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  1. Q never said anything about 800 numbers or IQD at all, Q team is something entirely different from dinar gurus. But looking at the bulk of your statement I think you'll agree that concerning Q or gurus, everyone should do their own research.
  2. I respectfully disagree. Most people just want to make a life and be left to their own business and have as a right "the pursuit of happiness". The endless wars are caused by nefarious power hungry and greedy people that can pull strings to foment divisiveness. Obama was that sort and nothing could happen while he was in the presidency or while Maliki was PM. Realize that draining the swamp is not just a US endeavor bit is worldwide. Evil sits in power to some extent in all countries, but the tide has turned. The inevitable economic crash (set to happen by the debtor economy of the bankers) will happen soon, but the blow will be softened by the Global Currency Reset and new trade deals. We are not years away from finding out if the IQD will bring us a profit, not even months in my opinion. Not to be a guru with date/rate stuff, I think we are very near a big change for Iraq and all the world economy. Change is here, be ready. Just my opinion given with love in my heart.
  3. I believe it is good news to have a full cabinet. However, the budget still needs to be reworked to remove "earmarks" for the Iranian interests and put into real projects for the people. In other words stop the thieving of public funds. That will take a little time but I really believe that 2020 is the year for great happenings.
  4. Maliki was endorsed by Obama because they were both Iranian puppets. Removing the Iranian influence from both governments is a bonus for all of our citizens.
  5. I believe this, it is coming this year in my opinion. Thanks ronscarpa for bringing other viewpoints.
  6. Thank you GregHi for bringing over these first hand accounts. Very enlightening to hear the real story of people on the ground. God bless those people struggling for freedom.
  7. $35 billion!! "If they refuse to pay us for embassy and bases, it might just stay there".
  8. Report: Missiles Hit Iraq Base Housing U.S. Troops - Breitbart "Tens of thousands of Iraqis including Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi, political leaders and clerics attended a mass ceremony on Saturday to honour Soleimani and the other victims." we will not see RV until Iranian influence is out of the GOI. (Maliki, Mahdi, Sadr, etc.) Good news: I believe it will be this year.
  9. Great summary Floridian! Thanks!!😁👍🙏
  10. yogaman

    2020 RV

    My feeling is 1Q 2020, around March. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!😁😁🤑🤑
  11. Thank you very much NEPatriotsFan1. I have read a lot since your post, very exciting stuff and much easier than I thought. Lots of fun, thanks for sharing.
  12. US dollar: Russia, China, EU are motivated to shift away from USD First dominoe for dedollarization and new reserve currency?
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