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  1. i dont know . but the most important kurdistan and iraq need to united to get international. Imf have mentions before their need to fix problems issue with kurdistan . If you read news kurdistan going okay with new iraq gov then you can see everything will going shine also rv .
  2. they have timing to fully imf aggrement. Everything that gov take seriously just want to everything finish before dateline next review by imf . They should follow the standart imf before go to international . imo
  3. you still read again many times even now . Actually i think this not about rv . this about the lame technology and system . Lol . Cbi reminded to will take action legal . Rv is comingsoon .
  4. maybe they want to raise but get green light to gov the rate will be exchange in may . they just waiting is true or not . because they need do many things on system if change anything things . how dare you raise but after that reduce back . so possible to stop pay for awhile
  5. do you denied the truth or me the smart card company Kart card refuses to update the program to raise salaries of state employees on the card Kart
  6. but will be true rv is coming this days not because refuse to raises salary just because if rv the salaries should reduce because the rate will be hit means do not get the balance if give more salaries when the rates is higher . If rate still lame their should raises the employee salaries
  7. dont judge . they have controlling buy dollars to join market but is very redicilious nobody respect to iran and so many sanctions things by usa . this is possible using euro more trust to them
  8. sometimes people do not know who there are . and just try find what make them happy . You will be sucess after this . i hope
  9. 24071962 6718 49 4 123 189 843 -this hiddent talent you should find out in yourself - *You have good talent to using your voice . You will sucess to work be a speaker or teacher or be a musician *Yes you also love money and investing is also good for you *You cant stay in one place love walk around * You can make a business but you need have the good plan if not you success just for awhile * You have higher taste * You have faster boring and always change your mind . my opinion you just find w
  10. can you give the year you born ? sorry to people this last for me do this .
  11. you are popular person get easy make money if you like to join forex is good easy to make money . you love do for money you have good sixsense if you plan anything easy to get than without plan you have opportunity to have lot property for your self .
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