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Adam Montana weekly - May 21, 2014

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Good morning everyone!


What a wild week for news… check this out:


1. Allawi declares Victory!


2. No, wait… Maliki declares Victory!


3. Hang on again… the Commission to announce final election results at 3PM on Monday:


4. No, wait… they didn’t announce the results. They announced that they have postponed the official result announcing until Sunday.  :rolleyes:


Is anyone confused yet?!?! :lol:


Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as complicated as it might seem right now… let me break it down.


First of all, as I’ve stated several times over the last few months - I fully expect Maliki to keep his position. Some might think that’s a bad thing, but I don’t. Maliki is the most experienced person for the role and has established relationships with the key players in a potential RV. 


I’m not saying I like the guy, I’m just saying that it makes some sense to keep him in there.


But how is the RV scene looking? Actually, it’s looking pretty good after the last couple weeks!


Consider the following:


1. The Kurds picked up a few more seats, giving them more political power. The HCL needs to be finalized in order for an RV to be successful, and now that the Kurds have more “pull”, it’s going to force the rest of Iraq to give in on some things they have been holding out on. Link:


2. The Kurds are getting very serious and not wasting any time after having gained some political strength. They are solidifying and showing some grit - Baghdad and the rest of Iraq will have no choice but to work together if they don’t want to lose big time. Mahmood: ““I am sure that if the parliament approves the law, the commission can be formed in a month and we can conduct the referendum,” Link:


3. Under the Constitution of Iraq, they now have two scant months to form the government. Again, with Maliki’s current term coming to an end and the Kurds quickly gaining power, it’s in Iraq and Maliki’s best interest to move forward quickly. Link:


4. To that end, we already have evidence that Maliki is indeed moving quickly:



Everything I am seeing right now is pointing towards some serious activity, possibly before the end of June. Fingers crossed!


That's the update on the elections. Here are some other noteworthy items:


1. 2014 budget likely to not even be finalized. Hey - if they are going to RV by the end of June, why waste time completing a temporary budget! Raise the value, then issue the actual budget. :twothumbs: Link:


2. In order to revive the Iraqi economy, why not de-peg and reveal the real value of the dinar?


3. And last but not least... turn off your local news, forget about FOX or CNN or BBC.... all you need to stay abreast of dinar and world events is your regular Nadita File. :D


And on that note, here's the weekly Q&A:





boosterbglee Adam, with all the recent news & announcements it "seems " there is not a whole lot left to complete in order to make a currency adjustment.

In your opinion........what is left to do?    Thanks! 



Wrap up the elections, finalize HCL, RV the currency. 


Candy01 Hello Adam,  I have a two pronged question for you!  I read that Maliki's SOL party has 97 seats in the new Parliament.  What does this mean for the RV happening anytime soon? 

Also, what does the FACTA law postponement to January 1, 2016 mean for the RV? Thanks Much!!



Hi Candy,


FATCA has nothing to do with Iraq's currency rate. See my above comments for my opinion on how the elections are shaping up. :twothumbs:



dinar_millions The terms of the HCL implemented thought not passed.AKA the Kurds OIL is flowing thru SOMO and Turkey pipelines.What does that say about how close we really are??



I think it says we are REALLY close! Baghdad is watching potential money slip right through it's fingers, and they need to get busy or lose out forever!


FirstTop What are your thoughts on the election results in Iraq? Good or bad for us?




I LOVE how things are shaping up in these elections!



jobug38 What are your thoughts on the President signing of the executive order 130333? Does this hurt us or help us it didn't say how long the extension was for.



Hi jobug. The renewal of EO13303 is to be expected pretty much every year until Iraq RVs. So, no surprise or change there.



Magdalen Adam, I light of the election results think it's fair to assume that there will be a protracted battle before the next PM is decided upon. In your opinion, how will this affect the timing of the RV?



I don't think there will be too much ruckus over this - in fact, I feel pretty confident that the next 6 weeks or so will fly by quickly and we are on a good road.


one2one i have heard numerous times the figure " 5 trillion " dinars that we and other countries hold :   say, if i go to my wells fargo and cash in at the rate [ my name ]---1 to 1 :

where does wells fargo send my IQD --to the U.S.T. ?


and, how can the C.B.I cover it ?---I.M.F. is my best guess



Please read this:


That will clear up a lot of questions. :twothumbs:


--- to be continued..... 

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Thanks Adam, as always straight to the point, informative, no bull. Trying to digest each and every news story out of Iraq becomes a daunting task but thanks to all here on DV it makes it much more realistic . FOX, CNN, BBC etc... Pure garbage.

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ladyGrace'sDaddy Good day to you sir, if Maliki is reinstated why do you think anything will be different

than the past? Assuming that Maliki's failure to set up a legitimate government is

part of the problem with the RV.



Things are definitely changing! We can see that the Kurds are gaining power, the ability for Iraq to delay and not give in to their wants is quickly weakening, and I believe we are picking up steam as a result. 



DinarThug Hello Adam, I Just Bought My First Dinar Last Week

Will I Have To Wait An Entire Month For This Thing To Pop ...



Haha! Most likely yes  :D



Hi Adam

Hey some folk are worried about Iraq exchanging their dinar into dollars

What about Iraq coming to the USA and exchanging their dollars into dinars ?

The USA doesn't issue dinars as Iraq doesn't issue dollars


If Iraq changes its monetary policy to float its fiat currency wouldn't they only be obligated to exchange a dinar for another dinar ? Or goods and services ?

That seems like a plan to keep their economy going if everyone had to make purchases from Iraq to redeem their dinar

First ya spread your dinar around the world at our expense then change monetary policy then rv

We would be buying Iraqi goods for years



We are already going to be buying Iraqi goods for years... as in, OIL.  :twothumbs:


fred5688 Doesn't look like the budget will be passed anytime soon. Does it need to be passed before any RV?


Thanks for all your info




I don't think so at all. And that's a good thing for us!





Sorry I had to rush through those last couple questions - my opening statements and research ended up taking about an hour longer than I thought it would!


That's it for now! Have a great day everyone, and GOOOOOO RRRRRRVVVVVVVVVVV!!!!!!!!



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Adam, I respectfully disagree with you. I don't think Maliki will win a third term as Prime Minister.


Hey, we're all entitled to our opinion :)


Would you like to wager on it?


Name the terms! But don't wait too long, because we need to keep this all fair, and if I'm right... you're going to be eating your words soon. 



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WOW, Candy01 where did the idea that FACTA was postponed until 2016?(July 1 2014 is when the Fed. Reserve is starting the ball rolling down hill)  That just doesn't sound correct; even after RV I'm planning on holding onto some of my Dinar because unhappily I am not betting on the U.S. Dollar staying as the worlds Standard for much longer!  Particularly with Pres. Bambam and the Socialist Dumocrats printing money out of Hot Air and doubling our National Debt faster then ever before!

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Thanks Adam and Mods as always - I hate to say it but it looks like Maliki will win a third term - This guy have move lives than a cat - I just hope he does not hold-up the RV any more and get things done - I agree with Adam that Miliki seems to be the most experience as long as he's not crying like a baby like he usually does and do not get in the way of getting HCL resolved and RV currency because the Kurds are moving fast and not playing games with Iraq.  So hopefully who ever the next PM is will get with the program along with the Kurds or get left behind - Just my :twocents:

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I have come to trust very few people, but Adam is high among those I do. I always feel better after reading his Wednesday discussions and answers to our questions.  I find I can usually last about a week without an Adam-fix, but then it's all over, and I need to hear from him. Thanks for your level head, Adam.  It's nice to hear that things are going so well and that we have a good chance of this RV happening within my lifetime. lol

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I was kinda depressed thinking that Maliki would remain prime minister. But that

is why I've invested what is allot of money in your plans for the future. I trust your

judgment and respect your opinion. Thank you for answering my question.

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Adam...I really don't care if Maliki gets in again...just as long as they get their act together and RV their currency!!! Thanks Adam...but I'm bettin' on anybody that "Gits-R-Dun"...whoever that may be!!! ;o)

Sandfly Adam and Mods for keepin' it real and it's still lookin' good!!! :)

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Adam, you never answered the question I ask last Wednesday.  Repeat: Is there a correlation between the price of Iraqi bonds and the possible rate of the revalued currency?  (It was something like that.)  Have any insight? 

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