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  1. The Chinese Virus is a scam.
  2. I translate this to "SHOW ME THE MONEY". LOL
  3. Afghanistan with a higher currency value than Iraq? And one with a currency value worth cashing in on compared to Iraq.
  4. Leave it to the State of California to screw things up. But in other news, taxes in California are going up to help the losers, I mean less fortunate.
  5. Apparently, New Zealand has a mooslim problem.
  6. I would have expected a higher quality sex crime, rub and tug, from somebody with that much money.
  7. More believable than most of the stuff I've read.
  8. How long are we going to police these **** hole countries? Let them burn and learn. If they have no gumption to wipe their own @$$, why should we.
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