of the two currencies. If Vietnam’s inflation rate exceeds that of its trading partner then there will be upward pressure on the real exchange rate. There would be a consequent deterioration of Vietnam’s competitive position, with all the subsequent negative effects on the economy. To prevent a rise in the real exchange rate, the dong has to depreciate relative to the foreign currency in order to reflect the inflation differential.
      However, since the beginning of 2013, the real exchange rates of the dong with the US dollar and the renminbi have both been larger than one. This means that Vietnam’s competitive positions in its bilateral export markets with China and the United States have deteriorated. To improve competitiveness, the SBV could tighten monetary policy to reduce inflation. Alternatively, it could allow its currency to depreciate faster. Both entail short-term pain and long-term gain. The SBV will likely justify this by saying that it is necessary to bring jobs to Vietnam in the age of globalisation.
      my opinion 
      Iraq as big export of crude oil . Inflation will less faster than you expected. I have seen a once that cbi put  1.2 dollar rate in the website . I think iraq will make adjustments rate and delete 3 zero  and reduce the rate and peg dollar to boost export . 
      I really hope  global  currency reset could be happens and  vietnam reinstant their currency . I will put my money in vietnam stock before gcr be happens . 
    • By Half Crazy Runner
      Can anyone explain to me why must they pass the HCL law before there can be a revaluation of the dinar?  What is the connection? It certainly doesn’t look like the GOI will ever agree on this or even bring it up for a vote. They keep pushing it off to the “next session” year after year...  Is it at all possible that we can ever see an RV without the HCL law passing?
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