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  1. Mr. Haney

    Chinese currency and USD

    This reminds me of an incident my oldest daughter had at a bridge toll booth here in SF Bay Area. She handed the toll taker a $20, but it was an older $20. The toll take said she needed to show identification because she tough it was fake and leave the $20, then come back later for change. Now this toll taker, foreign born, from asia, my daughter is half filipino. She gets on the phone to me blasting this damn foreigner, saying that $20 was in this country longer than she was, etc. I love reminding her of that outburst.
  2. More of the usual BS from Iraq. International investment on projects, putting people to work. Nothing will change!
  3. Mr. Haney

    HCL Possibly In Gazette On Satuerday.

    While I take everything Luigi post with a grain of salt, I find it funny that most who post on Luigi's threads don't do the same and either not comment or just avoid reading it. But, there are a lot of DBags around here who think they are all that, when they bring little to nothing. Must be a bunch of liberals.
  4. Mr. Haney


    Let’s extrapolate it out a some more, 2022.
  5. Mr. Haney

    New guy with some interesting info about Iraq

    Didn’t medick have someone named ghost in chats back in the day? I agree with others, just more BS. If Trump does show up in Iraq Friday, I’ll pay attention.
  6. Chats with Medick. Seems like a lifetime ago. Sounds like the Mailman is still trying to deliver. LOL
  7. Or, you picked a good one to start them back up.
  8. Mr. Haney

    CBI News 06/11/2018

    I like your line of thinking.
  9. Mr. Haney

    Mosul did not fall..I gave it to Daash

    Exactly. Look at our last administration.
  10. Mr. Haney

    Oh man! I don't like this at all.

    Lets hope its smoke and mirrors before it goes pop.
  11. Mr. Haney


    With the good doctor calling RV for the past few months, no wonder he bailed with a BS excuse when still nothing was happening and the crowd was starting to turn on him.

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