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  1. Thank you very much NEPatriotsFan1. I have read a lot since your post, very exciting stuff and much easier than I thought. Lots of fun, thanks for sharing.
  2. US dollar: Russia, China, EU are motivated to shift away from USD First dominoe for dedollarization and new reserve currency?
  3. In 24 hours?! Not "soon" or "in the coming days"? That's pretty bold. Hope it holds true.
  4. I agree with your assessment. Time to get rid of Iranian influence and agents once and for all if any progress politically or monetarily is to be made.
  5. Why Pompeo Flew to Baghdad in a Hurry Iranian threats inside of Iraq. Those saying Exxon evacuated for political reasons may be wanting to hide or downplay Iranian influence within the country. JMO
  6. Thanks Butifldrm, very nice summary. I thought I read a short while back that the Paris club had forgiven the debt. Anyone else remember that? If so, could be a step closer.
  7. yogaman

    Go Iraq

    Thanks for the shout out Botzwana. Some people are frustrated but must understand if arrests are made and the judges are crooked nothing will happen. Many things are happening for appointments and key players removed from power. Also, if something great was happening for draining the swamp, MSM would not be reporting accurately if at all. WWG1WGA
  8. yogaman

    Go Iraq

    X22 report interviews Robert David Steele, ex-spook with lots of contacts. A few minutes in he talks about GCR and that the gold backed dollar should be instated in about 3-4 weeks. I like this stuff, but tied to the other info from chris2028 that gold standard has been in place since Jan 21st, this is just too good.
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