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  1. Listen at 7:00 mark. The BRICS have created their own reserve currency backed by gold and other precious metals! This also sounds like Basel III compliance that has been talked about on this site for years. Ok, I know it's not IQD news but zoom out for a second. This marks the collapse of the petrodollar as world reserve. The US sanctioned Russia out of using SWIFT, now they have their own world bank equivalent, messaging and settlement system as well as a reserve currency. When the dollar crashes, Iraq will depeg out of survival, and trade oil and goods in dinar or gold or maybe crypto but not the dollar. I think it will not be exactly a rate change but be more compared to SDR than the dollar and allowed to float. Just a crazy theory from some rube in east Texas. 😜 seriously though, the dollar death knell is here, and with it the dinar will increase greatly on its own. And the take down of Maliki only helps.
  2. Very good comments above. We are already in a recession, 2 continuous quarters of negative GDP. Folks, we are headed for a crash and a depression. Praying I'm wrong but keep extra food, ammo, and whiskey. Look around the world, the dominoes are falling as some governments and many financial institutions are going bankrupt. China has many banks that have frozen accounts. BRICS is gaining power and adding members hastening the collapse of the petrodollar. When this happens dinar will gain value in comparison. Our hedge with holding dinar will give us enough to survive and make some of us rich. All just a theory from some bumpkin in east Texas. God bless. PS, I love reading all the rumors
  3. BOOM! Russia Now Demands Europe to Pay for Their Gas in Rubles
  4. Add to this Russia now demanding that those purchasing Russian gas must now pay in rubles. Saw in a couple of posts and in Fortune magazine this morning, just couldn't bring it over. This is the beginning of the death of the petrodollar. I don't wish for this just can't stop it and the dinar is a good hedge that will rise in value this year (trying to avoid the s word). Iraq is in the perfect spot to fill the oil needs of US and Europe, and I think they will not want dollars. Buckle up kids and keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.
  5. Yessir we got plenty of rain but I can do without the tornadoes. High winds are havoc on pine trees anyway. Praying for us all. Meanwhile instead of helping Americans all politicians are working hard to get us in a war, not because they love Ukraine but to distract from the dollar crash. It upsets me that if you don't want to send our troops they call you a Putin apologist or worse. I just don't see the logic of sending our sons and daughters to die for Ukrainian sovereignty while our Texas border is wide open. Congress took a few hours to vote to send Ukraine $14 billion dollars but took 6 months to give is a $1200 stimulus. WTF? Sorry for the rant, now back to the dinar. Go RV!
  6. I am in Texas as well, many farmers and ranchers are reporting fertilizer costs are about triple from last season. Throw in higher cost for diesel for tractors and trucks to bring to market, we're looking at a bad situation for empty store shelves. Here in East Texas about 20% of shelves are empty but they move things around and pull things forward to try to hide it. Stock up friends, don't wait until it's too late.
  7. You are correct. The adoption deadline for ISO 20022 is November this year. I think the dinar will need to depeg no later than that. I remember reading that they were working on their own central bank digital currency a while back, plus they have over 90 tons of gold to back it. Been holding dinar since 2008, and I believe this is our year. Breitling is behind the curve worrying about SWIDT and converting to dollars. XRP will be the bridge between all CBDCs. Everything coming to a point at same time.
  8. To add to this Saudi Arabia will sell oil to China for yuan. Europe gets about 70% of energy from Russia. I predict Russia will soon sell oil in euros, rubles, or rupees anything but dollars. They are striking a deal with India now. SA began selling oil in dollars in the 70's, rest of OPEC followed, now they are moving from dollar, the rest of oil producing countries will follow. Don't forget the BRICS have their own IMF type bank and transfer system as well. Moving from dollar and from SWIFT. Iraq will soon sell oil for another currency, only goes to reason. Big demand for oil, lower demand for dollars. We dinar holders are in position, I think our excruciatingly long wait is coming to an end.
  9. Watch "Nigeria Ran Out of Dollars" on YouTube
  10. Luigi's article is right on for this moment. I always liked Breitling but he is way off this time. It is not simply choosing America over Russia, it is survival. We are witnessing the death of the petrodollar and its place as a world reserve currency in real time. Nigeria has already begun running out of dollars and started paying more debts with their own currency. I think in the coming months as we see decline of the dollar and hyperinflation we will see Iraq depeg from the dollar. I told a friend several years ago, the dinar will revalue but for me it is just a hedge for what's coming. It will be great to have $10 million worth of dinar but when it happens it will not buy as much as we think. I don't mean to be a downer, because if you hold dinar you will be much better off than many when the dollar crashes. If it revalues first, buy gold, silver, real estate before the crash. And maybe one small luxury car 😀. All just my opinion, God bless.
  11. yogaman


    It's the Iranians that are chanting anti-American slogans not the Iraqis. The Iranians are enemies to both of us. The media here lies about anything and everything to try to make Trump and America look bad.
  12. Impressively laid out. Thank you PrehistoricMan. I for one would cash out enough to pay off a house and with the rest take advantage of this plan.
  13. Better outlook than some believe. Trump is reelected, RV will come.
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