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  1. Yes, I read an article talking about a 3 year budget and they had asked the IMF for help with it. Very encouraging.
  2. Working on a 3 year budget and asking the IMF to help with technical details is extremely encouraging to me. I feel the HCL is already agreed on and why the Kurdish delegation accompanied Kademi to Washington. They also left with big contracts for investment, looking real good.
  3. Well, if it is reinstated at 3+ dollars that would go a long way to pay off the debt.
  4. Ripple is now partnered with SWIFT. just sayin.
  5. I read one theory was an Iranian weapons stockpile. This would weaken one of the major forces blocking RV, however I hope all those people were not killed just to gain an economic edge.
  6. On Demand Liquidity
  7. I also got this email from Treasury Vault offering $1100 for 1 million uncirculated IQD. Been in this 11 years and I have never seen this, I didn't even know they had my email. definitely something going on...
  9. Michael Casey: Money Is Undergoing a Global Reset - CoinDesk Global Currency Reset
  10. KristiD, thanks for the research! Very good info, sheds a lot of light on the subject.
  11. Great point fancy. Thanks for posting, many I've heard say they wish Trump would speak more "presidential". They forget David was a sinner and not perfect, but God used him for great things. This is not the time for polite speach, we needed a warrior to fight against the evil that had ruled over us and God gave us one. We will get through this and be more powerful, prosperous, and faithful as a people. All is reaching the climax in this war against the invisible enemy. God bless you all here in DV, God bless President Trump and God bless America!
  12. It's been said many times this is for entertainment purposes. No need whatsoever to be insulting. Also, I'm a grownup and do not need you to look out for me, question my intelligence or question what I read. You are free to read or not read what you want as well, now go read (or don't read) whatever you like and mind your own business. Thank you Ronscarpa for posting, it is very entertaining and I enjoy it for a bit of a break. We know that any posting or news story should be evaluated with your own God given critical thinking skills regardless of the source. Frankly I consider man
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